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Naruto Uzumaki MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Naruto Uzumaki'
Naruto Uzumaki MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

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ESFP - 51
ENFP - 39
ENFJ - 1

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3W2 - 17
7W6 - 9
7W8 - 6
4W3 - 3
2W3 - 2
3W4 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

ENFP. The type 3 makes him act like SeFor the record ENFP typical hero will be a normal teenage kid (mostly a boy) suddenly encounter a mysterious person (usually a chick) hilarity ensues. Jiraiya is the real ENFP. Inferior Si doesn't care about society norms and social stigma.

MBTI type of Naruto Uzumaki

. Rather than getting married and settle down, he reaches is elder age yet is a super pervert, and has no shame about it. Naruto is obviously an ESFP.

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. Ninja wearing orange isn't Ne nor saying I will be Hokage one day and everyone will respect. I also laugh of people thinking Inferior Si is muh flashback.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Naruto Uzumaki. Muh flash back is more of tertiary Si. Lol if so where is inferior Fe for INTP, and where is Inferior Te.Which of the 16 personality types is Naruto Uzumaki?. In fact how can you even justify Naruto is an auxiliary Ne for INFP/INTP. Get out of here. Lol inferior Si makes people resist the restriction, tradition norm and muh boredom. If anything Naruto is far from boredom and muh loneliness. Also his jutsu and being the number 1 unpredictable ninja is Tertiary Te. . Instead of 1x shadow clone, how about 1000x shadow clone of me kicking your ass. . Instead of 1x Rasengan, how about a bigger one that will rip you apart. It's auxiliary Fi. Speaking of loneliness and childhood. While Fe express it's childish because of Ti curiosity. Also stop passively assuming ESFP as idiots. Noowaay John Cena, he is ESFP. A key is his lack of Si. Instead he surprises everyone. He doesn't want to talk about Ne ideas AT ALL, he HATES thinking for no reason, unlike Jiraiya, real ENFP. He failed the graduation exam 3 times because he failed to master the shadow clone jutsu and his lack of technique in general @Sthereo0 @Brainer I think he means how and when Naruto creates his jutsus almost at weird and unorthodox moments and uses them in very creative ways which is Ne. Matched with his tonnes of energy he is ready to erupt like a ENFP. His Ne also helps him to visualise how to defeat his oponents. The referee when he fought against neji said naruto "He used his clone jutsu to bait to get neji eventhough he was getting pounded into the ground he never stopped planning the next move,Naruto knows that believing in yourself gives you the power to change your destiny". @nthnewbie ENFP/INFP atheltes and ENFP people are also Hot headed,rash. A lot of them are kinesthetic learners who dont use conceptual ideas when they do physical activities at all. He does not like to talking to people that much like ESFP would. This guy is always looking to the future no way is he focusing on the present. @Ollyx2oxenfree(if you are still active). Guys he is not ESFP. I know many ENFPs who uses their senses while doing physical activity. A lot of them are crazy who use their senses whithout thinking with ther heads. com/index. page=pperso&idperso=24973&PHPSESSID=fthsflsoeuhbg8k3rism5onmu1 ) being one of themENFP. Wanting to feel liked by others. Very cruous of new fighting styles and such. He is highly emotional. Can be ENFP or ESFP, 3w2 or 7w8. . . I don't understand the ENFP votes, Naruto is a total ESFP. Being ENFP means being Ne-dom, it means he has TONS of Ne, not just enough to get by in critical situations or just a little. He's rash, hot-headed, and impulsive, he's always on the go for the next action and has little regard for ideas or concepts, in fact he's quite poor at conceptual understanding and always has to have everything explained to him step by step, preferably while doing it in the process. He's an extremely kinesthetic learner, he learns something by doing it and has difficulty learning anything otherwise. I see people typing him ENFP because he's "idealistic", but what does it really mean to be an idealist. Ns are dreamers and visionaries, their idealism always have an element of fantasy or imagination to it. An NF Naruto would not want to become hokage just because "I want to be recognized by everyone. ", but moreso "I want to become hokage, and change/improve the system in this village so that no children will ever have to go through the same pain that I went through, and everyone will grow up happy and being cared for. " Now, that's what I call an idealist, they're dreamers. Naruto is not much of a dreamer, he has (had) a goal, that's different. Almost all his values and ninja ways are Fi-based, with no Ne in it. I agree with ESFP 3w2 so/sx typing. Wow, defiite ENFP here. I'm almost an ENFP detector and he has great amount of Ne. Also Si. You can f e e l he's an NF by just looking at him lmao. Idealism and creating new jutsus. . . C'mon, even by his Kage Bunshin, he HAS TO see more possibilities. And hey, SasuNaru is just the perfect ship cause ENFP x INTJ. Lol jk. He's not really down to earth. He also is a perfect example of inspirer in my opinion. If he can demonstrate in childhood, but it was just an attempt to draw attention. He can play in the other at the time of the fight sometimes, but if they see, since as a child he had creativity to create jutsu and deceive others. He did not seem to be a If the mood to venture out and explore sensations. He wants to venture, but feel the feeling of being a ninja and become a Hokage. An ESFP would play in the fight - as Luffy and Goku - and would think of a solution or plan only after spending time fighting, which is not the case with Naruto and Gon. Idealism to hold all the evil in the world and create a better world is quite Ne and Fi. Compared to all the misstyped shonen protagonists he is probably the most creative one when it comes to absurd ideas of fighting on the spot and somehow nail it (Ne dominant, together with Goku and Luffy)Naruto is ENFP. Compared to all the misstyped shonen protagonists he is probably the most creative one when it comes to absurd ideas of fighting on the spot and somehow nail it (Ne dominant, together with Goku and Luffy)Wow, Chanaynay is in line with my opinion down to the syn-flow (Sasuke is probably contra-flow). His isolation and rejection by his community growing up has made him want acknowledgement hence the goal to become hokage although the reasons change. He wants to be recognized and loved but he doesn't lose himself as much in his achievements like a 3. I do agree that he cares more about love than capability. And he is ESFP, not ENFP. "According to Kakashi, Naruto learns through his body, as he is relatively naive, simple, and slow to understand principle or situations, often requiring an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp what is being explained to him, something he has grown more willing to admit. " Doesn't sound like an Ne type and he is rather concrete. ESFP seems correct to me, as far as my memories about Naruto go. I think ESFP>ENFP. He seems much more direct. Definite so/sx (he is clearly sp-last and syn-flow), but I think 2w3>3w2. Perhaps being a social 2 makes him seem more 3 but I think given how his childhood shaped him to expect rejection, 2 makes more sense.