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Max Stirner MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Max Stirner'
Max Stirner MBTI type



INFP - 3
INTP - 2
ISTP - 2

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5W4 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I would say I'm more cynical and pragmatic than misanthropic myself, lol. Anyway, I think you have the wrong impression of Stirner. He is very romantic about freedom and the individual against society and the masses. It's not for naught he's considered an important precursor to existentialism and Kierkegaard.

MBTI type of Max Stirner

. Also, as said, Stirner is heavily ironic. To the point where I would say it's unclear whether his writing is actually serious or not.

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.Wounded Fi doesn't disquise itself as cynism and pragmatism, but as misanthropy. It's TPs who hide their wounds behind cynism and pragmatism.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Max Stirner.This is how wounded Fi is like: Kreator-A Violent Revolution: ''Society failed to tolerate me/ And I have failed to tolerate society/ Still I can't find what you adore Inside I hear the echoes of an inner war/ Nothing can take the horror from me/ Your sick world the loss of all morality/ My hate has grown as strong as my confusion/ My only hope, my only solution Is a violent revolution/ Violent revolution Violent revolution Reason for the people to destroy/ I do not need a cause for my rage/ I just despise the nature of the human race/ When all I see is repulsion and hate/ Violence becomes my only friend, my saving grace/ When love is lost beyond your control/ A pale shadow of lust cannot enlight your soul/ So keep your ice cold bitter illusions/ I don't need your empty world, my only solution/ Is a violent revolution''. It's over the top misanthropic, but you can feel the emotional anguish, it's not hidden between hip cynism.Which of the 16 personality types is Max Stirner?. For sickos, you can even compare Stirner to Eric Harris (ISTP or NTJ), while a wounded Fi is Dylan Klebold.Stirner is definitely Harris, not Klebold.Stirner is so over-the-top that many countries didn't bother censoring him, despite his anarchistic and atheistic viewpoints, as they thought the book itself was the best argument against its message, lol. :P I feel like there is a lot of irony and wounded Fi in his egotism.If his egotism the kind of dry Ti egotism, that simply goes against the system without any strong personal conviction behind. Definitely not a Fi type.Uf, you have a thing for typing the most insufferable people as INFP. I really don't think Nietzsche just took Stirner's idea and made it them more logical, Nietzsche was concerned with the human potential, not just a cheap egotism a la Stirner.Probably INFP, yeah. Weird comparison, but reminds me a lot of Nicolas Winding Refn (INFP). Both are self-consciously insufferable and harsh. Classic Stirner: "Do I write out of love to men? No, I write because I want to procure for my thoughts an existence in the world; and, even if I foresaw that these thoughts would deprive you of your rest and your peace, even if I saw the bloodiest wars and the fall of many generations springing up from this seed of thought — I would nevertheless scatter it." At the same time, there is just something very childish about them, and you can tell there is wounded Fi at the core of it all. Anyway, this might explain why Nietzsche (INTJ) seems a little bit INFP-ish. Nietzsche basically took all of Stirner's ideas and just made them more logical and appealing, which was commonly acknowledged at first. :P