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Midoriya Izuku MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Midoriya Izuku'
Midoriya Izuku MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

Part of:
Boku no Hero Academia

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INFJ - 28
INTP - 24
ISFJ - 12
INFP - 5
ENFP - 2
ISFP - 1

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9W1 - 13
2W3 - 4
2W1 - 3
6W5 - 2
5W4 - 1
5W6 - 1
9W8 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Actually, All Might could be ESFJ instead, so I guess I meant to say that I know looks up to All Might's Fe. (First of all, I have caught up on the manga, so my view may differ from anime-only watchers. ) Imo, Izuku clearly uses Fi, probably ISFP based on the functions but with (very) strong values. The reason he seems like an INFJ may be because All Might is ENFJ, and that's the guy he wants to be like.

MBTI type of Midoriya Izuku

. Also, Fe users have strong social skills and usually know what to say to other people to make them act a certain way. Izuku does not (see: when he tried to talk with Kouta), but definitely still cares.

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. In the beginning, nobody, not even his mom, thought he could be a hero. And yet he kept believing he could.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Midoriya Izuku. He wants to save others with a smile, just like All Might. This happens to line up with the stereotypical Fe-user's need to help people out.Which of the 16 personality types is Midoriya Izuku?. Ideals are very important to him, as shown where he sympathizes with Stain, despite the fact that Stain is a villain who has hurt many heroes and is not a person you'd expect sympathy for. Although Izuku can never accept Stain, he still recognizes that Stain's motives are strongly shaped by his ideals, which is something that he can relate to. He is very much in tune with his body, to the point where he can beat people who have had more experience using their quirks. You could argue that this is because he inherited a super OP quirk (true), but few people would be able to handle OFA the way Izuku has. It's his frequent analysis of pretty much everything regarding heroes that allows him to improve. Many of his conclusions are used in the real world. His ability to think up strategies is very useful, but it's often Fi and Se that guides most of his actions. He's reckless. "Egg in the microwave", anyone. To summarize, Izuku is someone who has always had a dream to be a hero, even when faced with rejection and skepticism (Fi). He's an extremely admirable character who is still relatable. Thanks Horikami for creating him. :)he's definitely not a 9 tho. certainly not sp either, this is the dude who always jumps at trouble to save anyone, knowing full well he'll get fucked up n only giving a shit abt it if it impairs him enough to leave him useless to the ppl he's trying to helpI see him as INFJ but I'd like to hear the argument for ISFJBy the way, he reminds me of Future Trunks from DBZ for some reason. If I ever get to properly typing either him or Izuku I'll do both at once though. Also, it would be very interesting if Kouhei Horikoshi was another ISTP type 9 author like Toriyama (see my comment on his page on this site for details) since they'd share all functions with INFJ. Unless you wrote that wrong and you're saying he's the latter, in which case could you provide an example of obvious S preference over N as you put it. that's all true. . Hard to conciliate this passage from the Boku no Hero Academia Wiki with anything but Ni-Ti: "Because of this practice [of taking notes about heroes and quirks], Izuku has developed a great analytical mind and is easily able to form complex plans in short amounts of time, often taking advantage of his allies' Quirks to put them in motion. This aspect also helps him in figuring out ways to counter Quirks used by his opponents. "what the fuck are you guys talking about lmao. He is without a doubt INFJ and I could see a reasoning towards INTP, but Fi dom. Everything is to do with building rapport. He's inferior Se is stimulated via Fe, you can see this dialogue moments in which he weighs the importance using Fe and it springs him into action. Also a very clear inferior Se - when it's on, it's ON. He's not an Fe user. . .