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Most attractive type in your opinion MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most attractive type in your opinion'
Most attractive type in your opinion MBTI type



ENTP - 27
ENFJ - 26
ENFP - 22
INFP - 13
INFJ - 13
INTJ - 12
ENTJ - 12
ESTP - 9
INTP - 8
ISFP - 8
ESFJ - 5
ESFP - 3
ISTP - 3
ISTJ - 3
ISFJ - 2
ESTJ - 2

[Famous ENTPs]

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4W5 - 15
7W6 - 13
5W4 - 10
7W8 - 10
8W7 - 5
9W1 - 5
2W3 - 4
4W3 - 4
6W7 - 4
8W9 - 4
3W4 - 3
1W9 - 2
9W8 - 2
2W1 - 1
3W2 - 1
5W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

@swoon.exe True, ISFP's are great.why does isfp only have 7 votes they are fuckin hotYou can't judge physical attraction based on personality type lol. And personality-wise it really depends on the person, but I tend to like INTJs, INFJs, ISTPs, and other INFPs the most for whatever reason.

MBTI type of Most attractive type in your opinion

.I'd love to say something interesting about this, but I really can't. From my experience there's almost no type I'm unable to find attractive.

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. I think I might prefer ISTP/ENFJ girls over, like, ISFJ/ENTP ones. I don't fckn know :PFe-dom girl looks attractive but I can't stand.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Most attractive type in your opinion. Fi-dom not that physical attractive but I can stand them or I may even go out with them. Se/Si-dom are good looking but that is it.Which of the 16 personality types is Most attractive type in your opinion?. Ni/Ne-dom again not attractive but I can grow up liking them. Ti/Te dom, ugh why I even bother.As an INFP... ENFJ/INFJ ENTP/INTPMy ENFJ aunt is really caring and nice but she is extremely honest and dislikes sugar coatingI know "bad" and "good" examples for every type.ISFP I guessI am the most attractive type. I am the best actor. I am the best model. All the girls love me.I don't understand the ENTP spam. Objectively High Se users and Fe users would be the most attractive.For ennea I'd say 2, 7, 9, and 3.ESTP and ENTJ 4 me. ENTJ will always be bae but ESTPs are my weakness.I'm very attracted to xSTP and ENFx women though.ENTP, ISFP, INFJ, 748 sx/so, 728 sx/so, 873 so/sx, 584 sx/soThis just shows the anti-Si bias. 120 votes, and only 2 for Si-domsIt's because they're manipulativeExTJ women, something about their personalities. Even Hillary Clinton, who's a butt ugly liar has a nice personalityThis is obviously going to differ for everyone, but for those who are claiming that INFPs love ENFJs...I just don't really get the attraction. As an INFP, I've never found Fe very attractive, especially not in the dominant position. We also share no functions. Personally, I find myself most attracted to upper Te and tertiary and inferior Fi. Basically, all 4 XXTJs, but especially INTJ and ISTJ. I think INTPs are more compatible with ENFJ than INFPs are.@aurel0 nope, i think those snowflaky "INFJs 5w4 with Ti developed" are the ones who are voting/spamming/whatever/i dont care INFJ the rest seems legit at all and, ENFJs rule us, thats the deal kiddo, we're narcissistic selfadmiring folks and we all know we all wanting to vote ourselves but i'm giving no shits about it so i'm voting ESTP with no dealENFPs are actually the most attractive for all types. It's from's recent research. Personally I know an ENFP girl who's very popular and have a lot of admirers.Because majority of them are INFPs. Many votes for INFJs who voted on themselves like on Elsa or most deep type sites. ;D I think one of the ExxP should win because when the chips are down, we're the most popular and funny. But no, I didn't vote for myself like INFJs did. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. ;) BTW, poor SJs.Everybody on this site has fetish for ENFJs. Why?I have no crush from now actually but I would easily fall from a little of interaction with any of them.Side note: the most attractive type is YOURCRUSH after all. My only crush right now is a crushed snowcone, though.I just noticed I can't resist ISFPs, ISFJs and enneagram 9s.A lot of xSxP folks are really attractive/photogenic, or so I've noticed. I think it's their natural confidence that makes them appear to be better-looking.I love all types because I'm a whore.I feel attracted to INTJs, but I don't see them often. Or had anything with them. So it's all a mistery to me. They prefer extroverts, maybe. I fell in love with an ENFJ once. But I'm not a