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Ramsay Bolton MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Ramsay Bolton'
Ramsay Bolton MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
Game of Thrones

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ESTP - 24
ESFP - 6
ENTP - 5
ENTJ - 1
ESTJ - 1

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7W8 - 8
7W6 - 2
8W7 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Are we even watching the same show. Dude has no Fi at all. . .

MBTI type of Ramsay Bolton

. ESTP psychopath. Sadism and cruelty, like to experience opportunities, is cunning and playful .

Find out about Ramsay Bolton personality type

. . .Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Ramsay Bolton. Really there are certain times that he has plans, but are not very complex and detailed plans, so Ni inferior is visible. I could also consider ENTP, but .Which of the 16 personality types is Ramsay Bolton?. . . He's practically more like Alex Delarge than The Joker. Sorry, INTJ father Roose. Where is Se in Ramsay. I really wonder why people think that. He has in his mind an idea of what a King is and gets really finicky to the point where he represses all morals (inferior Fi). I can't see either of them as ESxP. INFP. I guess people type him ESFP because they think he and his INTJ father must be opposite types, but I don't see it. Not sure, but he most likely uses a psychopathic Fe. Compared to his INFP psycho father, who's psychopatic Fi, he's also good at being devious, but it's because he never changes his expression (Fi), thus being impossible to read, Ramsay by comparison, can change his demeanour as the situation fits (Fe). He's definitely sociopathic but why not ENTP. Not exactly the most forward thinking but he does everything unconventionally, and is pretty creative with his psychological torture. ESTP over psychopathic ESFP. He's obviously very good at manipulating people, putting the right facade when it suits him, and get on playing with people's reactions. Why ESTP over ENTP. He is clearly someone who likes to mind games and traps. Where do people see Fi in him. One of the most anti-Fi characters on GOT. He's probably more of a psychotic ESTP. He seems to have strong awareness of his surroundings with Se. . . . . Thinks according to his own irrational logic (There is NO way he has Te). . . . This is what makes him such a scary psychopathic torturer. . . . He prefers satisfaction of the moment (Se) to keeping in mind how all the smaller pieces fit into the bigger picture (Ni). . . My only problem with ESFP is Fi has largely to do with values, and Ramsay has no values at all. He's completely mad with no values at all. Seems to have Ne of some kind. Bouncing from one psychotic idea to another.