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The most Badass type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The most Badass type'
The most Badass type MBTI type



ISTP - 50
ENTJ - 37
INTJ - 21
ESTP - 15
ENTP - 7
ESTJ - 4
INTP - 1
INFJ - 1
ENFP - 1
ISFP - 1
ISTJ - 1

[Famous ISTPs]

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8W9 - 31
8W7 - 21
7W8 - 12
5W4 - 10
3W4 - 7
5W6 - 5
2W1 - 2
3W2 - 1
9W8 - 1

[Famous Enneagram 8]

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Most ISTPs i know are normal not badass. Badass defination can vary from people as well.ISTPs are the most badass everybody knows that.Johncena :"Guys its fg, he has a fetish on ISTP men.

MBTI type of The most Badass type

. So he spams ISTP" i'm not a fagN or S don't mean nothing use function or shut upOh my comment was addressed to fgThat made me think that N women are arguably more badass than S women, I think it has to do with S being more traditional in general. I know a lot of ENFP women who could be considered fairly on the "badass" side.

Find out about The most Badass type personality type

. But for men sensers are much more badass probably by a lot because they seem to care a lot more about such notions (I don't but just speaking in general), as it is associated with a traditional male notion. ESFP men thus are quite a bit more "badass" than ENFP men/ESFP women.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The most Badass type.And if the world ever has an apocalypse I will kill all of you fuckers Fear will be plentiful, death will be bountiful I will spare none of you peasants Fuck your religion, your pastor fuck kids And got sent to a prison in PC I seen the devil, he's in you and me You need saving to listen to this, seeExFP seems to be the feelers the most badass because of their tertiary TeOr maybe not. I think we INFJs are even less badass than them, which makes sense because according to me ESTPs are the most badassDoes being called a thug by my coworker counts even though I am not a gangbanger and consider them stupid.Which of the 16 personality types is The most Badass type?. I guess not. I guess bending the rule every day in your job just to get the job done doesn't count. I guess you just have to look the part in order to be consider badass.I'd think that actual ENTP people would be more likely to be considered badass than ENTJ, but in terms of character archetypes I can see how that'd work. Not like there aren't badass ENTP characters though.ESTP=ESTJ>ENTJ>ISTP>ISTJ>ENTP>INTJ=ESFP>ENFJ>ISFP>INTP>ENFP>INFP>INFJ=ISFJ>ESFJ@PikUp, I do think the xxTJ vs xxTP thing warrants a little more discussion here. But I'd take the N vs S out while doing this. Basically, the xxTPs are more "laid back" while the xxTJs aren't but they also "take less shit". Part of the badass stereotype is a detached calmness though? Which is why I think xxTP works better.ENTJs are the oddballs of the NTs. They look closer to STs than NTs to me.@Zeego E = 1, S = 3, T = 4, P = 1. Add them up. Fairly arbitrary but I think it works pretty well.I'm not fond of xNTJs but I'll give them credit where they're due. They speak their mind and don't take shit from anybody. They care the least about getting along with others and what's expected of them.Also don't base your vote on fictional character archetypes, which are often used to be empowering to introverts.@scotty Interesting ranking, how did you arrive at that?I really think only the xSTx types are really worth considering for votes.xNTJs are usually not stereotypically "badass" at all, especially INTJ. Probably like ESTP > ESTJ = ISTP > ISTJ > ENTP > ENTJ = INTP = ESFP > INTJ = ESFJ = ISFP > ISFJ > ENFP > ENFJ = INFP > INFJ.xSTPs and xxTJs are pretty badass in a day to day basis. But any type can be badass.this is about my observation ISTP badass:indiana jones , gutz , zorro(one piece), bane, bobba fet ,arès, the hound . ISFJ badass:captain america , jorah mormontGuys its fg, he has a fetish on ISTP men. So he spams ISTP@fg oh have you got any official studies of who is the most bad ass? You got PHD on bad asses?you're mad because you're type is the least commonly badass? of course any type can be badass but this is about what type is more often badass to the least often badassAny type can be badass you retards. ISTP behaviour vary from friendly to intimidating. MBTI does not determine how bad ass you are.Another case of ISTP syndrome.when i propose 6 i said 6CP of courseWhat's your point? 8 goal is to be strong/powerful it doesn't matter if they're reactive or not.I only agree that ISTP is the most badass if they come with an 8 enneagram. ISTP 5, 6 arn't badass. Also, ESTJ's deserve a few votes too.5w4 don't make any sense 5 is not of the most agressive type like 1,8,7 3 or even 6. especially not a 5 with a four wingbadass is very sensor+thinker combo in order of mbti ISTP>ESTP>ESTJ>ISTJ>ENTJ> INTJ>ESFP>ENTP>ENFP>INTP>ENFJ>ISFP>INFJ>ESFJ>INFP> ISFJ in order of enneagramm 8w9>8w7>7w8>1w9 >3w4>1w2>3w2>5w6>9w8 >6w5>5w4>7w6>6w7>2w1> 2w3>4w3>4w5>9w1What do you think of 5w4 Sx/Sp as badass?The person voting continuosly INTJ in all these entries is giving me headache.That's enough of your bullshit INTJsINTJs as the most badass type? lol okLol they're still at it. Whoever even got the idea that NT represents "badass" in any way?Sorry, It was not my best moment, completely agreed, let's leave it simply as 'stupid', without any relating with autisms.Lol... but scotty vaccines cause all these diseases, look at this one (pseudo)scientific research I have hurr durr!Agreed. "Autism" has become the new "retard" and "faggot" so I guess it's not surprising why certain people like to use it. And in the age of vaccination, there is a lot of autism around. Just ask Donald Trump.You know I'm really getting tired of people using autistic as an insult and I'm sorry for ranting here just had to say something to the moron down there saying it. I think ISTP fits best ftr8w9 works the best >> >> "They still get things done their way, but more likely with a soft, firm voice and more casual demeanor. They are also less self-assertive, exuding an aura of quiet strength and of power held in reserve. In general, this is a less openly aggressive overall personality pattern, although since Eight is the basic type, persons of this subtype can still be quite aggressive, especially when they need to be. They tend to maintain a “poker face” with others, somewhat stolid and impassive, although when aroused they can suddenly become passionate and angry." >> Sounds like the stereotypical badass.why 7w8 enneagram? That doesn't make sense at all. 7 doesn't have typical "badass" traits at all really. They are too high energy and scattered.Nearly all the INTJ and ISTP votes are spammed.Looks like someone is really pissed.You won't be that badass when I fucking catch the fuck out of you then spike your ass into a long stick until it gets out through your mouth then I will put the fuck out of you in public like a fucking flag.the most badass type is entp don't even try4 spam votes to INTJ appeared from nowhere.I think there is something to be said about the stoic warrior ISTJs who can be quite badass too.That INTJ vote just sticks out as being way off. Anyway I think badasses are generally an ambiverted STP. Part of the badass persona is thinking independently on their own with the focus on concrete facts which is Ti and Se. I'll go with ESTP.