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Most "Coldest" type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most "Coldest" type'
Most "Coldest" type MBTI type



INTJ - 30
ISTP - 13
INTP - 8
ENTJ - 6
ISTJ - 5
INFP - 2
ENTP - 1
ESTJ - 1

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5W6 - 17
8W7 - 9
1W9 - 7
5W4 - 4

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Old (unmoderated comments)

So? What do we win? A popsicle of being the most "Coldest" type?Nice stereotypes! Even 16personalities highlight INTJs inner sentimentalities. The answer is not INTJ, do you think i LIKE advocating for eugenics/selective breeding/genemanipulation? Hell no, but it has to be done to minimize future pain.ISTP can also have charisma. Look at Steve Austin.

MBTI type of Most "Coldest" type

.So the stubbornness of sensing is anti-charisma and the confidence of being a judger using Pi and Je makes you appear confident which is pro charisma? I would assume that is the gist of what you are saying, and as a result ISTP should be the least charismatic type.#Scotty, INTJ can have charisma or can be insufferable.

Find out about Most "Coldest" type personality type

. Basically, Ni-Te makes them appear very confident but it can also make them appear arrogant. Confidence=charisma; stubborn arrogance=/=not charisma.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Most "Coldest" type. So a balanced INTJ who appears confident without appearing overtly arrogant can be charismatic. You make comment that are arrogant but not really come off as condifident, so you don't have much charisma.Which of the 16 personality types is Most "Coldest" type?.intjs are strikingly blunt, they seem to have a talent for getting themselves into arguments because they're so tactless (which they don't mind, it stimulates them). they're very honest and opinionated and they don't understand why others get so offended by their honesty. they don't seem like charming people in the traditional sense.INTJs are charismatic? hahahahah nice one.INTJs are charismatic despite having Fe PoLR? Where's the logic in that?INTJ>ISTJ>ISTP=INTP Introverts and thinkers. IxTPs have strong extroverted perception enabling them to be more playful. They're percievers and even though their Fe is low they still have it. IxTJs strongest extroverted function is Te which is cold and serious. IxTJs have weak Pe and they have Fi tertiary which they don't share with many. INTJ takes it for being less people oriented than ISTJINTJs charismatic? I think I'm going to laugh my way off this site...""""Most coldEST"""" lol I'm doneLeast charismatic are ISTJ and INTP. I am not that cold @ Most Coldest... i'm logging out lmao@bob, infact one of the more charismatic type.INTJ are definitely not among the least charismatic types.As with least charismatic, should be between INTJ and INTP, but both have different kinds of coldness. The more focused no-nonsense INTJ, or the more apathetic disconnected INTP, not sure.Definitely NOT a Sensing type. Sensors have a certain warmth due to their more direct connection to the world.INTJs? No way, they are fiery and fiesty.