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Soseductive MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Soseductive'
Soseductive MBTI type

Society and Culture

Part of:
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ESFP - 6
ISFP - 3
INTJ - 2
ENFJ - 2
ENFP - 1

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6W7 - 4
1W2 - 1
7W6 - 1
9W8 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Why first letter is big? I hate it. Small first letter is part of my character, part of style. And i want a picture form "Type that looks deep but is shallow". Redo it.

MBTI type of Soseductive



Most attractive type? Type you would want to be, if you had a choice? Most perfect type?Guilty of all the above.

Need any help? My favorite color? Green.

Find out about Soseductive personality type

. Favorite food? Italian or asian. Russian is alright, don't really care for spanish and pretty much any thing else.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Soseductive. Favorite animals? Raccoons, otters, platypuses..Which of the 16 personality types is Soseductive?.. I am more of a dog person than a cat person. Favorite breed? Norwich terrier. Welsh corgi is a close second. I don't think Star Wars prequels are much worse than original trilogy. My favorite female character is Rukia from Bleach. Favorite male character is Claire from Baccano! I desperetly want him to be an ISFP))) It would be cool if someone tried to type him) Most relatable characters? Hmmm... Ichigo and half of the guys in Bleach. Lancer from Fate/Zero. Those two guys from Fate/Stay Night. (yeah, both) Sanji from One Piece (but more in comedic way) I really like Kuroko no Basket, but kind of hard to pick a character that would resemble the most. I am kind of a mix between Hyuuga and Aomine. I also can relate to Claire a lot, but i feel like he is too cool to be ISFP.... Favorite music? I don't know... usually i hate lyrics of most song, but i like songs that you can dance to. Some of the songs i like:

Harvey Specter from Suits is also kind of relatable, but my ENTJ friend thinks that he is an ESFP.


slow as a slug

Whales come here to die.

Whale fuck off then

The jury had ruled not guilty!


Pretty sure still is, but now i'm also honest, sexy and mysterious.

I wish i could see who votes for what and who adds what. This site feels very claustrophobic. Maybe, even fake, like nothing is actually real. Like i am watching a movie or something.

Like being trapt in a maze whe you occasionaly meet people, i do not feel free here. Do not feel alive. I don't like it. I feel like i am walking here to find the way out, to find a life at the end of the tonnele, but i am not sure if a life is there or going to be there any time soon or ever. Do you think guys this site will ever be truely alive?

hey this 22 year old manlet with no social life claims you are my alt, so we can end this bullshit once and for all, if you really love me, you will leave forever


Who? I doubt if i'll go away someone will stop thinking that. I thought you like me. Do you really ready to sacrifice me, just to prove something to someone? Kind of dissapointing. I'll probably gonna go away eventually, if this site will be as dead as it is now. I am kind of rebellious loner who loves driving his bike into the sunset.

What? Oo

If someone wants to pay me money for leaving this place, i'll take it. I think $30,000 will be enough, but i don't know... no, i'll take $40,000.

Nobody is forcing you to stay here

Bernie, nobody's forcing you to suck a dick, but you are still doing it.


Are you forcing yourself to suck Mike's dick ?


@wpprsnppr So, what do you think os me, baby boy? Am i ISFP? Do you like me? How cute i am on a scale from 1 to 10? (ten is the hottest sexy boy you have ever met)

this man held me at gunpoint and made me say this. i-i'm so sorry

Are you implying something? This guy doesn't seem N to me at all.

@mike Ok, i'll forgive you this time, because you are cutie.)

@wpprsnppr WHAAAAAATT?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU CAN HOVER OVER SOMOONE'S AVATAR AND SEE THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!? Bernie lied to me! That sneaky bastard! Sooo, what do you think?

It reminds of how Saitama didn't know that you need to register in a hero association. Maybe, he is an ISFP after all)

Saitama is an ISTP

i don't have much information to go on but i think esfp is a good fit for you. probably 6w7 so/sx.

@wpprsnppr are you implying that i am ultimate wanna be alpha male?))


