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Squidward Tentacles MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Squidward Tentacles'
Squidward Tentacles MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

Part of:
SpongeBob SquarePants

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ISTJ - 45
INTJ - 41
ISFP - 6
ISTP - 4
ISFJ - 2

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3W4 - 20
4W3 - 17
6W5 - 7
1W9 - 3
1W2 - 1
4W5 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He's more focused on being unique than successful. I remember from the show he wanted to be appreciated for his unique playing rather than being rich/famous. Type 3w4 is still type 3. He is so dom and not sx dom.

MBTI type of Squidward Tentacles

. Type 4 so is more likely to be jealous and criticize. Squidward is a 4w3 - isn't it obvious.

Find out about Squidward Tentacles personality type

. This is indisputably the "fantasy self" that characterizes the four, specifically with a 3 wing, otherwise known as "the aristocrat. " Squidward wants to find an identity that will attract admirers, but always seems to fall short, is never satisfied, and is openly disdainful towards others, to "knock them down a peg" because of his own insecurities.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Squidward Tentacles. No. 3w4s are too afraid of being hated.Which of the 16 personality types is Squidward Tentacles?. Krabs not to hire Spongebob. Look at how butthurt he got when Spongebob and Patrick excluded him from their treefort, or from their "imagination" box. " This is a recurring pattern of wanting to belong to some exclusive group, and/or being jealous of others - and these are prime characteristics of the 4w3. A 3w4 would be more assertive, positive, would be much less bothered by pretty much everything that happens to them and certainly wouldn't be an introvert. http://mbti-databank. com/index. php. ISFP or INTJ with strong Fi, he is NOT an ISTJ lmao. He's an INTJ. He hates traditions, he doesn't care about doing his job correctly, he's not loyal at all and he hates rules. He's always criticizing the society and people in it as stupid. He hates routine. He exhibits absolutely no SJ traits. He's extremely into art, as shown by his many self-portraits, is terrible at explaining his feelings, isn't particularly good at planning for the future and is quite blunt when angered. Since he's angered so often, his inferior Te seems to be a dominant trait of his. Squidward hates his job immensely and rarely does anything productive outside of his hobbies. ISTJ seems like the obvious choice, but I don't exactly disagree with those who say INTJ. First of all, his striving for a goal could be explained by him being a type 3. Secondly, any type can be hardworking, but it all depends on what one is hardworking for. Instead he focuses too much on what is happening now, placing all of his focus on getting rid of spongebob and taking care of his house rather than trying to become a musician. Any work done to become a musician isn't done for a vision, but rather in a concrete way ( praticiing the clarinet and waiting for a concrete opportunity) rather than trying to accomplish his goals creatively or envision the steps needed to get to his goal (Ni-Te) also I would like to point out that squidward's focus on long term goals is not his natural state and that he is obviously not happy. Besides a healthy ISTJ would be more aware of their skillset, meaning squidward would figure out that he sucks at musuc and get a career in sometging he's natural at, like something detail oriented such as business, accounting, or even cooking. He seemed to be quite happy also in the routine of that squid city, until he realized that he was missing out on something (inferior Ne) Squidward is obviously an ISTJ trying to be some sort of ENTJ. I'm going with INTJ. I understand the ISTJ typing but what fits INTJ more is how future-focused Squidward is. What's more, he's not a hard working person, as opposed to ISTJs who tend to adapt to any work environment and stick at them. He's an INTJ. The only problem is he lacks talent. He is reclusive and doesn't really fit into the community of Bikini Bottom. ISTJ. He's not an INTJ because he's not preoccupied with ideas or intellectual thoughts (even though he claims to be an excellent artist, composer, and clarinet player, none of which imply N a priori anyway) and is too dutiful and routine bound. And he's not ISFP either; though he tries to be artistic and etc, that is not his natural state and he is too organized, decisive, and logical.