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More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ'
More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ MBTI type



INTP - 17
ENTJ - 9

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5W6 - 3
5W4 - 2

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He is one of the main reasons why I've hit this decision, so: Yep. Although you truly notice the Fi vibes...

MBTI type of More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ

.And that INTJ, are they too more similar to ENTJ to you?Ha, I even know an aspie with INTJ - this case is an obvious judger, though. But exceptions confirm the rule, the ability to formulate site-long comments doesn't endow you with the predicate "INTJ" but merely proves you're able to keep a line and concentrate, which can be fitting theoretically to any type, of course with distinct tendencies.

Find out about More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ personality type

.Alternatevily, all dweeb INTJs online are INTPs with asperger which makes them J-rigid. And true INTJs are rarer than estimated*homogeneous, I've catched little sleep today.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ.Possible. INTJs are no heterogene group either, there are individuals being rather on the border to ENTJ (high judging + extroversion values, maybe more assertive) and others resembling more INTPs.Which of the 16 personality types is More similar to INTJ: INTP or ENTJ?. For my experience, the INTJs I've met were always more assertive, moral- and especially duty-led than INTPs, which is why I rather see them this way.Just read their descriptions, there is a lot more overlap between INTP and INTJ than INTJ and ENTJ. ENTJs are athletic, assertive, present and forceful. While INTJ can be this too to some extent, they are much more mellow, awkward, dreamy and nerdy, akin to the INTP.ENTJ, why should a dreamy theoretican with no common function be closer to an INTJ than its extroverted counterpart?