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Stronger funtion in an INTP 5w4? Ti vs Ne? MBTI

I have seen INTPs 5w4 tend to show stronger Ne than 5w6 while 5w6 stronger Si. What do you think?

Posted by Blank on forum Posted on 2018-04-20 10:34:23

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It’s always Ti otherwise they’re an ENTP

Yes, for sure. I agree. But I think sometimes Ne overrides Ti, in those moments is that person an Entp? Is necesarily the dominant funtion the most developed? If people can have loops that jumps the secondary funtion..

MBTI type of Stronger funtion in an INTP 5w4? Ti vs Ne?

.. Can there be one that jumps the first one?

Ne is an extraverted function; it’s much easier to notice in another person than Ti.

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. So it might appear to be stronger because it’s the INTPs primary way of interacting with the outside world. But if their Ne is expressed, it’s always going to be filtered through Ti first, and not the other way round.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Stronger funtion in an INTP 5w4? Ti vs Ne?. A dominant function has been described as being like an unconscious ‘crutch’ that people rely on without necessarily being aware of it. By contrast, it’s the auxiliary and tertiary functions that get most easily neglected; the dominant-inferior axis is where most of the personality’s focus goes.Which of the 16 personality types is Stronger funtion in an INTP 5w4? Ti vs Ne??. One resource that’s always helped me is Typology Central and its Wiki; their analyses go pretty in-depth on what the functions look like for any given type, loops included. I’d suggest reading up on the two xNTPs. Hope that was helpful.  

Harbinger I always thought the thing of the dominant funtion being used as subconcioss controll is mindblowing. That means you don't think on it but you are doing it all the time. While the secondary would be consciuss controlled. It's interesting because then ENTP might be more consciuss about Ti while Ne works automatically while INTPs about Ne while Ti is always being used effortless. If my type is really INTP then this would make sense because I'm more focused on making asociations and what I call 'jumping' on ideas that worrying wether they are logical or not thus making it look like I'm using more Ne than Ti. That also would explain why I'm better at analysis and coming with solutions when I just let Ti do it work instead of forcing it by overthinking. I'm checking typology central and its wiki, I'm not sure if I have already read it but I'll see.

Blank,  Yes, I can relate pretty well to how you describe your relationship with your Ne (Te in my case) Before learning about the functions I just thought of myself as being ‘practical’, not really realizing that those decisions were filtered through Si.  Good luck with your study;  it’s not easy but the knowledge can be life-changing.

being an individual is a thing of the past, everyone operates by 4 functions and if you even slightly identify with something out of the norm that means you're mistyped and have to adapt to acting like another type because there's only 16 types of personalities on the entire planet

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