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Mike ike MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Mike ike'
Mike ike MBTI type

Society and Culture

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Personality Databank

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ENFP - 28
ESFP - 15
ISFP - 14
INFP - 2
ESFJ - 2
INTJ - 1
ESTJ - 1

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3W4 - 40
4W3 - 32
7W8 - 4
6W7 - 2
1W9 - 1
2W3 - 1
3W2 - 1
4W5 - 1
8W7 - 1
9W8 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

And thanks for trying to understand me. If I was ENFJ, I'd be much better off. You're going through some kind of depression that makes you feel/look more 4 but it will pass like when I thought I was 6w5 because of anxiety/fears I was going through at the time. I our personality can change under mental illness/stress whatever and make us look different than our default state.

MBTI type of Mike ike

. Maybe more 4Make a decision on my enneagram fellashttps://youtu. be/30dtUSCfrdkMBTI is good but enneagram is pretty scattered, I'm sure I have 7, 3 and 4 somewhere in my tritype though.

Find out about Mike ike personality type

. sees the world in black and white

I wonder how different life would be if I was really a 3w4.

Although, this might be 3w4 but I've always dreamed of finding a niche, dominating it and making it my own and being the best at it.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Mike ike. I want to stand out for doing something amazing and different. I don't know if I'm 4w3 or 3w4 because both types have this same motive.Which of the 16 personality types is Mike ike?. I am typically more high-energy than depressive even though I haven't been afraid of my darker side as of late.

I'd say I wear it on my sleeve almost. Szero was right, this has become me, but I want to turn this into better use sometimes than just brooding.

3's typically have an easier time putting their feelings aside to accomplish what they put their mind to. I tend to have a harder time doing that especially when I am reminded of whatever causes me pain.

Dunno if that was a glitch or the admin, but why was my vote for 7w8 forced back to 4w3? Does the admin really think he knows me better than myself?

For all the people who are so adamant about me being 3w4. I ask you to please spam my page to death with your pseudo-intellectualism.

ISFP is an interesting vote, I considered it for a little while since I have a tendency to be reclusive.

Big fellas, PLEASE give me some reasoning for 3w4 big fellas.

Someone has gotta be making alts thats like 4 votes in 2 hours

Where's Nkcdzy to call me a nigger for the ESFP votes :')


Yeah big fella, i'm mercu big fella seriously do you know how bad i would be at playing as an ST type

We can leave the childish game of "Guess Who?" back at P-D.

12 votes for 3w4 and still no reasoning, what a shame

I guess my self-evaluation below was enough?

Not mes with pikup he mah frand

Lol fair enough


ESFP 7w8/8w7

If you think you're an INFP I'm a fucking SINFP


Did you mean to say ISFP


I'm going to totally kill the joke by asking wtf that means so i'm not going to

This boi an 8? no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

@kawaii i don't think i am an 8 either, but what makes you so firm that i'm not?

You're a funnie emo boi not aggressin 8w7 that watzn controwl

True, i'm way too sensitive in a "emo" way to be an 8

For every correct vote, there is an incorrect one

8's can be confused as 3's and vice versa. Like psychopath vs sociopath, people often confuse the two because they haven't researched it well enough. Sociopaths, according to this website is most voted 8w7 and psychopathy 3w2. Enneagram is kinda harder to identify using behaviors or conversation than MBTI in my opinion, since enneagram is about motivations, not cognitive functions and because you kinda need to know them in real life, why do you think MBTI is so popular online? Some of the enneagram blogs authors typed Barack Obama as 9w1, using evidence from the people he worked with, for example. They didn't just rely on the videos of him talking, for example. I don't know if Obama is 9w1 or 3w2, but just saying.

What pushes THREE’S buttons? Anything that gets in the way of their goal Incompetence Failure Look at DiamondDust's profile in the comments. He set a goal. Not sure what yours is. What pushes FOUR’S buttons? Not being understood Significant others not meeting their intensity Feeling deficient I don't know you in real life, hard to say. What pushes SEVEN’S buttons? Limitations Repetitive tasks Others being stuck in negativity Telling me what to do Raining on my parade Seems right, in my opinion. SEVEN with a SIX wing (7w6), when healthy, is responsible, funny, and cares a lot about relationships. They can be vulnerable and lovable. They can be clever at working around authority. SEVEN with an EIGHT wing (7w8) is more gregarious or boisterous, with a lot of confidence to make their ideas happen. Entrepreneurial. The website isn't very clear with this section, but you seem confident about the MBTI theory, if anything. Not saying you're not "funny, vulnerable" but I think you're closer to 7w8 than 7w6.

