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Sheldon Cooper MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Sheldon Cooper'
Sheldon Cooper MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
The Big Bang Theory

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ISTJ - 57
INTJ - 36
INTP - 20
INFJ - 1
ENTP - 1
ENTJ - 1

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5W6 - 23
6W5 - 7
5W4 - 2
1W2 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

The scene when he built a scheme to make friends and he couldn't change it so it looped and had Leonard to change it because Sheldon didn't even had the thought to do it. IxTJ, for sure. Any INF vote is an obvious trolling. Possible spamming: 4 INFJ, 6 INFP.

MBTI type of Sheldon Cooper

. Whoever put infj is on crack. He is intp at the beginning, but later down the line, istj.

Find out about Sheldon Cooper personality type

. Maybe back in the day they were, but society has become so liberal (bear with me, we have a long ways to go but I'm being generous here) that you're not really going to run into a lot of younger SJs being conservative or traditional now days. All that being said, most of Sheldon's quirks arise from his dominant Si, tert Fi, and inferior Ne.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Sheldon Cooper. Perhaps in the changes between Si/Ti/Te/Ni/Ne it could be made an analogy at some points. However, my strong Fi/Fe makes my way very different.Which of the 16 personality types is Sheldon Cooper?. Btw I'm curiouss about a lot of things. . Anyway, I'll try to explain what I have of ISTJ: I can easily control anything I do, I'm usually very precise about details and very commited to the work. My desk is usually clean. If you focus all the time at the details of your past experience you'll not focus in the big picture or in the possibilities. So that's what I do, I switch my focus and try new things. I agree Sheldon is the closest to ISTJ if there's a type fr him. Btw, I haven't met many ISTJs in typology community, but your point is taken. I'm curious what ISTJ is like irl. Btw, I'm INFJ so I'm curious about people. You are right. He is just a character. Not a model of MBTI theory. That's why I said ISTJ was his main style. Me, for instance, I have only one function that I don't use much (Se). All other functions I use a lot. But if I do any MBTI tests it will usually results as ISTJ, sometimes as INFJ or INTJ. When I do operacional work, usually I role as ISTJ. When I have to make diplomacy, INFJ. When I go home and take care of my family, INFJ. It's funny, because when I'm at INTJ style I just don't care much about details. When I'm at INTP or INFP I get messy with my stuff that is usually very clean and organized. That's why he exhibits strong Si, Ne, Ti, Te, even paranoiac Ni at times. That's why he may not be solidly a type, just a blend of intuitive thinkers+sensing thinkers. The details, routines, rules, agreement makes that clear. He uses other functions beyond the ISTJ ones which may confuse someone. If you attempt to type these traits you may end up with ISTJ. He's so ISTJ that it's not even funny. I'd suggest he has more Ti than Te, but meh. Also, I don't understand the concept of "fussy tertiary Si". The fussiness of INTP is mainly due to Ti, which I don't see him having much of. I think he is more of a Te than Ti user, but I agree with the rest. He's a fictional character who has four introverted functions: Si over Se, Ti over Te, Fi over Fe, Ni over Ne. I'll go ISTJ but it's all basically arbitrary since he's a character whose pure inwardness is supposed to be for whatever reason comedic and so they hyperbolically amplify his introverted functionsSheldon's Si is definitely a fussy tertiary Si, which us why it's so visible and played for laughs. The vote seems to split with this one, but I don't think he has Ni at all. Ni is not going to make a fuss over details, that's the Si thing. ISTJ is possible, but I can't imagine an ISTJ with such vivid imagination, but if the imagination is a knock-off from his reality or fantasy books or movies, that would be more likely. I fail to see the Ni in Sheldon. He hates change (such as when Leonard decides to move in with Penny) and sticks to codes like the roommate agreement. Every which way to Sunday he's an Si-dom and therefore ISTJ. . . . No way. That is exactly being weird in an N way. Si-dom derive guidelines from their surroundings, which is totally not Sheldon. His eccentricities all come from his Si as well; he's weird because he follows strict guidelines or some obscure fact/statistic. He's not weird in an N way. I don't understand how he cannot be an ISTJ, he has a huge love of facts, past comforts (Soft Kitty), traditions, contracts. Even without his OCD and Aspergers he seems to rely heavily on past experiences. Si-dom is crazed with social norms. I still don't see how he's not an INTJ. And I the social norms thing is equally applicable to INTP and INTJ, and it's not so much inability but rejection due to the perceived pointlessness of them which both types tend to do. One type he's definitely not is ISTJ. I'll be the 3rd guy to jump on Intp. I agree with mytr on INTP, he gets overexcited when he gets to explain things to others and his inability to figure out social norms also seems inferior Fe. I think he's INTP with Asperger. His Si isn't developed healthily like Si users. He is very imaginative, as in an episode he created and played adventure game in his head. He's scatter-brained and can lose focus easily when interrupted. So