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Most likely to love dominant men MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most likely to love dominant men'
Most likely to love dominant men MBTI type



INFP - 11
ISFJ - 5
ISFP - 3
INTP - 1
ENFP - 1
ESTJ - 1

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6W7 - 6
2W1 - 3
9W1 - 3
6W5 - 1
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

However, it doesn't mean INFJs like dominant people, just a side note though.Now when I think about it, submissive INFJs are possibly INFJs with enneagram 2, 6 or 9. This could be the case for ISFJs too.I don't think that it was necessarily submissive in a relationship sense, but more like in going along to get alongWell it seems like that was the findings of an actual study, but fine if you want to doubt itINFJ is supposedly the most submissive type.

MBTI type of Most likely to love dominant men


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.I do love extraverted and assertive men. Though, they also need to have a vulnerable side.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Most likely to love dominant men.I'm not romanticizing, I used to visit INFP reddit a bit and I got a good feel for INFP desires.Please don't romanticize .Which of the 16 personality types is Most likely to love dominant men?. They are just as likely to like or dislike dominant/submissive partners as any other type. My own personal experience (which is non binding on INFP type) says that INFP ladies like a dominant partner especially in sheets. Dominant partner doesn't equate to abusive/domineering partner. People like these roles sometimes even to the extent of kinks.A lot may have to be due to the somewhat detached "leave me in a corner with my feels" desire that often pops upI guess you could say INFP may be the least dominant type over both genders, but that doesn't mean they are submissive or want someone dominant.Not INFP. I think the reason INFP men like dominant women has more to do with not wanting to be stuck into the dominant gender role, a problem that doesn't really exist the other way around with mainstream gender roles. INFP women also don't want want to be stuck in a particular role, or to be controlled (Ne). So INFP females have a different sort of male preference in general, a more neutral companion, probably more often INxx than not, which are not really stereotypically dominant types at all.Not dominant per se, but I suspect that INFPs tend to be big fans of the 'dark and brooding but misunderstood' type.The only man I want dominating me is Stalin.W-well, I'm not going to speak on behalf of all INFPs, b-but ... :PAs an IxFx I want someone chill and laid-back as me, I don't want to dominate nor be dominated either.The idea of actually wanting someone to be dominant over you is horrifying to me.Scotty knows what's up. But seriously such interests fall outside the realms of types.Love is not math. Or pseudo-math in this case.My guess is that IF prefers dominant partner, while ET prefers submissive partner. SJ prefers staying within traditional roles while NP wants to expand outside. So women who love dominant men = IF + SJ = ISFJ.