Also it seems you're not obsessed about failure. People often mistype people as 3's in my opinion, since some 3's are stereotypically known to act "fake" or pretend to be someone they're not, but others enneagram types do this too, for different reasons (for example: fear, for peace of mind, etc.).

Aye, thanks for this man, you're good

This is your quote: "There is no perfect fit, because you can't put people into 16 little boxes."

Big fella big fella

9w8? lol

I saw that ISTJ 1w9, you aint slick big fella

Anyway, the ISTJ vote is probably a joke but i wonder if there are any people who think i am closer to a T or J type, i'm pretty solid on FP

Not a sensor, even though it seems like he thinks he is ESFP right now because he has less trouble identifying with it than with ENFP. He's too good at understanding "intuitive kind of language" (He understood me when the things I said were basically literal "Ne gibberish") Talking to him was really easy. I had trouble talking to almost every other ESFP without adjusting my communication style.

"ESFP" *

Was as well surprised by how good the supposedly ESTP Mercuccio understood me and then vindicated it by saying it was his "tert Fe".

(Back in the day, I don't forget. Not a single lie, not a single time you listened to me.)

100% Sx dom


If you think i whine a lot here, you should read my journals

Best type of person

Fags who still think i'm a 3

You're an extroverted INFP, not ENFP

That's actually a huge possibility

Do you care more about actions/emotions or state of mind? "If I know I can't do something, I won't and will forget all about it." (Yielding) or "I won't abandon my interests just because my resources are inadequate, but simply work towards improving my resources until they ARE adequate." (Obstinate) Are you strategic or tactical? "I prefer when people offer concrete solutions instead of comfort or sympathy." (Constructivist) or "If a conversation is emotionally negative, I consider it wasted." (Emotivist) Left option is INFP right option is ENFP


Not a 3

Your online persona is definitely ENFP, but in real life you're probably a ESFP

Absolute freak


My "online persona" is actually the rawest format of self, we put on a mask in society and i'd prefer to take it off when alone


I can understand the ESFP votes a lot if you consider my behavior which is closers to that of an Se dom rather than Ne dom but i am as intuitive as they come. i just have high enneagram 7 and 8 traits and desires which i tend to fulfill

What about 4 now bitsh

I will say that i do tend to act like a sensor irl because life is simpler that way

Too much devision clears the fog

Im absolutely a 4 by the motivations, more often than not i just desire to stand out and stay true to what i want

Division* x)

I like the ESFJ vote, i wanna be one

Hey Mikike heard you're one of the best could you type me please?

Don't snort percocets, they leave an awful taste in the back of your throat

My kike



INFP now reading some of your recent comment. Dom Fi- Try to be true to oneself. Aux Ne- Tries many different things and to see if he could be something else. Ter Si- One point claims to be more quiet than his peer. Wears a mask in real life. Inf Te- Still aspires to become a musician. Opp Fe - Thinks making out/friendship in P-D is stupid. Cri Ni - Once in a while make better argument than others. Dec Se - Big Fella. Your trollish behavior. Dem Ti - You're fake death. Your recent outburst of rage. You don't think it through of your action.

Aye, Diamonddust typing. though, i don't think making friends is stupid, it's just useless if no one would want to. i AM a musician, that aspiration has already been sought through. the bad Ti though does explain my impulsive behavior but im also fucked up so that's probably a world of its own. Fi/Ne fits though but im pretty sure im and extrovert, my biggest wants are to project the image of the inside to the outside and receive praise or understanding from others.

Everytime someone has voted 3w4, a child in africa dies

That is 17 children that have been killed, please have a heart

Every time you post, a city in africa crumbles to the ground

Everytime you dickride, your mother rides mine

You are an INFP 8.

Sorry INFP 9

Good joke

Like whatever may humanity rot

Infp 8 could actually make sense but nah im a 4

Lol mike is so obsessed with me he uses the same character in his profile pic. Desperate and lonely.


If you wanted comedic genius, you should've used santana or someone. But you're not capable of that.

Okay, I admit. I am Meldou.