I ruled out INTJ because they usually have a clue about what's going on. How about INTx with Asperger. Sheldon is ISTJ (and clearly exhibits Si). . . You could have a character who, because the writers decided to make him that way, exhibits odd and/or inconsistent function orders that don't fit any type. I gave Night that point simply because you can't apply the same standards to typing fictional characters that you can with typing real people. "First of all you shouldn't type tv characters according to functions because these characters are not written with MBTI in mind. " Annnnd you just lost all credibility. Sheldon is an ISTJ. Si is not just based on any form of religious traditions but its based upon ANY form of past-experience knowledge. The actual thought that he could be an INTJ is ridiculous. Well he is more likely to follow his parents traditions if he were ISTJ. Fictional characters rarely have defined functions and arent even real and thus you can only really go off the behavior when trying to type them (except in cases where a function pattern is indeed clear). However not all ISTJs are religious and not all INTJs are atheist; far from it. Also keep in mind ISTJs with genius-level IQs will have a better grasp on their N function than most INTJs. He is not an ISTJ and he is not an INTP. 2nd of all I have met a couple of INTJ's that are real life copies of Sheldon. Sheldon is a Ni subtype INTJ . . He's very clearly an INTP,he shows Ti,Ne,Si and inferior Fe,he has no INTJ functions whatsoever. He is compulsive, which is more likely in ISTJ than in INTJ. Eccentricity in some forms is common with ISTJs. Well being eccentric is not associated with sensors. Definitely not an INTJ, as someone who knows quite a few of them. Sheldon is an ISTJ. If you have any experience with INTJ's then you can tell that he is one. They have an eccentric quality to them. But even still, I recall a recent episode in which he judged his mother for breaking her own Christian code and sleeping with a guy. Sheldon expects people to live up to clear, black-and-white standards, period. In fact, I remember reading that OCPD is correlated with ISTJ specifically. And the thing is that Sheldon respects all rules and structure, not just that which he creates. He respects and tries to follow "social protocol" even though he doesn't understand it. He is very nostalgic and looks toward the past. ") He gets himself into a rut and sticks there, fearing any kind of change, no matter how slight or how positive it could be. He can't stand the loss of predictable, traditional routine and structure for even a second, such as not eating a food on the night it has been set to be eaten. Every possible little detail is covered as specifically as possible. He is incredibly formal and exact. I just think overall these behaviors are more SJ than NT, even INTJ, especially the parts about fearing change, taking things literally, sticking to just one set routine, security-mindedness, etc. Sheldon is just weird in that he has one very heavy N element to his personality in that he is a theoretical physicist, but in every other sense he is very much closed to experience and very much an S personality. Even though there are only 4 of them, that's 4 very sorry, confused people who seem to think all "nerds" must be INTP for no reason and despite the fact this is completely false. I cannot think of any other possible way they would have even reached such a ridiculous conclusion. That the guy extroverts judging is more clearly and painfully obvious than anything else. Both Si and Ni are irrational perceptive functions thus types dominant with these two functions arrive at their mental frameworks on their own although differently. Him being an Si Dom and Ne inferior is painfully evident and the INTJ votes are funny. I think he is INTJ because while he may demand adhering to "tradition", you have to realize how he came to these views. If he was a true Si guy, he'd be a religion freak just like his mother tried teaching him to be. But he has Ni, which means he has a set way of how things should be from his own vision. He "understands" people only in terms of "social protocol," idolizes Spock, demands strict adherence to rules, convention, routine, security, sameness and "tradition. " He ha actually used that exact term before. Ultimately, MBTI is about PERSONALITY, not about abilities per se. And it seems to me Sheldon relies on an eidectic memory more than anything anyway and that is how he has been able to succeed in an academic environment. He takes everything literally. I'm going to have to say ISTJ who is just very atypical, MAYBE even with a mild form of Autism. I mean, the fact is Sheldon is so odd that he will not really be typical of any type, not to mention he is fictional. But I think ISTJ is probably the best fit overall so that's how I voted. The reality is that a fictional character is flexible and more broad than a real person thus the personality shifts with situation. He may very well be ISTJ in one episode and INTJ in next. While he is sometimes obsessed with details, he isn't very practical as a person, too. This kind of obsession could come from Se-inf. He is just facts and information. Si Dom and Ne inferior. Very detailed and methodical. Compulsive. Hint: that big book of rules on room mate agreement. Exactly. Si Dom and Ne inferior. Doesn't think outside the box. Compulsive. All points to ISTJ but people keep typing him INTJ. Do people really have no idea as to what an Ni Dom looks like. The man is a walking Si example.