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Severus Snape MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Severus Snape'
Severus Snape MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
Harry Potter

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INTJ - 93
ISTJ - 48
INFP - 5
INFJ - 2
ISTP - 1
ESFJ - 1

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6W5 - 24
5W4 - 17
4W5 - 16
1W9 - 5
5W6 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

clearly a 6 watch JK rowling description about him. ISTJ over INTJ he don't have any Ni he's not future oriented but stuck in the past. ISTP. How many INTJs are that stuck in the past.

MBTI type of Severus Snape

. Nothing to do with 4. He's definitely IXTJ but I have problem with judging if it's N or S.

Find out about Severus Snape personality type

. But he could be INTJ as well with his "how it could be" thinking. Difficult decision.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Severus Snape. 4w5 sx/sp, The guy spent his ENTIRE life longing for a woman he knew he couldn't have, his envy and longing is all over him, he wanted to be Dark Arts teacher, he would create horrible spells fantasizing revenge, and do 5s ever nurture such irrational amount of hate and disgust towards people for no reason like Snape did to Harry. In his early childhood memories he is such a 4 as well.Which of the 16 personality types is Severus Snape?. As Se matures, the user may find themselves feeling steadily more in tune with the sensory world that surrounds them, and more able to trust it as a pervasive force. The inferior-Se monologue (prior to maturation): “I must analyze all possible outcomes of a sensory experience, as the physical world is subject to change unexpectedly, at any time. ”People. Where is Si in him. Where is anything associated with Si you see in him. I don't see the 4 in him to be honest. I would think of him more of a "5w6" than a "5w4". He was a true romantic as he longed for Lily. Yes he is definitely INTJ. ISTJs are far more amiable than INTJs, and ISTPs are far more patient. INTJ all the way. Only Keirsey divorced typology from the functions and the result is evident; oversimplified generalisations in form of temperaments. Typing works in a holistic way but mostly forms around cognitive functions. He is clearly an ISTP. . I'm fairly certain he is Te-aux and Fi-ter. You can argue for ISTJ, him being strict, thorough, routine based but equally strong can be made for Ni due to his long sightedness and long term planning with global perspective. Both have similar visions and different methods of execution. He is an ISTP. Think Simon Cowell or John Malkovich who are both ISTP'sINTJs can have a very developed Fi function, as it is their tertiary function. In that case any type can train themselves to act different. Read Nietzsche, a textbook INTJ and tada. but that wouldn'y make him an INFP. There is no evident Ne. Again show of emotions has nothing to do with F/T dichotomy in Jungian terms. . . ] . . . " He is bloody poetic. He used to write down stuff on his book as soon as he had an idea. He likes to hide his emotions but he fails miserably in some cases - like the end of HPB, or when he threw a jar at Harry after that Occlumency lesson - I'm not saying that's not an INTJ thing, but there you have it. The way he ports himself with elegance, resembling a bat, is something I do quite often. For me, he looks like a well-trained INFP that pretends to be cold-hearted and has learned to be organized, but the signs are there. He shows emotion, and then quickly comes back to his usual poker face, he is organized when there is need for it yet is quite disorganized with other stuff. He can be quite poetic and wordy as well - The Half-Blood Prince. I don't know what else I could say. Remember INTJs have Fi as their tertiary function. So yeah maybe his INFPness is due to that. You guys should read this. It might change your mind. He is the second favorite character of mine I didn't think might be an INFP (the first one being Zuko) it is amazing how I always identified with both without even knowing why. Also, I read somewhere that INFPs are very good at pretending to be INTJs, better than most INTJs. http://members. madasafish. htm