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Snowpetal MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Snowpetal'
Snowpetal MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders

Part of:
Personality Databank

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INFP - 17
INFJ - 14
ISFJ - 8
ISFP - 5
ESTP - 3
ESTJ - 1

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9W1 - 30
2W1 - 13
6W5 - 8
4W5 - 7
8W7 - 3
9W8 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

For exemple, my stacking seems to be something like Ti>Ne>Ni>Te>Si>Se>Fi=Fe. Sorry for kind of derailing this entry but i have noticed a similar thing in INTJs, INTJs will sometimes score higher Ti than Te, but every other function speaks against INTP (low Ne, high Fi, higher Se than normal, nonexistent Fe) At least this was somewhat the case for me, i believe my Ti and Te was about equal, my Ne at about 50 procent and Ni through the roof. When I first took the keys2cognition test I got Ne>Fi>Ni>Ti>Fe>Te=Se>Si or something similar to that (and yes I know that's kinda messed up). Now if I take the test again I fear I'll skew the results because I know which function correlates with each question, and my brain likes to manipulate the results using that knowledge.

MBTI type of Snowpetal

. Is the reason for your INFP self-type the functions then. Have you done the keys2cognition test before.

Find out about Snowpetal personality type

. The thing is that cognitive functions test aren't most of the way time to self-type, because, for some dichotomies(exactly I/E and J/P with also low margin N/S and F/T), the score of functions aren't following any patern but arising with even higher variancys. So, seeing that you identify with jungian Introverted Feeling(IxFJ mostly), you identify with I+N+F+J and, not going to assume but, there's a huge chance you're with INFP due to functions, chances are that you're a mistyped INFJ.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Snowpetal. Yep, of course. And just for reference as well I'm guessing you'd be the EII type in socionics: http://www.Which of the 16 personality types is Snowpetal?. sociotype. This type might account for some of what you experience because it's intuitive, INFJ, Fi-dominant, and has Se as one of its worst functions. Oh that's really interesting. Hey. I've seen your comments in a few different places and once saw you referenced that by letters you score as INFJ even though you think you're INFP. com/infp-articles/87845-introverted-feeling-type-fi-dom-described-jung. html) and as such IxFJ, and in your case INFJ. com/index. php. Someone like Dostoevsky or Joanna Newsom would likely fit this mold as well. . . I have it in my profile but I guess no one actually reads those. Cool, do you know your mbti type. Hmm. . . It's at least in my tritype, but the way I act here and online in general is very much an act , and I think that might contribute to my "9w1"-ness. Interesting to hear though. You seem IxFx and you write really long passages so N. I wanna say INFPWould anyone like to give reasons for their typings.