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Nicolas Winding Refn MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Nicolas Winding Refn'
Nicolas Winding Refn MBTI type

Acting and Movie Industry


INFP - 9
ISFP - 5
INFJ - 3
ISTP - 2
INTJ - 1

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6W5 - 8
5W6 - 1

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thedude, I can understand that you disliked the movie, but saying that the film is only about asthetic is completly false and too extreme. There are a lot of significations in the movie (which are by the way non subtle in purpose to show in an "shocking" form some parts of the fashion world) like the animal who cames in her room (symbolism of the predator), the satanic symboles to tell that it's like she's in a different world now, the triangles, when they take a bath with the blood of the heroïne (vampirism, will to take the strength of other because of jalousy) and the list goes on. There is another film director (Ikuhara) who directed Utena (TV series and the movie) which is full of symbolism and can appear to be a real void, but when "decrypted", all the film make sense, he's probably INFJ, and I find the style of Neon Demon to have some similarities. I think it's the Ni dominance with an inferior Se very active who gives the huge symbolic with violent imagery.

MBTI type of Nicolas Winding Refn

. And I read that he wants to expose all the emotions of the humans in his movies in the most realistic way possible, it seems very INFJ to meStill convinced the man is not INFP. What Butterfly interprets as Ne/Si moments filled with emotions (in a way Wong Kar Wai does it) is Se to me, close to filmmakers that influenced him (Michael Mann comes first to mind).

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. Due to conflicted Te and repressed violence I would have guessed INTJ, but Bob is right mentioning the ISFP hypthesis, and that's what I'm voting now. His Ni and creativity (this need to be validated as an artist) is not that of an intuitive, even more so of a Ni dom.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Nicolas Winding Refn. His last movie which is only about aesthetics, a real void, filled with gross and non subtle imagery (worst film I have ever seen in theater, we were two in the room and laughing at how bad it was, and it had never happened to me before) points out to an ISFP with the Se/Ni dichotomy prioritizing Se. So ISFP 6w5 for me.Which of the 16 personality types is Nicolas Winding Refn?.Don't even know who that guy isScotty bought a few copies and would happily distribute some....which happens to have MBTI Manual information that you'd have to pay a lot of money for otherwiseTruity is yet another generic MBTI test site charging $29/test.Scotty shut the fuck up you're just making this awkward.These old researches and trait to type combinations are littered across the internet. It's some kind of magic assumed to be accepted with out scrutiny. It's clear in real world that INFPs are Ambitious, Forceful, Optimistic, Egotistical, Adaptable, and Energetic.How about that St. Vincent has almost all INxP traits, yet a lot of things that conflict with INxJ?Butterfly, if you want a reality check, look at what personality traits people actually have who tested as certain personality types on Truity's website: -> scroll down. Straight from "MBTI Manual" which actually took things a step beyond anecdotes and researched.Poor Nicolas Winding Refn and St. Vincent. They don't know what they've become on some random MBTI site online. I think we should pronounce them our king and queen.Ne/Si axis=want to hug! Se/Ni axis=want to have sex with! Function axis properly explained.Miyazaki is a definite INTP though.Oh but that is still consistent with Butterfly's inferiority-complex fueled perception axis typing. Not a useless or unsexy POS = Ni/SeRemember when ever it appears that scotty is rude or being nasty, it's not him, someone has hacked his profile. He is probably cooking cookies for some orphanage or planting trees.This is something I haven't though of enough. I've convinced myself I'm pretty decent at MBTI, but the truth is probably that I'm just good at writing people into silence, lol. ; _ ; Maybe I should be a politician. ^ - ^ Free candy.No, Myazaki is INFJ like the other half of the population !Miyazaki is probably an ISFP unless he is also a sack of potatoes - ButterflyScotty's strong S and grip on reality questions N types' fantastical imaginations and "magical" thinking. That's an ESFJ's strength.Myazaki's world of magic functions ! :-) Feel the magic, Scotty!I've seen people try to reason with you and it just isn't worth it. You will forever protect your fantasy world of magical thinking.This could go on forever. We need to bring alcohol in the picture! Scotty vs Butterfly vs Bobnickmad, squabbling till the roof's house is on fire. Burning down the house!Instead of telling me precisely where I go wrong etc., again you just insult me. How am I to be convinced by anything?Here scotty questions butterfly on an emotional level, probably teared up as well. More signs of hurt F. ISFJ confirmed!Butterfly, how many half-truths and mistruths can you fit into one retarded post?MBTI is not hard science, it's not physics. You don't have to be an INTP to know this. There is a practical value in it though, as some kind of order you can relate observations to and it seems to be surprisingly cohesive. Most people who do MBTI agree to this and are drawn to it despite this uncertain character. Because Scotty is just not very good at typing though, like when he thinks St. Vincent display Ne (which no one else agrees with - and there are multiple examples of these kinds of extremely idiosyncratic uses of very basic MBTI), to protect his self-esteem (we can assume since we are insulting each other) he has developed his own personal hard science MBTI which he constantly raves about in vague terms. When people don't want to play into his self-flattering