But tiger_greengrass is not me. All the other alts are me.

I know who you are

I'm going to do the right thing now and disappear, I hope you all forget about the pain I have caused. Even though I've been angry and hateful to a lot of people, a part of me still holds each and every one of you close. I guess I'm not hard enough to consistently stay mad or really dislike anybody. Oh well, all of you stay safe and remember that anyone just around the corner can be evil.

Uh ok but consider coming back with your other account

This sounds more like a mockery to those who believe that tiger_greengrass and mike ike are alt of one another


You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

Nice spam, DiamondScum.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

You're weird.

The old website was much more entertaining when comes to spamming.

I know I'm weird, and that's fine with me

Meldou alt

Now you're a mars clone


Weirdest comparison I’ve seen today, I’m curious tho, how so? also another question did you live in a pickle jar as a “baby”?

My last avatar was a picture of the uwu emoji lol

I see. only my second question remains then

Im INTJ 8w9


Hey man, nobody really knows me TrueType(tm) but me

I know im ENFP but the typing gods claim i am INTJ, i must submit, HEIL! fg! i'd like for you to tell me what is my type and can you break me from these chains?

I know you are a high Fi user so FP is evident. but you seem extrovert so EXFP.don't know if you are more ESFP or ENFP. are you more interested about future possibilities,intelectual theories(Ne) or about having strong sensation(Se) when you see an object did you imagine scenario(even the most over the top ones) and possible potential who could come from this object(Ne) or you just see it as the object itself(Se).

I am INFJ 1w2

So instinct stronger than you think

Or might think

That's why im 100% sure on sx/so

A month ago you couldn't decide between Sx/So and Sx/Sp

Just sayin

Cause i was depressed hella back then and more reclusive thus thinking i was so-blind but im pretty sp-blind

Love your profile pics and I love that are always of some artist/character I love

:D you too!

Https:// new soundcloud track fellas

Gonna make more chill stuff, vp isis freestyle soon

He was right all along the parasites are right under our nose and we all ignore them as if they don't roam they look like good well meaning people but around them enough they take off their mask and reveal their true nature.

He was right all along the parasites are right under our nose and we all ignore them as if they don't roam they look like good well meaning people but around them enough they take off their mask and reveal their true nature.


Mike is an okay person, despite having our differences,  Mike is shown to be fairly more mature than other users which is a quality to admire.

The Memorials of Grey: A Path to Remember.

How about ISTJ 3w2? 

Are you meldou as well?

Meldou? I have no idea about that user, care to explain?

I think mike is the most badass PD user

I think that's Mars

"DiamonScum", you could've called DiamondSpam, not saying that would've been much of an improvement, but at least point out his spamming in non oxymoronic way.

thanks, claude speed! btw your girl Catalina is batshit insane , thanks for taking her over    - Mike "CJ" Ike

Yeah I'm glad she doesn't call you anymore while having sex with me  

*Yeah I'm glad she doesn't call you anymore while having SHE's having sex with me

Mike is the most annoying P-D User

@tiger_greengrass  Well well well! Hello honey, How ya Doin?

Are you daddy pikup?

Who's that fag?

Then don't try and pick me up

I can guarantee you, I'm much better than him

Prove it

Why does my vote keep changing to ESFP?


Nah mate

mikey bro, are you PerC by any chance from personality cafe?

I know Star Wars isn't really your thing but you remind me a lot of Kylo Ren tbh. Also I'm surprised I haven't already voted on your page. ENFP 4w3. 

ESFP 4w3

explain pls?

When my vote changes to ISTP


correct mr mayo aka mike is ISTP

Labaconaise mikeike Jones are you there


I love you

y'all back on that bullshit again

4w3 was ahead of 3w4 just yesterday. Isn't it the vote problem of the site?

No, 3w4 is being spammed.

$888,000,000,000.00 I will make a banknote/check generator. By the way US dollars and euros are so... hahahahaha Americans and Europeans are so smart

Didn't said that it the Saitama thread, but Se types have pretty high pain tolerance. When someone hit me i am barely feel any pain. If you are ESFP, then you probably even more pain resistant. Si guys are very sensitive, especially ISxJs. Probably not gonna help that much, because you are choosing between ESFP vs ENFP (as far as i see), but still might be useful.

you were born to be a boxer it’s in your se-ni blood

I am not attacking strawberry. (just in case of confusion)

I'll be blunt, i think you are best person on this site. Everyone else is kind of boring. Or lame. Or both.

you're pretty cool to :>

Hmm this doesn't seem quite right. Aha! Lets just spam some quick 3w4 votes and mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh yea thats good!

stop licking each others arseholes 

By saying that you are 3w4 people implying that you are a liar? What do you think of ENFJ 3w2?

do you think i'm ENFJ 3w2?