serial dater. When I fall in love and it doesn't work, it takes me many years to think of another man. I don't disengage until someone better than the last one appears in my life. Isn't that strange? I don't say "I love you" often. I like ENFPs and INTPs but not for boyfriend material, but there's always a chance. ENTPs are fun, but I don't imagine myself dating them. But I don't know too much.Manecleis Look at popularity of Kurt Cobain or John Frusciante...I've been somewhat attracted to different people, but one above all stands out as attraction in the truest sense and tested as INFP despite being extremely logical/rational, and I doubt I'll ever find a more attractive personality.I would say ESTP>INTJ>ENFP.(However, I got surprised by the ESTP>ENFP>INTJ)I'm surprised INFP is so high, to be honest.I also won't admit that INTJ is only 4 votes.Sorry bro, I'm claiming J.Law as one of my own. You can definitely see those Fe subtleties when she interacts with people, even on top of the playful abrasiveness that comes with 7w8. That said, I also thought ENFP would be among the highest here.ENFJ 7w8 is basically Jennifer Lawrence. I'm not surprised.I'm surprised to see ENFJ and 7w8 Sx/So at the top of the list. As someone who happens to be both, I truly hope I never have to deal with someone like me. Personally, I find ENTJ and INTJ men irresistible, especially type 3s ;)I have a weird crush on ENTJs, but we rarely get along.I really like SPs in general, especially ISFPs.ENFPs and ESFPs. ENFJs are attractive, but I personally can't stand that personality type.I find INFPs very attractive, Fi dominance is impressively interesting and cute(or evil sometimes).Physically all S types, even STJs would be attractive. NFs surely are attractive mostly but its annoying to see no ESFP/ESTP votes. NFs are attractive in a different way but nothing beats SP in pure aesthetic sensual way.I find ESTP a very attractive personality - they know how to have fun, are not overly emotional, and are generally easily to get along with. The negative for relationships is that they tend to not commit very well to one person as they have trouble turning down attention.What do people find attractive about INFJ types? I think they are just so rare that nobody really knows one so they tend to be fantasized, but believe me, once you do they are not very special.I've had far too many crushes from too different types to pick one. And the types I found attractive/beautiful aren't necessary the ones I had a crush on. so in theory I'd say strong Se users would be irresistible to most in real life. I'm an NF but it's weird that I was rarely attracted to other NFs, except for some INFJs. I guess it's the matter of your personal experience with each type too. As for me, I have many good relationship with SP so I was mostly attracted to them. ISTP was my latest crush. They're crazy smart and funny.xSTP's for sure. Something about them is just...mff.I am usually most attracted to Feelers. Idk why. I suppose it's normal for thinkers to be more attracted to feelers since they all complement a thinker in some way, but I think it's because I grew up around people who praised the feeling function and rejected the thinking function, and found that feelers give me more of a sense of balance, and support. Other thinkers, especially Te users, are so alien to what I grew up with, and I couldn't picture myself dating a thinker girl unless she had a stronger intuitive preference, which would probably translate as a dominant intuitive like an INTJ. I've also met some pretty neat ISTJs, but they are more of the super reliable friend type than the type fit for romance. If I had to pick any type that I am most attracted to, it would be an ENFJ. Charming, cutesy, with a load of interesting insights and the willingness to do just about anything to accommodate anyone and a genuine concern for others. That's the kind of shit I wish I had. lol ENFJs are like the ultimate Christian, contrary to all those dull traditional denominations that are dominated by SJsI feel atracted to INxPs, but, I voted an NFJ type as long as INTP and INFP are one of my probably types. I feel NFJ types very attractive, even if I hate how strong are their stereotypes and the overtyping that those two have. PD: That's why he puts 'in your opinion' in the title :^PPurely personal preferences, I find NFJs and NFPs most attractive. Dating an INFJ so have to vote INFJ. :p But objectively any type can have an attractive personality in their own right.