though he starts insulting everyone. Good discussions come about when people approach each other on the same level though, not looking down on the people you are talking to, playing fairly by extensively explaining things you are doing (especially things that are new and unusual like following a system no one else on this site uses) and being even-tempered, not resorting to childish outbursts and insults.I think scotty has made great arguments for INFP here.Yeah probably butter "I've seen it myself" fly could care less about stuff like empirical data when there are isolated personal anecdotes.Scotty, you should know INFPs would rather die than let us be swayed from our way by someone who's condescending to us.Huh? I don't understand? I understand why it's a load of crap which is pretty much all that matters. Why waste time on something with an anti-reality foundation?Well, it's certainly an impressive display of critical thinking to reject something you don't understand.@butterfly I feel like I'm dealing with alternative medicine peddlers, promoting ideas that often contradict reality and then hear them pointing at some silly anecdotes, despite no validity being demonstrated in actual studies. It's quack psychology. It doesn't deserve to be "learned".I hope that Scotty calling #butterfly an insect is just a reference to her name, and not supposed to imply a ''God among insect'' complex on his part. Because we don't need a Scotty with a God complex on this site. Although he already started having followers: scottyfaithful, master-scotty, scotty-the-mastermind, scotty-of-nazareth.*makes insect sounds* While we are telling each other what we really think of each other, Scotty, I think your problem is that instead of ever being open to learning things or getting into actual discussions, you start hurling all these insults about people's ability to think as honestly as you seem to think that you do - like "function magic" (which is really not as irregular as you seem to think it is), comparing my thinking to astrology, and so on, etc. Interestingly, I've seen this defense mechanism in some INTPs before.Oh god, here comes the insect with her function magic, and completely distorting anything I said. What is the point of even responding to such a mess? INxPs do hold their art closer to themselves, while INxJs are more likely to view it from a distance and think of how others will look at it. That is a fact, whether or not you want to acknowledge it or brush it to the side by distorting what I said and then liberally applying subconscious function magic, which can be used to argue almost anything. Then you say I am typing from stereotypes when you are the one who constantly types from stereotypes from your "sack of potatoes" to who knows what else, and the worship and fetishization of this idealized form of "Ni-Se axis" probably because you are just a self-hater and can't see yourself in people you like. It ends up being typing from yourself and various attributes tangential to cognitive functioning as a base, rather than typing from any sort of cohesive system. Astrology masquerading as something worthwhile.Scotty seems to be saying that because he worries about audience response, he can't be INxP. This is absurd. Everyone worries about the audience response. If anything, INFPs are very insecure and need a lot more affirmation than most types with their Inferior Te - something Winding Refn often volunteers that he receives, both from his wife and crew. As for the article on The Guardian, I don't see what's supposed to be so narcissistic about him at all. Imo he's not that hard to type. He's shy; experimental and playful to a fault; and is always forcing himself to make movies with integrity, that are not in any way motivated by the market, and reels from successes like Drive - following it up with something like Only God Forgives - even as he craves recognition. Seems to fit well with a Fi-driven Ne-user. As with St. Vincent though you're not accepting this because he's not a stereotype. :/I do associate that somewhat with Ni-doms though, the "my vision is superior to yours" idea.He does have a public narcissistic persona but who knows what that really means.Everything you said just makes me think of INFJ as a better typing (and I've only seen these comments and seen Drive and some interviews, so I'm hardly the biggest expert on him, but I do see an introvert's Fe in him). I don't think an INFJ is about "all people" necessarily, but their focus IS on the viewer. And this doesn't mean they have to have a particular objective with regards to the viewer, but simply that they are always viewing things from a general "the viewer" perspective, to where they aren't likely to be as self-indulgent in the production process. Reading this, I honestly suspect this guy is a narcissistic or at least an histrionic, or some other kind of personality disorder, that might affect his personality.Like, ok, let's suppose ISFJ could be subversive (even tough they're like the unsubversive type per excellence) like INFJs as Manson. Why would an ISFJ make a movie like Valhalla Rising, that is so unfriendly to the viewer? Even a subversive Fe would try to get the viewer inside, but he seems to make movies that only a special kind of people would watch. Like Drive as well, it's obviously a movie for movie lovers, and not a general audience, and it's not even subversive.Do we start to replace INFJ with ISFJ? Like, everybody is an ISFJ now? Do you just type him at random?ISFJ actually seems like a real possibility.Yeah, not INTJ for sure. But also not INFJ either.I also see no way he could possibly be INTJ. Nowhere does he have the cold logical grounding. His focus on everything is on the warm, emotional elements about "feeling" topics, not in some sort of dry, heady abstract ideas or some sort of inventive structure. He's also obviously an introvert but we all know that. IxFx but not INFP.INxP are the most individual-centered artists. Think about someone like Tarkovsky