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The best type to be Detective/Investigator MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The best type to be Detective/Investigator'
The best type to be Detective/Investigator MBTI type



INTJ - 20
INTP - 16
ISTP - 13
ISTJ - 9
INFP - 1

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5W6 - 25
6W5 - 4
5W4 - 3

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Old (unmoderated comments)

well function wise the ideal stack for this is ti, ni, ne, si, and fi in some order which is an inxx, most likely an intx type. letterwise i think intp 5w6 would be best -- discreet, adaptable, intuitive and logical. and even though i say t, a great deal of emotional intelligence is necessary, too. i would say any observant inxp type would be best for the jobISTP, not INTP.

MBTI type of The best type to be Detective/Investigator

. Ni trumps Si. ISFP and INTJ may be even better than ISTP because of Te.

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.INTP or ISTP. Ti is essential, Si with INTP would be good at recalling details while Ni in ISTP would be good with connecting the dots.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The best type to be Detective/Investigator. I say INTP simply because of Si though.IXTX 5 or 6 are usually good detectives.Which of the 16 personality types is The best type to be Detective/Investigator?.Obvius INFP subtype Te like meHm, actually, INTP sounds right. Ti - thoroughly making a decision Ne - Exploring all the possibilities they can think of Si - Remembering details and connecting them to the case Fe - Basic moralsISTJ would be good at remembering details and bringing them together to solve a case, though, I guess.Hm, I was thinking a Ne type because they explore all the possibilities and then come to a decision.ISTPs would be great at collecting evidence and doing the actual work while ISTJs would go through the data thoroughly to make assessments of the findings. NTs can come in for out of box ideas. NFJs could work on finding the psychological reasons behind the act.Actually for killers, I think an F type could work well because there's an advantage of focusing on the psychological motivations. I think xxFP's in particular would be good at this.I guess an NT would show its worth if working with a killer with an unorthodox method of killing and stuff.But for the most killers, ISTJ works best.ISTJ would be more focused on details and notice flaws in the system and seek the '' mental manual '' to find clues and patterns to solve the case. ISTP would be more observant and analytical, would make deductions after the fact observed. INTP would be more inattentive and would examine all odds within the frame. INTJ would be deductive. A good detective must have a concrete and abstract side well developed, although nowadays has no such extreme cases with huge charades to decipher - so more discarding INTx's. Anyway, a IxTx training your weaknesses would be the perfect choice, although I do not rule out that all types beyond IxTx's can be great detectives.I'd put Si types and Ti-Se types before any N type. But thats just me being reasoninable.ISTJ, and if they get stuck bring in an INTP. They both cover each other's weaknesses very well.Again some N bias i guess. People should consider what this job is in reality, and paying attention to details is crucial. The meticulous way of collecting evidence and assembling them into a greater data base thus to reach a result screams ISTJ. Fiction needs extraordinary cases, for the sake of the thrill, but these kind of cases are pretty rare in reality (not to say that STJ cannot solve that, i'm just projecting my reasoning on why people think N could be better).Why INTJ and INTP votes? Conceited much? IST_s will both make excellent detectives and investigators.ISTJ, they pay closer attention to the actual fact and details than INTJs.