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Roy Mustang MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Roy Mustang'
Roy Mustang MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

Part of:
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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ENTJ - 27
INTJ - 5
INFJ - 3
ENTP - 2
ESTJ - 2

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3W2 - 11
8W7 - 6
6W5 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Roy's vice is 100% ego-vanity of a 3w2. He is all about status and achieving admiration from others. I don't see lust in him nore anger. I don't follow the anime, but from what i remember of the few I watched, he looks like Light Yagami in some way (e1), so I would say e3 or e6.

MBTI type of Roy Mustang

. Going with ENTJ. He's too controlling and, to that extent, actually socially competent and loud to be an INTJ, as much as he seems very interpersonal and with a singular vision, that doesn't scream introversion as much as the million of other factors scream extroversion.

Find out about Roy Mustang personality type

. And Ed is never going to be put in command of anyone so their different ranking can easily explain their different attitudes. Despite Ed's low ranking he still loves telling everyone what should be done but he hates being looked at as a small kid so he works outside of the hierarchy.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Roy Mustang. His ability to adapt well to the military life and hierarchy suggest ENTJ. Also he doesn't seem to fare very well on his own and doesn't seem to mind being constantly around people and falling back on them for support, unlike Ed who needs heaps of time alone and isolates himself everytime he's stressed or sad or has to ponder.Which of the 16 personality types is Roy Mustang?. Ed Elric is more extroverted though so if Ed is INTJ then so is Roy. If Ed is ENTJ then maybe Roy is ENTJ too. /nervous laughter/ my bad I hope you enjoy the character development come again soon. *dodges spoilers* Yeah I've only watched all of the original FMA and some of brotherhood. "Well I personally don't think" that I can win this bit of the argument so if you'd allow me to take a different approach: the one thing I want to elaborate on is his dependence on and trust in others. Introverts tend to look inwards for security and peace of mind, whereas Mustang usually looks outwards. When he tries to lure out the hommunculi by using Barry as bait, he chooses to participate directly in the fight rather than observe and await reports. At Madame Christmas's bar, where I think he lets his guard down a bit more, he is very sociable with the girls and seems to draw confidence from their welcoming him, rather than brushing them off with INTJ style brusqueness. I think I'm taking sides now. Well personally I don't think having "developed sensing functions" has much if anything to do with introversion vs extroversion, especially in this case where his motivations seem more Fi than Se based. "Wanting to control everything" is a material desire driven by highly valued sensing functions don't you think. His innate leadership skills and dependence on those supporting him lead me to think him an ENTJ until someone, preferably who is willing to argue, presents a plausible argument for INTJ, which I would hope isn't terribly difficult. "Wanting to become leader" isn't any evidence of extroversion. Definitely a xNTJ, very intelligent, strong pattern recognition and a desire to be in control are all good indicators.