who is so concerned about making it true to himself, and all he can really offer the audience is a wish that they get something out of it too. INxP do not think practically as much, and want something which satisfies an inner desire, outside preferences be damned. Even in his interviews, you can see how Refn is mindful to the audience with how he decides to do stuff. He still wants to be validated externally while the INxPs thrive on this internal validation of their ideas through their own judging system, which makes sense with Ji, but it's also Ne which doesn't really care where the ideas take them. So I can see him more as ISFP than INFP, or honestly as INFJ or even ISFJ.He doesn't make very "me" art. He just takes a little inspiration and then thinks of how to make it cool for the audience. Thematic focus(Ni) with a strong eye for the audience (Fe). And yeah I don't care about a system that comes up with ridiculous propositions like "either [sensing, feeling and perceiving], or [intuition, thinking and judging]"I mean, not Fe in the sense that he always seems to be in his world when talking about movies, and makes it clear that his movies are just about his personal interest and preferences. Basically hes makes very ''me''-art to be INFJ. Watch him in interviews with Gosling and it's clearly not FJ vs FP. He's either high Fi himself or lower Fe.Lol, this guy is not Fe at all, than again you don't care about that stuff. He's difficult, but I would go between ISFP and INTJ.His creative process seems a lot more like Ni - he seems to have a very strong sense what he is looking for before making something. I feel like ISxPs should actually be expected to make something *less* singular than INFPs, due to how Se is not as much of a connecting function. Ni is the ultimate connecting function though, and he's probably dominant in it. His focuses seem to all be on more or less F topics so INFJ works. He doesn't seem impersonally analytical enough for an INTJ.Well, he went from a Viking movie to a 1980s pastiche whatever to boxing environment in Bangkok. And let's not forget that these three movies are some kind of trilogy. After that he made a weirdo feminine model horror movie. Everyone is going to have some kind of things that keep coming back, for example in my own dorky writing I always keep coming back to characters that commit horrible acts without it being their own fault in any reasonable way. I think Winding Refn fulfills the Ne req. plenty.Not, my point was the singularity of it all (Ni). An INFP would make a movie about wounded masculinity, and then would likely try to make a movie about something else, because there's other stuff in the world (Ne).Whether it's for effect or meant is not as general as you make it out to be in your reply though. Lynch seems, heart and soul, invested in his mystical nonsense which he worships by making things that evoke it. Winding Refn is on the other hand constantly ironic and playful (Ne). Also saying that an INFP can't have a movie career like that is imo stereotyping.But you can't really prove that the weird stuff Refn says is not for effect, or the stuff Lynch says is for effect. They can both say stuff for effect, they can both be sincere, but that's too subjective to base our typings on them. Still, let's say Drive is such an ISP movie just because he tried a certain type of movie. But it's not just Drive. Valhalla Rising is also very minimalistic, yet one could do so many things with that story. Why would an INFP suppress his Ne when facing such an opportunity? The simple answer would be: he's not really Ne. Also, following his obsession with masculinity in violence in pretty much every movie until Neon Demon, seems such a specific thing to base your career around: Se-Ni. If there's a thing an INFP could obsessively base his career around would be his state of mind, emotions, love, stuff like that. But I don't see an INFP basing his career around masculinity, wounded or not. His movies are overall too close to the ISP with Ni formula you argued around for other people. I guess the best explanation would that he's an ISP who read one or two books on film theory.Which is not to say that Lynch's movies just fetishize the weird and Winding Refn's are playful, philosophical, etc. Winding Refn is a fumbling dork who has made a few amazing, somewhat overlooked movies (and not everyone agrees) - David Lynch, most will agree, is one of the greatest directors of our time.I feel like this exchange is so typical of when I talk to my own ISFP friend. Also again, notice the towel he wears "to protect his magical energy when directing" which he says with a grin in other videos. The difference between Lynch and Winding Refn is that to Lynch it just seems like this fetishization of weirdness that you just try to create everywhere you can, being a treasure on its own, whereas Winding Refn is naturally wacky, "philosophical" and playful.Yeah, but the weird stuff Winding Refn says is sensical, theoretical and wacky, not seemingly just done for effect. And then there's all the other stuff that suggests he's INFP. I bet Winding Refn wishes he was an ISFP/ISTP though. The other day I think he said Neon Demon or something is about coming to terms with that he's not such a good director - which bolsters my point about his "pretentious director" persona being a Ne + Danish thing. He said something along the lines of that's why he's going back to the basics of what he enjoys - just self-expression and creativity.I mean, an ISTP would have his shit together while directing a big movie (Kubrick etc.), and wouldn't say weird stuff like him. I think him saying weird stuff could be Fi-Ni rather than Ne, Lynch says some really weird stuff as well.I will go as far as to agree he is an INFP who really wishes he was an ISTP though. Always there is that masculinity, but he's specifically known for making movies about "wounded masculinity" and exploring all the places where it hurts the most, which I doubt an ISTP would