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The dumbest introvert MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The dumbest introvert'
The dumbest introvert MBTI type

Society and Culture

Part of:

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ISFJ - 26
ISFP - 16
ISTJ - 7
INTJ - 5
INTP - 3
ISTP - 3
INFP - 1

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9W8 - 11
9W1 - 4
2W1 - 1
2W3 - 1
5W4 - 1
8W7 - 1
8W9 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

i hate the pic, whoever made this entry is probably low T like the guy in the pic

Like the pic hate the entry

Maybe not intelligence but they are really good at football though. The best football players in history is always most likely a ISFP.

That wasn’t the question though.

I was pointing out different kind of intelligence ISFP has.

MBTI type of The dumbest introvert


I honestly kind of hate entries like these, but if someone honestly HAD to choose which introverted type was the dumbest, I'd see why they would pick ISFP 9. But 9w8 makes more sense than 9w1 imo.

Find out about The dumbest introvert personality type

. Even though MBTI =/= intelligence..Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The dumbest introvert...Which of the 16 personality types is The dumbest introvert?..I've seen, or heard of, more dumb 9w8s than any other introvert. So I voted for that.

This is my dick. In your moms mouth.

I do what I want and you can't do anything about it you bitch. Say that to my face i will stab you in the neck and will end your life


it's not a fucking call of duty lobby either


Its not a 4chan either. Go back to crying 

9w8s are not dumb per se, they're just anti-intellectual. they don't care much about abstract ideas or concepts, they have no patience for theories and they can be clumsy, unsubtle and careless. but not because they're unintelligent, but because they want to get things quickly done so they can have their peace.

When I came on this page I was thinking "Nah, ISFP isn't that dumb, they don't deserve this" then I saw the only defense for them was something about football, must suck.

The level of dumbness is relative to the level of life contentment. But the wisest one is the happiest one, too. Paradox.

Yeah. but why are they nihilistic? because they tend to know more that the world is not all rainbows and butterflies.  but what if they know more than that? Would that lead them to happiness? that's the question.

That would lead them to enlightenment  Which could lead them to happiness. :) Happiness is subjective.

INFP by definition, seriously, shoot them all.

IN = no connection to reality / lack of rationality FP= impulsive crybaby

They are as worthless as they tend to feel

I wanna hear the cries of INFPs in my basement


@dude what type are you

I believe his type is INTP.