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The most friendly type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The most friendly type'
The most friendly type MBTI type



ENFJ - 30
ESFJ - 10
ENFP - 5
ESFP - 3
INTP - 1
INFP - 1
INFJ - 1
ISFJ - 1

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2W3 - 21
2W1 - 3
3W2 - 3
6W7 - 2
7W6 - 2
9W1 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

ExFPs aren't warm and charming because they have 6th, but because their auxiliary Fi. Fi itself can be warm and charming, the only thing is that Fi-doms are more auto-protective, which can make them seem more distant, but they can also be ''warm and charming'' around the people they're comfortable with. ExFPs are more comfortable around most people, so they seem warm and charming more often. Sometimes people put Fe and Fi in this exaggerated dichotomies, to the point they devaluate Fi of its F characteristics, as if it's no Feeling at all.

MBTI type of The most friendly type

. Jung started this when he described Fi as ''cold''. Fi is not cold, it's more self-referential to its personal standards (which is not the same with self-centered) and thus more selective with what it displays, but it's still feeling.

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. Such annoying notions people can have sometime.That's why ExFPs, especially the Se dominant ESFPs, can look very loud and boisterous sometimes ;)The sixth Fe in ExFPs makes them very warm and charming.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The most friendly type.That is the reasons I wouldn't describe ESTPs as particurarly 'friendly', gregarious and talkative sure, but not necessary someone who gives you space to be like you are, they don't really take you for who you are it's what I'm seeing. ESFPs have that at time but to quite a lesser degree, they can accept you more easily for who you are (even if they find you weird at first) and it's easier to just be around them, at least for me.Which of the 16 personality types is The most friendly type?. That's why on a top of 'nicest' MBTI types made by me, ESFP would be quite high and ESTP quite low.I think it's all boiled down to whether we like someone who's "friendly" to us, or not. ESFPs are friendly too, but some people may not like them, as their version of friendliness can be interpreted as being too rowdy and boisterous. So, it may take a while for some people to get used to them. Personally Fe-doms have it easier when it comes to being generally friendly. ENFPs can be really friendly too. Most charming and popular people I know are ENFPs and as variant instinct for sure tough, maybe it's because the ENFJ and two ESFPs I know are so/sx is maybe why I say thatWhy not ESFP? It's between ENFJ and ESFP. ESFJs really aren't that friendly to most people like the descriptions would made you believe, ESFPs and ENFJs are for sure more open to all kinds of people. INFJ is ridiculous and ESTP...well, sometimes it's hard to figure out how of their behavior is actually friendly or something else.