ever be drawn to. This is perhaps most purely depicted in the Pusher trilogy which is a kind of Fi deconstruction of gangster movies imo, but you can also see it in for example Drive's focus on the main character's vulnerabilities. With Neon Demon, of course, Winding Refn has finally admitted he is a 16 year old girl and made his dream movie.He doesn't seem a physical person I admit. For some reason, his Se is subdued in real life, so maybe he tries to make it up in his movies. But it seems this Se obsession on masculinity + tertiary Ni feel of mysteriousness to basically anti-Ne stories. Maybe he's ISFP 6w5 then, don't know.Lol, reminds me of how Ryan Gosling (ISFP) was apparently constantly trying to make up back stories for the driver which made Winding Refn mad and disappointed every time because the whole point was that he was just this heightened, walking fetish. For what it's worth I'm no fan of that trilogy expect Drive. >.< I feel like he is trying way too hard. I love the Pusher trilogy though (especially 2 and 3) - where his Fi really comes out - and Neon Demon. I still have to watch Bronson and those two other Danish, early movies ... Busy bee!If I would to type him based on the kind the movies he makes, its seem ISTP with mysterious tertiary Ni added to it. I just don't see an INFP making pretty much everyone of his movies about masculinity and violence, they can use that as an element, but for him masculinity and violence seem to be his main thing through most of his career: Se. Tertiary Ni that adds a sense of mysteriousness, to what it seems to be in Valhalla Rising or Drive, basically very simple and economical stories (Se, not Ne) but with some tertiary Ni-like feel of subdued mysticism (the hero reincarnated). He also doesn't come off as ISFP, compared to Lynch he seems colder despite his pretensions of sensitivity. I think he's an an unusual combination of ISTP and enneagram 4 who puts this Fi-dom artist facade in order to make him feel special and provoke people. As for ''sack of potatoes'' and him not seeming a physical person, I think it's more the thing his head is just a continuation of his neck, so it's kinda impossible for him to look bad-ass (lol). Also, Butterfly says that Tarantino is the extroverted version of the nerdy ISTP who collection Hong-Kong action movies. I think that nerdy ISTP might be Refn.Just watched Valhalla Rising. Holy hell, at least Tarkovsky's movies and 2001 seem slow paced for a reason. On the other hand, it might make me appreciate Drive even more, as he seemed to really nailed the whole simple story slowly executed there. Maybe if I watch Valhalla, Drive and Only God Forgives as a trilogy of slow paced action movies, it works better than as stand-alone. Apparently, for Refn the main character from Drive is One-Eye reincarnated. ''The character of One-Eye went into Driver then went into the Thai police lieutenant. They’re the same character played by three different actors…It’s a mythological creature that has a mysterious past but cannot relate to reality because he’s heightened and he’s pure fetish.''compare this INFJ douchebag with INFP Jim JarmuschHe looks so disconnected from reality, and in a very disturbing way.He's all the opposite of an INFP. Let's do some cleaning. Who wants him?He's so phony in interviews. He can't be INFP.He seems much more likeable in that interview with Gosling that's for sure.By the way, the reason I think Tim Burton is a lot less hysterical is because he had a much safer, slower, conservative career. He seems to me very high on Si. On the other hand, Refn is always taking huge risks. Judging from documentaries, making a movie is a very painful process for him. And from what I understand - Refn was basically bankrupt for 10 years after the gigantic gamble that was Bleeder X. I think he is the only "cool art film director" who has done episodes of Miss Marple for BBC. :P Terrence Malick on the other hand didn't make a movie until in his 30s? After making two movies, he took a break for several decades, and only now in his 60s-70s is he making movies again. I think Wong Kar-wai (likely INFP) might be very similar to Refn, but unfortunately there is little biographical information about him available that I know of ...Note that according to my view, they are both INFPs who picked ISFPs for their screen avatars!! I think the Refn/Gosling bromance is stronger though, because they are all over each other constantly. That is one of the un-INFP-ish things about him, his physicality - like getting expelled from film school for throwing tables at the wall, wanting to shoot his stepmother, how he's all over his main stars (Elle Fanning too). :P But no matter how I twist and turn it, INFP is the typing that makes the most sense. I think he is just really pushing his Si/Te to be a movie director, which is why he comes across sort of "hysterically". Believe me, I'm one of those people who would admit the real type, no matter how much I related/was a fan. :P Omg though, I'm watching Neon Demon today. So excited for all the the lesbian necrophilia cannibalism.Johny Deppe & Tim Burton, or Ryan Gosling & Nicolas Refn: the battle of bromances! ''Like Eminem and Dr. Dre, Love you more it would be gay!''