Soseductive has been found not guilty of the charges. Dismissed!

kind of sad, i like when girls are a little bit cruel to me) (i am kind of negotiating for a relationship right now, so be aware) I am pretty sure that i am ISFP, but still interesting why an extrovert?)

what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude i'm not interested lmao

Just saying... just saying) What about extroversy? What 6w7 so/sx even mean? Is it good?

hey soseductive, shut the fuck up. Don't speak unless you're spoken to.

tiger_greengrass has tickled the broth. This is no job for a humidifier. Her words must be thoroughly cleansed and purified. I apologize on this hooligan's behalf.

It seems like wpprsnppr only helps guys who are't interested in other girls. -3-

ah uwu thanks 

Why is everyone here is so overly suspicious? I feel like even people who typed me as ISFP do not believe in my Fi. Seriously, you either type me as ISFP and believe every word i say or type me as not Fi (especialy dom of all things) and don't believe me at all. Be consistant.

My favorite car brands are Lamborghini, Porsche and Jeep. I prefer sports cars, cabriolets, bikes and quads. If i am ISFP, then you'll probably never see ISFP in a boring sedan)

I am reading about enneagram right now and really curious who voted for what and why. Basic Fear: Of being without support and guidance Basic Desire: To have security and support What does it means?    

I am leaning towards 9. 9w8 in particular. To have inner stability "peace of mind" is kind of the most similar to what i want. I don't know about loss and separation, it's really hard to tell what i fear the most.

Took a test yesterday and it was a complete failure) I feel like tests have too much questions and because of that, you have more chances to fuck up. They should do like 18 questions max. (and i am generous here, lol) Not sure if i am 9w8. Sometimes i feel like 9w8 is not intense enough. Is there something more intense than 9w8, but not as intense as 8?

Seeing how lazy you are you could be a 9 /jk Honestly the more questions there are the more it is accurate. Not the opposite. An intense enneagram would be 4, but there's wide line between 9 and 4 intenseness. The similarities would probably and identity research, being lost in life, etc. How do you feel you behave ? Are you lazy/indecisive ? Reactive and gets under a cause to help yourself ?

For me it is kind of the opposite. I can interprete some questions in a lot of ways and because i don't have anyone to clarify the true meaning of it, it's basicly 100% depends on luck now.Intreresting, i'll look into that. It's just from basic fears and disires i like 9 the most and maybe 5. Other one's sounds kind of meh to me.What if i am lazy AND decisive?) Usually i am pretty lazy, but if a problem arrives i took care of it almost immediately and then go back to my couch. In presence of people i like, i am not as lazy, maybe even very active, but because i don't like most people and don't want to spend my energy on them, i may come off as lazy.

Well you just said interpret some questions in a lot of ways. (Btw you're the only one who should understand the meaning of it it's not that deep anyway, take eclecticenergies first test) and that it depends on luck. I see that as a trait of indecisiveness for example. I can see you as a 9 or 6.

I've read about 4 and it feels too... dramatic(?) to me. I am more stone cold, especially outside. A lot of people probably wouldn't be able to tell that i am a feeler) My two favorite types so far are 8w9 and 9w8. Is there a big difference between them? I would say, that i am no a 1, they are suppressing their feelings too much. Even 9w1 is kind of too tame. Definitely not 8w7, too bombastic. Didn't read about 5 and 6 that much, but so far my most comfortable zone is between 8 and 9.

xSFP 9w8. And sorry for acting sorta rude to you the other day you actually seem like a pretty chill person

No problem. I wasn't offended, more annoyed than anything.

Read recently more about 7 and anything with it is just laughable)

How i can relate to numbers9>>>8>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else.Numbers that i like in people:3, 5, 8, 9 (maybe even 4 to some extent)Numbers that i dislike in people: 7 and 1 (if 1 has 9 it's much more tolerable)I don't care about:2 and 6. (they are kind of boring)

*1 (if 1 has a 9 as a main number it's much more tolerable)

naaah. i would say that if 3 or 5 is not the main number then 4 is kind of meh, too.

I am bored, even my jokes are worse than usual. I just want to befriend a wpprsnppr and get the fuck out of this place. No one here takes anything seriously anyway and everyone thinks he is a tough shit.