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Social Justice Warrior MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Social Justice Warrior'
Social Justice Warrior MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders


ENFJ - 26
INFP - 24
ESFJ - 19
ENFP - 14
INFJ - 4
ESFP - 1

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2W3 - 16
6W7 - 12
1W2 - 5
3W2 - 4
6W5 - 4
1W9 - 2
2W1 - 2
4W3 - 2
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I second idlebody and kl. Also, hairspray is probably the most reasonable sjw i've talked to. She keeps it cool and diplomaticNot sure where you guys are getting ENFP from. I'd actually say they're probably the least likely of all the NFs.

MBTI type of Social Justice Warrior

. If any xNFP I'd say INFP would be more likely since they lack a thinking function in their top 3 and would be more likely to go exclusively off of feeling rather than logic (which an ENFP would apply due to tert Te). ENFP is also an Intuition dominant function whereas INFP is feeling dominated.

Find out about Social Justice Warrior personality type

. Also @idlebody xNFJ I think would be more likely when unhealthy, since SJW stuff seems unhealthy Fe related to me.Take a look at real xNFJ activists for proof that we don't get caught up in that hate-mongering of the SJWs on tumblr.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Social Justice Warrior. Martin Luther King Jr: "Love is the only force capable of transforming enemies into friends." Gandhi: "Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love".Which of the 16 personality types is Social Justice Warrior?.Whoever wrote the comment below doesn't understand Ti. People who have Ti as one of their top three functions are not going to believe in the group/herd mentality. Ti users think for themselves and want others to think for themselves as well. I think the tumblr SJW system is bullshit and mostly populated by Fi + Te users who trick themselves into thinking that they're individualists for supporting the opposite of the majority, but they easily get caught up in all that hateful rhetoric of the SJWs on tumblr and forget about others' feelings in the process. "The Te user would be wise to recognize their organizational skills may need to take a back seat when it comes to dealing with others and their emotions. Even just listening to the other person without judgment will go a long way."Hmm...I still see it as more of an Fe/Ti concept. Creation of categories and groups (Ti) and then striving for equality among those groups (Fe) that they believe to be marginalized. Many of these groups that they are singling out and labeling do not objectively exist in real life (ex: "genderfluid", "otherkin", etc.); but they are using internal logic to create it, and Fe compels them to seek equality. I think this is made even clearer if you look at Socionics, where this 'social justice' concept is predominantly found in the beta quadra (Fe, Ni, Se, and Ti). Also, Fe tends to be more outspoken about its beliefs and feels more of a desire to do something about it and take action (especially with NFJs, who have Se). For example, Fe paired with Ni may see injustice among groups on a global level and desire to start a movement or participate in activism to DO something about it (Se). I would also say that a lot of protests (like women's equality) are more likely to be Fe as well, as Fe is very open about its beliefs and desires to make them known and actively gain 'converts' (especially when paired with Ni and Se).Absolutely, the ENFPs really are the loudest when it comes to it haha. It's just that on tumblr the overwhelmingly majority seem to be passive-aggressive, crytyping INFPs.ENFPs are even worse. They're loud and aggressive about it.Every INFP (or INFPs that claim to be INFJs) I see on the Internet is a SJW. Every. Single. One.Well, they made a scientist who helped put a piece of technology on a comet cry just because he was wearing a t-shirt with comic book women, there are also those who verbally assault people in public, like the one verbally assaulting a taxi driver because he had a Hawaian dancer figurine on his board, so they go outside of internet as well and bully others.I'm perplexed by the eneagram 2 votes. How are they not 6? It's all about loyalty to their movement and communicating in a conflictual way.I mean people who are genuinly concerned with the right of lgbt people or immigrant can easily be 2, but not the conflictual, in your face type, who're more concerned with acting like putting people down than actually communicating than concerns.*their criterias of right and wrong. Anyway it's basically people with values assigned to the left wanting to take their turn at playing the ''moral majority''. If anything, it proves that western society has reach a pretty good status in terms of social fairness, since otherwise these SJW wouldn't have a safe ground from which to preach or nit-pick. Hope they don't fuck it all up by radicalizing people against them and thus more supporters for the equally annoying ''alternative right'' movement.On paper they might be, but in reality they're not anything like Fe users. They don't try to get people on board whit their ideas, they just try to put down people they don't agree with. The average SJW has little resembling tact or persuasion. They're just about hammering down they're criterias of wright and wrong. It's unhealthy Fi+Te, I guess an unhealthy combination of both, where Fi value judgements and Te's tendency to see everything as fact and be controlling don't problem see their delimitation mark.I would think this is much more likely to be an Fe thing.ENFPs are the bomb diggity, but they're really hard to deal with when they're unhealthy."SJW" on the Internet right now has a negative connotation. It is usually used to describe bullies who are under the pretense they are doing good. Unhealthy ENFP's make a lot of sense. But as a note I know a very Healthy ENFP who is nothing like these and believes it is unnecessary drama.I read that the notion of "Social Justice Warrior" is directed toward people who are for social justice to raise their popularity first of all, and who are not really sincere with their opinions. I can accept this definition. However, I find it laughable when some people call someone a "SJW" just because a person is for social justice, it does not make any sense to me. The problem with this term is that there is not a stable definition of the expression, the notion is too impreciseYes. Opposing something just out of ignorance is a strange trait some of our fellows have. I think people are good in their cores. It's perhaps the social evolution of our species that has made some of us reject and oppose a different idea. We are a tribal specie and this global village phenomena is relatively new.When I see ridicule words like "warrior" I generally think that whoever is using them doesn't have much of an argument. Which is often the case for those who use the "SJW" phrase.Social justice "activists" tend to be NFs mostly with alot of supporters from all other types. Caring for the weaker and under privileged is a good social evolution. Mocking it with "warrior" is sad. There are crazies in every movement but that shouldn't define it.Lol they even started a thread for this.Really? Seems like a phrase that would be used by ESTJ's though