.I might have gone a little bit over the top, lol. :P We don't trust Bobnickmad though!! He hates Refn too (lol!) and he probably wants revenge for all the favorite INFPs I've argued are INFJ and stuff! Anyway, it would be interesting to hear his opinion, yeah, but he doesn't seem very interested ... I will admit that, if Refn is an INFP, he is a very atypical one. He does seem to be hung up with traditional masculinity, violence etc., especially in his pre-Drive movies, but I think the reason this fascinates him in the first place is because he is a sensitive soul. Lol, maybe I'm just like one of those girls that send letters to prison inmates and is all understanding about their crimes and stuff.Well, I'm sorry but I just don't see it the way you do, although I do acknowledge your arguments. I'm not INTJ, my mother whom I'm very close to, one of my best friend and actually a good bunch of the people i've been close to in my life are INFPs. It's actually the only type I feel spontaneously close to and intimate in real life. So there's nothing personal about my comments. I actually watch My life with my INFP friend, and she thought the exact same thing. Also I'd like to have Bobnickmad's view on the documentary.I don't think the voyeurism is such a good argument. Fi treasures honesty, sincerity, etc. and happily suffers for it. Both writers Knausgård and Marcel Proust were Fi-doms (ISFP and INFP), and they have both written famously disturbingly autobiographical books that even caused trouble in their private life. Besides in the documentary it is mentioned that Refn does not allow his wife to film at all times. I also think his self-consciousness, pretentiousness, etc. is Fi. Have you ever been on an INFP forum? :P I also take the idea that only he and Gosling (ISFP) understand the movie as Fi. The reason he does not communicate with the crew is because he is obviously struggling with the responsibilities of such a large production (Inferior Te). On the other hand he is extremely open for input (Fi, Inferior Te). Like Fanning says in the video you linked, making Neon Demon is the most collaborative experience she has ever been in. Refn is extremely interested in improvisation (Ne). And I don't really think he's obsessed with the structure of the movie. Rather the opposite. He's improvising so much he is struggling with creating something coherent. I also completely disagree there is any repressed violence in him. The only violence is against himself, like when he beats himself on the head, feeling like he has wasted everyone's time (Fi). On the other hand, he normally seems very meek and relaxed with his children, his wife, etc. I don't understand how you manage to miss all the INFP-ish stuff. Like how extremely free-spirited his productions are (Ne), his extreme sensitivity and integrity (Fi) and the fact that he is really not the best fit person to lead movie productions at this scale (Inferior Te). How do you account for stuff like him giving a magic towel to Gosling (Ne)? Or how he starts the interview you linked by a playful, "overly honest" anecdote that at the same time compliments Elle Fanning (Fi+Ne)? The way he talks about violence and aesthetics, and even the way he goes along with stuff like Jodorowsky's tarot card readings, seems Ne to me. It's way too unrefined to be an INTJ/INFJ, and too flowing and all-over-the-place to be ISTP/ISFP. I'm an INFP and I also just have to say that I strongly relate to the portrayal of Refn in the My Life documentary. Imo he's a kind of "INFP's INFP". He is someone who very strongly stands for some very strange, personal things (Fi) and who is not ashamed of, but has fully embraced his own Ne and pushes his Si/Te to the limits to get things done. I get a kind of INTJ vibe from you, and it might be understandable that you don't like Refn thus. I think the whole problem with the INTJ/INFP dynamic is that on a distance the INFP is sympathetic and cute to the INTJ, but a fulfilled INFP is actually something truly horrifying to an INTJ. :P It's someone for whom the strangest, most innermost feelings and imagination trumps everything, and who can impose this on the world. Confirms my opinion about Refn. With the way he describes beauty, violence etc I now can't see him on the Ne/Si axis. He seems to be very much of a Se user, trying to conceptualise violence and esthetics like a more intelectual and sophisticated Tarantino. What i mistook for Ne in his editing process could very well be Se. The way he represses his violence instinct and anger could even make me think of an ISTP repressing Fe.Well, Butterfly, you’re not going to be happy with this, I watched My Life, and I’m now SURE this guy IS NOT INFP. The movie really made me uncomfortable, I think it’s somehow close to voyeurism. I can’t imagine an INFP showing his private life in that way. I can say I genuinely dislike Refn as a person. He’s so self-conscious, gives so much importance to what people think of him and his work (so un-INFP). He does not communicate with his crew, he says himsef nobody understands the movie he’s directing (Only god forgives) apart from him and Ryan Gosling. He’s so uncomfortable speaking with his actors, I just can’t see him as a feeler. When he gives instructions to his team, he does not explain why. He has anxiety issues, he obvisouly struggles to control his anger, he’s pretentious, narcissic. He reminds me of an ESTJ I know. He’s obsessed with the structure of his film, without being able to keep the whole movie itself consistant. What I took for Ne might actually be Se (he represses violence even in the way he moves). I’m settling on my first impression with INTJ now, but he could very well be something else, but INFP – I can’t see that.Yeah, I agree very developed types (and an NF director probably would be one) are usually difficult to type, lol. I also have a hard time accepting Lars von Trier is really INFJ, but it really seems to be the best explanation ... Anyway, I think the self-realization/journey aspect of Refn has been there since his first movie (Pusher 1). I don't think the Jodorowsky influence gains that much weight until Only God Forgives and based on the movie Jodorowsky's Dune and My Life as Directed by NWR (which contains interactions between Jodorowsky and NWR) it seems to me that they have a very different understanding of Jodorowsky-ness. To me it seems like Refn revels in the playfulness, the craziness, the freedom (Ne+Fi). For Jodorowsky it's more like a sincere religious/spiritual thing. But yeah, I wouldn't say Refn is a completely different person when he's not promoting his movies, but I suggest watching any documentary where he interacts with people and stuff. I think it becomes really obvious that his toughness is ironic and artistic, and