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Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP'
Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP MBTI type

Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and Social Sciences

Part of:
Stronger function

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INFP - 20
ISFP - 13

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5W4 - 2
4W5 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)


Shut up and go pray to Harold Grant

shut up go to your ignorance

ISFP use low Ni; INFP use low Si. But, exists an cognitive hierarchy, don't exist an Se with non Ni, so ISFP have more Ni than INFP, but is less visionary, Machiavellian and deductive because Ne aux> Ni ter. Btw, an intuitive insights of an ISFP is more concentrated, more realistic in average term and" mystic" than Ne of INFP

You too, Chaotic

Shut up, dude. You discart  cognitive hierarchy to go with fake theory created by an autistic intp like zeego or scotty.

MBTI type of Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP

. If you don't believe in functions, go use letters, not an fanficul theory who wants to destroy the cognitive basis. 

stop projecting khel

Fi Se Ni Te* and Fi Ne Si Te* so obviously INFP

Your "cognitive function hierarchy" is just as fake as Scotty's theories.

Find out about Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP personality type

. I don't give a shit about Scotty. The stacks I assigned each of the IXFPs just seemed correct to me.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP.

You dont have to have a certain stack to be a certain type.

Letters are what defines the types, a "Fi - Ni ISFP with weak Se" is an INFP.Which of the 16 personality types is Stronger Ni: ISFP or INFP?. Everything else is  bullshit. Why should a predominantly intuition using person be typed as a sensor just because that one old stack said so?

That doesn't make any sense.

Submit* lmao

Where's the sense in typing an intuitive person S (which stands for sensing and indicates a "sensing" preference)?

Lma dude ur on some next lvl shit. Lets try it another way shall we? You are a nobody loser who doesnt know shit about psychology so whatever you say is worthless whereas cognitive functions have been studied by actual professionals. So ISFPs use Ni and INFP dont. End of story, quit being a fucking retarded snowflake dipshit.

My statements are accurate and you are ignorant

Like please, show me, how did those "professionals" "study" the "cognitive functions"? THERE ISN'T EVEN PROOF FOR THEM. Go believe in fairy tails and insult anyone who doesn't believe in them just like some radically religious cunt. Instead of being on this website you should go and bomb people who don't believe in traditional function stacks. What a fucking douchebag you are.

Authority arguments are all you have. How fucking pathetic is that? You can't think for yourself, can you? Those psychologists said it so it's gotta be right, huh? and guess what, most psychologists nowadays don't approve of MBTI.

"Anyone who doesn't fit into our model is mentally ill!" "Fi-Ni loop!"

Yo its fucking pathetic how so many "thinkers" get all emotional after you insult their intelligence

I'm a feeler and he's right, you just pull your own theories from your asshole and then spread it here whereas there is nothing to back your crappy theories up, it has no values or whatsoever. Cognitive functions are backed up by a lot of people ×100 more knowledgeable than you.   Everyday on this website you can see trash like you trying to come up with new bullshit theories, and it's like there is a contest of who's gonna come up with the most shitty one it's crazy. And I've never seen anything like that on any others mbti website it's really just here.

@Edgyboi “cognitive functions have been studied by actual professionals.” I’d be interested in seeing some of these studies, can you tell me about any specific ones?

In any case, the function stack from the official MBTI Manual gives ISFPs tert Ne, INFPs tert Se, etc.

One name: Dario Nardi. And he studies the mind of people, is an neuroscientist, and you? What are you? Zeego and Juke, only two retarded guys who thinks to know what is psychodinamic and think functions works in superficial way. How to hell an type use Ti>Te>Fe? Two thinking functions before feelings! Why? Ti works with Fe, no Te. 

@Edgybiu ; he said it. "official MBTI Manual" Maybe that may be more reliable about the actual theory than tumblr

Argument of an authority you don't hold yourself btw. That he is neuroscientist doesn't mean he's necessarily right, or else every scientist would be in their field. If the disinterest of most neuroscientist for the field prevents consequent peer-review, it at least is eloquent in how seriously might have to be taken those theories in a serious neuroscientific point of view. If you see a scientist standing alone with his theories, time may show he was right, but as science is a highly collective thing, the most likely thing is that he'll reveal to be wrong.

Yeah, but this scientist have an point, analysis, experiments with people,  map the brain, etc. What Zeego, Juke or Scotty uses? Only an speculation, or superficial observations and think are right, genius and discart the resrt of cognitive theory creating they own "theory"

Where did you find the MBTI manual Zeego? I've searched for it but couldn't get anything, besides those weird online libraries that I can't access to.

Ask Scotty about it, he’s the one who sent it to me.