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Most likely type to be corrupt MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most likely type to be corrupt'
Most likely type to be corrupt MBTI type

Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and Social Sciences

Part of:
taking bribes, etc.

[taking bribes, etc. MBTI list]


ESTP - 11
ESFP - 7
ENTJ - 7
ENTP - 1

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3W2 - 9
7W8 - 7
3W4 - 3
8W7 - 3
8W9 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Http:// a poll where only half of ENTJs openly admits that corruption is something bad

Personality coffee is not reliable at all it is the worst P-D site with a lot of stereotype and full of person who don't even know what a cognitive function is. in France corrupt politics tend to be ENTP (patrick Balkany) ESTP (Nicolas Sarkozy) or ENTJ (jean françois copé)

Maybe personality cafe is shit, but maybe they are able to at least type themselves accurately as ENTJs ENTP, ESTP and ENTJ are the three types who have mostly 3/7/8 in the tritype and are triply assertive, maybe it's not a coincidence ("They are the types that think about what they want and then act do gain this.

MBTI type of Most likely type to be corrupt


You seem to be convinced that people you don't even know are mistyped just because they are users of that specific site and not another. Why is that? Why they would be worse than other places like facebook MBTI groups? I don't know anything about personality cafe, tell me more if you don't mind.

Find out about Most likely type to be corrupt personality type


Fg is a smart guy, he can tell people's types based on literally no information and he's always right

Can confirm that personalitycafe is a shithole though.

Fair enough

"Personality coffee" lol

this site is FAR worse than PerC