that he is a very different person "in practice". For example he seems to constantly be very overwhelmed by his responsibilities (Inferior Te). One thing that sounds very Inferior Te to me, by the way, is that he got like super indebted after Fear X and it seems he didn't really fully recover before the release of Drive, since even in like 2008 (?) he did a Mrs. Marple episode for BBC, lol. But yeah, I guess it depends what you mean by warm ... I feel like the atmosphere of Proust, Refn, Wong Kar-wai, etc. are very pleasant and emotional and stuff, but I guess it's not like when someone is hugging you or complimenting you or something. Maybe it's just feeling like I can let my shoulders down or something because I'm in NF country. :PThese quotes sound INFP, a very self-confident one though. The way he basically improvised the ending of the neon demon is close to Robert Altman or Lynch methods. What made me vote INFP when Celebrity Types typed him is actually the structure of his films, especially Only God Forgives which I found close to Tarkovski and very Ne (although, a quite controled Ne). But as Bobnickmad said, he seems very self-conscious (and his films lack in authenticity IMO) and does not have the simplicity of most Fi doms. The journey, initiation stuff is not strictly Fi, as it is due to the inspiration of Jodorowsky (and can therefore be Ni). I think mature Ne/Ni users can be hard to type sometimes, especially when it comes to moviemaking. As it is ridiculous to think Ni users (especially Ni doms) can’t improvise (or that improvisation is spontaneous, when it relies on control, and an ability to foresee how things will turn out), it makes no sense to think Ne users can’t have an overall control of their projects, that they do everything on the fly. I can’t find the documentary online, if you have interviews where he does not put on this rigid persona I’d like to see them. As for emotions in movies, I don’t think feelers, especially Fi doms are the ones making the most intense and poignant movie. I don’t find Wong Kar Wai warm at all. His films can be very touching, but it’s sophisticated, differenciated Fi, elegant with this distance that is the proof of intuition over sensation, and the emotional vibes rely on Si. Lots of Fi doms can be restrained in some ways when it comes to expressing emotions. I could think of other directirs, Gus Van Sant comes to mind. Same goes for litterature, I don’t find Proust, Woolf etc « warm ». The emotion is subtle, eluding. Refn is very cold to me, especially drive. And that would mean thinker directors can’t be warm or emotionnaly touching, which maes no sense. I like your posts, Butterfly, you’re very spontaneous and engaging, so keep it up. BTW the fact that I’m voted INTP on this site does not mean I’m actually one.For extra measure, here's a wall of quotes I think really support Feeling and Ne: “I’m of the belief that the more secure the crew and the performers feel,” Refn said, “the more willing they are to give themselves over, the more they feel they’re in hands that will catch them when they fall, the more they will give one hundred percent. Anything where a performer or crew member feels insecure, they start to protect themselves, which then affects the emotional ride. So one of the aspects of directing, and there are many aspects, is to inspire everyone else to give their best.” / “I trust [Nicolas] with everything,” Fanning added. “From the start, I felt like we were a team with this huge friendship. I completely trusted him. Halfway through the movie, he told me, ‘I threw the ending in the trash, I don’t think it works anymore.’ We shot in chronological order, and he didn’t like the ending. Nicolas was asking the crew, ‘So, how do you think the movie should end?’ So you’ve got to have massive trust in that person, because you’re discovering the movie together. When we first started talking, Nic told me, ‘This is going to be a journey. We don’t necessarily know what or who the neon demon even is. We’re just going to have to find that out as we go along.’" / "I don’t know how things are going to turn out,” Refn confessed, “and I don’t have an interest in knowing that until it’s time to make a decision. That’s why I shoot in chronological order, because it forces me to make it as instinctually as I can, like an infant drawing. It’s much more satisfying that way, the more quote-unquote ‘pure’ you make it, because then it’s about the act of creativity and it’s not about anything else that stands in the way. On this movie, there were many aspects where we’d see where Elle’s journey was taking us, and it was like, ‘Wow, this is going to a whole new arena that I didn’t even imagine we’d step into.’ I wanted to see where that goes, but I also have to prove to other people that I know what the plan is, so I was painting the film at the same time as I was making it up.”As said, I think he tends to put up a show in public appearances. He's a lot more obvious INFP in person though, as seen in documentaries. With that said, he is undeniably a very strange and conflicted person ...I don't know, I was looking at that interview you posted, and it seems impossible for him to talk about the emotional aspect of his work without being painfully cringe worthy for anyone listening (for better or for worse), and there's this almost robot like way he speaks and intellectualizes everything that I could more easily see Ti-dom with unhealthy inferior Fe (which can look very Fi). I'm not saying for sure, but there's something really off about this guy.Whaaaat! Using Wong Kar-wai (INFP) as an example of detachment! That is like the warmest director that I know ... I checked your type, thedude though, and you're an INTP. That might explain things as you would not notice Fi. But yeah, sorry for potentially overwhelming you with arguments. And @bobnickmad: I disagree about discerning people through their works. I think, just like in conversation, a trained eye with an educated context can see where the stress