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Mr maul MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Mr maul'
Mr maul MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders

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Personality Databank

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INTJ - 22
ISFJ - 20
ISTJ - 3
INFJ - 2
INTP - 1
ESTP - 1

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9W1 - 22
5W6 - 15
1W2 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

keys2cognition. com/cgi/survey48. I took a cognitive functions test and got: extraverted Sensing (Se) ****************************** (30. 4) good use introverted Sensing (Si) ****************************** (30.

MBTI type of Mr maul

. 5) limited use introverted Intuiting (Ni) ************************************* (37. 2) excellent use extraverted Thinking (Te) ******************************* (31.

Find out about Mr maul personality type

. 4) good use extraverted Feeling (Fe) ******************* (19. 3) limited use introverted Feeling (Fi) ************************************** (38.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Mr maul. A lot of older Fi users especially have more sympathy for other people who remind them of past versions of themselves. It's really not that unusual.Which of the 16 personality types is Mr maul?. You're not explaining why you think you're N. You could be INTJ but all I have to go off of is what I see. IXFP are frequently 9i ve noticed fe more than mature Fi. Fi is not that selfish but his more focus on ethics than harmony and you're seems more harmony oriented like most of 9. maybe if you're a T type you're INTP which explain why you can seem ISFJ (same function). It's just to get along with people. on this site you're seem to use fe (social harmony ) more than fi(inner value)fg, I don't use very much Fe. My Fe is lower on functions tests than Fi. No, and you're not saying how he's N. You're just trying desperately to blur the lines between the types so he can fit into either. can't be INTJ because he don't have any Te . and he is more Si(detail oriented)Than Ni(symbol oriented) ISFJCalm and tranquility can be associated with Ni doms since they don't use Se or sensing much. Anyways, he's INFJ by the letters and INTJ by the functions imo, I can see either one fitting him. That's exactly why I'm voting him INTJ. 9 is the body enneagramm least common to an INTJ and 9w1 is the body enneagramm most common with ISFJ . so God please NO he is not an NTJFirst it was that you didn't know how the site works, now it's "laziness/apathy" You're just changing your story. All you did was say that they could be similar. I could see INTJ 9w1. no 9 over 5. 5 is more conflicting and less submissive than you are. Laziness/apathy really. Only did discord because I was invited by people here. Ni is cerebral and you don't talk like an INTJ. That's true, mike, my 9 is the second highest number next to 5. 9 traits make you look more F. "He's much more calm and tranquil (Si)" Ni can't be calm and tranquil. "Also in the chat you just did what Hairspray told you to" because I didn't know much about discord at the time and it was made for me by her. It's mine now and I don't listen to anyone. Also in the chat you just did what Hairspray told you to, it wasn't really your chat. An INTJ would do things their own way. ISFJ>ISTJHe's nothing like the intuitives on this site. They write these long walls of text going into detail and whatnot and he doesn't. I am going by functions. Seriously what would make anyone think he's N. He can't tell the difference bewtween Si & Ni, or I doubt he's even going by functions when he said ISTJ - it was just a jab against me because he already said I was an ISTJ months ago. I relate to every description of Ni and seldomly relate to Si or Ne descriptions online (albeit I love Ne users). i type you ISFJ because you're acting like one . don't because you like IXFJ character more than IXTJ charactersAtleast ISFJ is something different than ISTJ this time. too chill to be a IXTJ not enough visionnary to be INXJ . ISFJ of courseI'm changing my vote to 5w6 sp/sx. Also nice profile pic, November. I'm pretty surprised about the results, I took that test long ago and gave me balanced 5. @mr maul If you think you are INTJ including the cognitive functions. Then chances are you are INTJ. E5 is the highest comes next is E3 and then E1. So 5w6 3w4 1w9 are for me. My vote for me is still INTJ too. my vote for you is still intj~Yep, I was very conflicted on my enneagram untill I took this long test: http://pstypes. blogspot. htmlI see it as more fitting for you. Did you got in in the typology server. Actually yeah ISTJ. Si doms are tranquil and chill. i can't see the ni in him but neither can i seem him as an n type, i think istxI'm not an ISTJ. I usually score INTJ or INFJ on tests. Robot dude chilling in his war bunkerIxTJ for now, read a couple comment of mr maul. Cannot pick up N or S. Therefore IxTJ 9w1 Sp/So. His MBTI is not clear for me, but so I consider myself not able to doubt it and even less claim anything else. Seems like a really chill INTJ