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Most adorable type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most adorable type'
Most adorable type MBTI type

Society and Culture


INFP - 33
ISFP - 17
ENFP - 11
INTP - 5
INFJ - 4
ISTP - 4
ISFJ - 3
INTJ - 1
ENTP - 1
ESTP - 1

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9W1 - 19
4W5 - 14
7W6 - 4
4W3 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Its funny because INFP and ISTP had many for "The type of the most unlikable person" and now they are most adorable type.WTF ?! ISTPs are adorable ? Well at least its agreed that ISTJ's are anything but.Disagree with anything an INFP feels strongly about and you will not have an adorable sight. Fi is not desirable.

MBTI type of Most adorable type

. Going to vote for ISFJ, have never met one I didn't like. Only basis I have for a question like this.

Find out about Most adorable type personality type

.It does, I'm not that surprised by the votes. It's just that INFPs can be quite volatile, and people often seem to either love them or hate them, not a lot of neutrality on that subjectIt would make sense that IXFX types are seen as charming.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Most adorable type.@Titties You know you'll always be my number 1, Titties ;)meldou and I agree on a lot tbhINFP and ISTP AHAHAHAH aren't we such darlings!And one of the most ugly types on the inside leads in votes..Which of the 16 personality types is Most adorable type?..Every ISFx I've met was adorablepick me pick me pick me pick me

No ISFP votes :o

Yeah, it doesn't make sense to have INFP so high and no ISFP.

Double post, already an entry for this here


From a neutral point of view, the INFP. Personal taste is however leaning towards the INTP.

My personal taste*

INFP and it's not even close.

ENFP 4w5 imo

Heh...never really thought of myself as C U T E .

why are there so many opinion based entries? being adorable is not something that can be classified like this, of course people are gonna vote whatever comes to their minds lol

ye it's obviously subjective , but this entry was never meant to be scientific considering this is a typology website lmao

@MMts relax those tight sphincters and stop taking this all seriously.

thing is this entry is about personal taste, it's not like you can say someone is adorable or cute because they are Fi dom or whatever and justify it with facts only. i was just wondering exactly if it was common for people to be this subjective on this website tho so no need to be so defensive about it heh

I'm not defensive.Don't take this place literally :p

..i'm flattered :)