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Rand Paul MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Rand Paul'
Rand Paul MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders


INTP - 7
INTJ - 1
ENTP - 1
ISTP - 1
ISTJ - 1
ISFJ - 1

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7W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

INTP yes. Such a INTP. Has all the ideas but no charisma to motivate support. Most idea oriented in the republican camp.

MBTI type of Rand Paul

.He could be INTP potentially, I'm not sure but he sure is anything but @ ISFJ, what is the point of voting if you are just going to follow the bad advice of CelebrityTypes?nope nope nope.

Find out about Rand Paul personality type

. NOT AN NE Dom at all. Seems more INTP.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Rand Paul. Best in the republican camp though if only sanity prevails.Calls out someone for "non sequitur" during a Republican debate - definitely an ENTPRon says that rand is more prepared and aggressive than himself and wants to do things not just talk.Which of the 16 personality types is Rand Paul?. I think EntjWell, at least you can agree that one type he is absolutely not is ESFJ or ISFJ. I guess that means we've got 2 CelebrityTypes admins voting here.I'm not too sure either. He seems all over the place at this moment.It's not cause he's a libertarian but I read all the articles and "rationalist" (the one Kiersey term I like) NT is clear, just in the way he keeps picking out subjectivity as the root of bad policy. this one particularly shows it: I have trouble telling apart NTP and NTJ often based on simply reading their writing (not really in Rand's case), but his his laid back, playful, extroverted public persona as well as the "Aqua Buddha" college story. It leaves no doubt to me. FWIW, I think his father is an ISTJ.Not all libertarians are ENTPs (though I find libertarianism rests well with Ti); what articles in that link make it clear to you? If he is indeed ENTP, lol at CT "he's ISFJ." But I'm undecided as of right now. Care to elaborate?Clear as day ENTP. He tries to look like your typical traditional conservative in public but here's how he really thinks.