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Most sexual instinct type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Most sexual instinct type'
Most sexual instinct type MBTI type

Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and Social Sciences


ESFP - 12
ENFP - 7
ESTP - 4
INFP - 2

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7W8 - 8
4W3 - 4
4W5 - 3
8W7 - 2
2W3 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I have no idea why some many Extroverted votes here. Sexual instinct means connecting with special someone, but also special something and that connection seems magical, deep, pure, groundbreaking, ideal, ultimate, even destined. I'd say introverts are actually more stereotypically sexual (instinct-wise), as they're generally concerned only with selected few people/interests that they care about deeply, unlike extroverts who generally look for breadth, not depth, of experience.People literally voted this based on who has more sex or who likes sex more and Its totally wrong lol 7w8 So/Sx are way more about adventure than connecting with people even though they make their connections along the way and Its probably the same with ESFP.

MBTI type of Most sexual instinct type

. I think the most sexual instinct type would be an Sx/So enneagram type that Isnt an type 7 or 8 (because their sexual energy would be more focused on adventure/agression). Probably an type 9 or 2 (because their sexual energy would focus on connection with another/being loved)Isn't Sx something about wanting to become one with s/o or s/t? It's not all about sex or being the most sexual.

Find out about Most sexual instinct type personality type

.I associate the Sx instinct with ExxP in general (dominant Pe) and type 7.Ne doms are more sexual instinct than Se doms.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Most sexual instinct type. Se is more of a realistic focus on what is there in the material sense which leads to more So instinct, while Ne tries to make these intimate connections that take it to the next level and aren't bound by the physical world.


I notice NF's tend to have a sexual instinct.Which of the 16 personality types is Most sexual instinct type?.

Imo estp are more likely to be SO first and have 3 as their heart type, esfp are more likely to be sx but still it's probably a split between so and sx. I think the  NF are the most sexual instinct after esfp if we view it as being more than excitement but more about emotional connection and intimacy which is almost a staple of NF's. It's hard to think of an nf who doesn't have sx in their stack.

True, Sx instinct changes a bit depending on where you look. Some describe it as specifically intimacy with other people, some describe it as obsessivness with anything of interest.