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Most attractive type for males MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most attractive type for males'
Most attractive type for males MBTI type



ENFJ - 9
ENTP - 6
ENTJ - 5
ESFJ - 4
INTP - 2
INFJ - 2
INTJ - 2
ESFP - 2
ESTP - 1
ISFP - 1
ISTJ - 1

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2W1 - 7
6W7 - 3
8W9 - 3
7W8 - 2
8W7 - 2
2W3 - 1
7W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

From the votes it seems everyone didI read the question wrong -_-Chicks that are extroverts and have Te and Fi have always been very attractive to me. So ExTJs and ExFPsENFJ males look good only on the surface, that's all.ENFJ? Really? I guess I could see myself falling head over heels for an ENFJ dude..

MBTI type of Most attractive type for males

.. But I like ESTP, ENTJ, and INFJ males, generally speakingI assume the ideal type in most women's eyes is an ExFJ male: they're both gentleman and attentive, but also assertive and confident.

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.The ENFJ man I know is a great guy, but he's more like an uncle/mentor to me than a guy I'd want to date. I'm more attracted to solidly NT types.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Most attractive type for males.It can be attractive for girls who prefer kind gentlemen, but to some, can be interpreted as being condescending and overbearing.I find that ENFJ males usually have similar facial expressions, which gives off the sense of compassion and sympathy, as if to say"awww you poor baby" or something like that.Which of the 16 personality types is Most attractive type for males?.ENFJ have alcohol problems. Do not want.Most people did, but always count on Bonita to screw things upOhhhhh. Me too so I voted the type was mostly attractive to me to have on other girl on the opposite page.I interpreted this page as "the most attractive men"I imagined all men wanted to fuck an ISFP.Or, no wait, maybe not, and nobody else is sure either?The other page seems to be treated as "most attractive female type"Is this supposed to be the most attractive type for a male to have, or for a female to have in the eyes of males?