lies, etc. and tell someone's type through their works - or at least use it as an indicator. As for Jarmusch, you're interpreting me too seriously as I'm saying that he is INTJ. Honestly I don't know. I really don't know him that well, but I was just giving my incomplete impression by memory. So I'm not trying to make sense about Jarmusch. And as for NWR's emotionalism, just no ... The reason I get kind of worked up here is because I think NWR is a really simple case of INFP if you just study him and his movies a bit. I think I've given more than enough good arguments that he's an INFP. If you read everything I say I just don't think there is any he could be "suppressed Fe". The guy is all about integrity in art, self-development, exploring the dark side, etc. (Fi) And the way he does movies about criminality, almost portraying them as these lost children who have it worse in their moral depravity than their victims, is very Fi/Ne. It's just nothing like Johnny Cash being cheeky.Honestly, his emotionalism in that interviews and others seems so awkward and off that I wonder if it's not actually suppressed Fe.Of course it could also be a very individualized and uncompromising Fi dominance, but I wouldn't leave out the possibility of him being a Ti-dom trying to understand an unhealthy suppressed Fe. As for his ability to relate to criminals, Johny Cash has that and I'm pretty sure he's ISTP, so I don't know if that's a good argument for Fi.Ok, I guess how personal we feel a work is, it's no good way to discern the author's type, because what feels very personal to the author might not feel personal for you at all.In fact, if anything works that are hight on Fi can have the property of looking very distant for some people while very personal for others. I meant in person, from the interviews I watched with them, Jarmusch seems like a much more genuine person than Refn, who still looks cold to me no matter how much he portrays himself as a sensitive artist.Also Jarmusch from the interviews I watched, it seems like he just puts the things he likes inside his movies and from that the world is created, I don't see that as a very J approach at all, which is the same thing with Murakami. Imo, I just don't see Jarmusch and Murakami's works as intellectually constructed like you would with a Ni-dom at all, their works seems quite directionless (Ne over Ni) but they make it up by how delightfully eccentric it is (again Ne). And while Murakami as INFJ might make some sense, you seeing Jarmusch as INTJ seems very absurd to me.By comparison, a movie like Drive seems to follow a very predictable path, and puts an emphasis on execution over originality. I will look more into Refn and what you posted below, because he seems a very contradictory kind of person, but if you compare a movie like Drive with the works of Jarmusch and Murakami, and you feel that they are the J types,... I just don't get it, sorry.What could be said about Refn's characters could be said about Jarmusch's as well (and about a lot of other filmmakers) - that was my point. Dead Man is not far from Refn's territory anyway. I don't see the emotional angle. And you could say that about lots of filmmakers whom are thinkers. I think the characters in his films are not that proeminent anyway, the syle and subversion of the genre overshadowing it. Although I mentionned my first impression of Refn as INTJ, I have come to think INFP made a lot of sens quite some time ago. I don't find the elevator scene in drive particularly moving or intense, actually I think it feels Ne all the way, and very detached (I could say a Wong Kar Wai moment) before coming back to a violent reality. I actually find Drive to be one of the lesser Refn film and this scene non-impressive. It's interesting that you consider this human and Fi when it relates purely to intuition/reality detachement for me.I still feel like Refn always transforms his sources and creates something completely different though. I think that sounds like Ne. In comparison, Tarantino (Se) will literally just copy stuff he likes, down to the small details, and put it in his movies. I also disagree Refn's movies aren't human. As it says in the interview cited on his Wikipedia article IIRC, his movies are usually about the main character coming to some kind of acceptance and understanding of who they are and their fate - even if it means that they're a criminal or that it's going to lead to their death. I think that sounds incredibly Fi. Also, despite making movies about vikings and mobsters, he always approaches it from an emotional angle. A lot of people have said his movies are fundamentally about wounded masculinity, although of course his latest modelling horror movie with an all-female cast (Neon Demon) has changed that. In this I think we have two new arguments for INFP: I don't think an INTJ would be interested in the hearts and souls of monsters, whereas I think suddenly making a modelling horror movie with an all-female cast after the kind of subject matters he was known for before is pretty Ne. As for Jarmusch, in the movies I've watched by him, I feel like there is something really dispassionate and detached about them - even though they are undeniably very quirky and deal in Fi. Honestly it reminds me a lot of the music of St. Vincent (INTJ). I don't really know that much about Jarmusch though, and I'm not so sure about Lynch either. Refn though: Don't you just feel something like is just incredibly INFP? Just what an emotionally intense moment it is (Fi), and then how abrupt and shocking the switch (Ne) as well as the interesting juxtaposition between love and violence (Ne)? And also the transition it signifies for the character at that point in his arc - almost like he's walked into a parallel universe now which there is no coming back from? I just think it's so much more human, emotionally intense, powerful and poetic than anything in a Jarmusch movie.It seems like an Fi outburst, alright. But I still believe that much of his