Maybe. I've just noticed that it seems like Bernie hates you, Kawaii and Heathcliff. (yaeh, i know 5 years later) and thought "Maybe, they have something in common? But what an S and Ns could have in common?" That made me realise that i was probably completely wrong and you are not ESFP, but you said that you like thrills, so i thoght that you still values Se. Only xNxJs left. You seem more emotional than xNTJ, they are more reserved when they think someone attacking them. Plus, you kind of a nice guy and very polite to everyone, it's seems like emotions of others are pretty important to you, am i right? How much you values your own emotions? You are more interested in what other people feel? Can't say for for sure if you are E or I. What do you think? Why 3w2? It's just statistic basically) And yeah, i think Kawaii is INFJ, because what he said here doesn't sounds very Fi)

hey man lay off the coke

I am not a drinker.

Seems like a cool guy. From what I’ve seen, I agree with ExFP. 

Don't try to seduce me, you incubus

I love you grape juice watermelon fried chicken customer

Miss Teacher: Class, is there a LABACONAISE JONES? John Smith: (laughs) Laba cone east Jones

x² + y² = 16 Solve for x and y  

:clap: anything harder?

hmm look up hearts page A particular radar buoy off the coast can detect any ship within a radius of 10 miles. Erikis in his sailboat located 3 miles north and 13 miles west of the buoy. Erik sails due east ata constant speed of 8 miles per hour. After 45 minute, he turns due south and continuessailing at the same constant speed forever.How long (in hours) is Erik within the radar region?

what makes me cry is the trayvon martin shooting 

iloveyou: Whats werid i remember in 8th grade I helped people with math in an after school tutoring program. I think 2/3 were black boys LOL iloveyou: two of them were talking about dicks when it was clear they needed to understand the pythogrean therom iloveyou: other black boys were David, Debin, and honestly I couldn't remember most of the names iloveyou: the head of that program was ms erickson a black or brown haired white woman my 8th grade algebra teacher and a white blonde woman who was short height iloveyou: I remember the free food was small white doughnut balls Okay in 6th grade I actually remember getting in a fight with Debin in the 1st week in middle school. I think I was in a bad mood that day, it was no more than a quick shove and tossing binders across the classroom. No one got in trouble that day.  I actually did not remember tutoring David in 8th grade until later he told me in a physics class. there were so many black boys that David, the African kid I later got to know in high school, was from Kenya and I think he ended up now in the military forgot was it the navy or air force, but he did high school student council as a treasurer for some time.  Labaconaise I know you can do that pythogrean theorm, factoring polynomials, pemdas 2 + 3 / 5 + 3² * 3(2+ 5) - 2




no you :<

ISTJ 1w9 sp/so 


no u

no you

No U


If you say so lol

If you say so lol

ISFP 4w3

To prove the quotient rule fg)' = f'g - fg' f/g = f(g)^-1 f'g + f(d/dx(g^-1)) what is d/dx (g^-1) -1g'g^-2 f'g + f-1g^-2 f'g + (-1f/g^2) f'g - (1fg'/g^2) (g/g)f'g - (1fg'/g^2) (f'g - fg')/g²

The random name picker says you are INTP. WTF is going on these days.

now the random name picker says ESTJ. Third result: ESFP. Fourth result: ISFP. Fifth result: INFJ. Sixth: ESTP. Seventh: ISFP. Hmm not good. Eighth: INFP. Okay that will work thank you magic conch shell

Only 3rd? With INTP being first? Dude that random name picker must be retarded.

Don’t you dare insult Master Joseph’s intelligence!

@elf monster Hmm artifiical intelligence is at its infancy. Take that back even babies could identify things AI can't. Dreams of a computer wife are still decades away ... maybe centuries

too true man.

I really want my robot wife ;(

A ghost?

random name picker picks ESTJ random name picker picks 8w9. I will try again in a week and see if the results change.