films aren't originally concived. It might be spontaneous in the sense it's basically like he was saying "hey, i'mg gonna do my Clockwork Orange" etc. There's somehting a bit childish about it (and I really like most of his films, so it's not a critic) in a way Tarantino indulges in his own fantasies. Jarmusch does not feel INTJ at all to me, and I think is movies although quite out there at times are not cold at all. He has human qualities to his cinema (see Down by Law for instance) that Refn will just never reach. If you type Jarmusch INTJ, why not type Lynch as an intuitive thinker as well ? I haven't seen the documentary, but I will in the near future.Well, I think he sounds really Fi at the end here in case you didn't keep watching And most of his movies are very strange and surreal, so ISTP/ISFP wouldn't make much sense. Finally, he is prone to Inferior Te-like outbursts. For example there is a scene in My Life as Directed by NWR where he is beating himself on the head, crying, and saying he has made a bad movie and wasted everyone's time. I also wrote some other arguments in original post that I still think hold. Jarmusch's movies just feel really cold to me, even though they are clearly Fi. I've wondered whether he might be INTJ ... Also it's just not true that Refn bases his movies that closely on other movies, even though they do contain a lot of references to other movies. J honestly makes no sense as his process is very spontaneous.Refn always gave me an INTJ impression. I don't think he has anything in common with Jarmusch (I wondered about Jarmusch, but settled on INFP over ISFP). Don't forget quite all of his movies are retelling of his favorite works and heavily referenced. Pusher/Taxi Driver, Bronson/Clockwork Orange, Drive/Thief, Fear X/Shining, etc. There's something that could be Ne (and Tarkovski-like) about the structure (Only God Forgives which I found to be very messy), but he does not have an Fi dom aura IMO. He's also very good friend with Jodorwsky (INFJ) whom had a clear influence on his filmmaking process (Valhalla Rising).I don't think any of that proves Ne or Fi, just makes it more likely he is P. Art as provocation is quite a trendy interpretation of art (and it leads to over-simplification of its role imo) so it doesn't indicate anything but familiarity with the trope honestly. I could compare him with Jarmusch, another eccentric film-maker (not sure if INFP or ISFP) but Jarmusch seems much more genuine.Honestly I think a lot of it is simply trolling (Ne). Imo he is hilarious, lol. For example when fellow Danish director Lars von Trier did his infamously disrespectful "I'm a nazi" rant/joke at Cannes, which got him thrown out that year, NWR got all high and mighty about it and pompously apologized on behalf on the Danish people, saying he felt ashamed of his countryman. Everyone took him seriously while von Trier was like, "Whaaat? I've known him since he was a little kid. What is he going on about?" And then he wanted to send von Trier all this nazi paraphernalia in the mail, lol. At Cannes this year he was asked about von Trier again and NWR said he was a drug addict and accused him of trying to sleep with his wife. (Note that von Trier is a douchy provocateur himself, so it's not as mean as it sounds, lol.) I do think the way NWR acts in the promotion for his movies represents his aesthetics (Fi) though. He seems to understand art as about being about provocation and creating powerful reactions in his audience. He is unhappy when he gets good reviews, like with Drive, and prefers to divide the viewers in the middle. "We're search and destroy, man. Look at those reactions from yesterday [...] That's punk rock. Fuck the establishment." But yeah, I see that he might rub a lot of people the wrong way, lol. I don't know if this is making him sound more INFP or not, but I hope that gave some context.The problem with what this guy says is that I don't know how much of it is coming from a real place in him, and how much is just what he thinks an ''artist'' is.He comes off as really pretentious in interviews (I hate that word about art, but it makes sense with people) in a way I don't see of Fi-doms. Than again, people say Morrisey is Fi-dom so it seems like it can happen. Saying ''fuck'' on a day-time show sounds like inferior Fe tough.If he's an INFP he's not a very likeable one, imo.In the documentary My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn we see him being very similar to Ryan Gosling (ISFP), except that sometimes Refn says very strange things Gosling doesn't quite know what to make of; like when Refn goes on his "violence is like sex" rant. This suggests INFP to me. Though he chooses violent and dark topics (as many INFP artists, such as George R. R. Martin have done), note that he goes about it in a very emotional way. For example the Pusher trilogy is arguably about feeling more sorry for the pathetic lives of the criminals than their victims, and the main concept behind Drive was apparently to make a movie about a cold man whose only emotional outlet is listening to pop music while driving. In the aforementioned documentary he also comes across as quite a mystic. He receives a Tarot card reading and his latest movies are heavily inspired by the mystical and surrealist works of Jodorowsky (INFJ). You just wouldn't see a director like Clint Eastwood (ISTP) being so interested in these things. Refn also doesn't seem to handle the heavy responsibilities of leading a big movie production well, as would be expected of INFPs. He gets embarrassed when he sees what a large set they have waiting for him, and he is constantly second-guessing himself and asking for reassurance from others. Another thing that supports INFP is that he's known to be a incredibly cooperative, including director - which is supposedly what is the greatest strength of INFPs as leaders. He usually asks the actors "what do you want to do" and is willing to change the movie quite a lot to accommodate their creativity.