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The most intelligent type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The most intelligent type'
The most intelligent type MBTI type



INTP - 48
INTJ - 36
ENTP - 17
INFP - 15
ENTJ - 11
INFJ - 5
ESFP - 3
ISTP - 3
ESFJ - 3
ENFP - 1
ISFP - 1

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5W6 - 40
5W4 - 31
8W7 - 3
2W3 - 1
3W2 - 1
3W4 - 1
4W5 - 1
6W7 - 1
9W8 - 1

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"The most intelligent type" - ESFJ by vots. "The least intelligent type"...

MBTI type of The most intelligent type

. ESFJ. Congratulations, f*ck logic.

Find out about The most intelligent type personality type

.https://pdfs.semanticscholar.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The most intelligent question asks for the most intelligent type, which is not equivalent to "type most likely to score above a certain point on a ____ test".Which of the 16 personality types is The most intelligent type?. Everyone knows that INTPs and INTJs score highest on those kind of tests, the debate is on whether or not that means they are the most "intelligent". And just because the creators and promoters of a test say it is testing "intelligence", the concept of intelligence as we know it is not something which can be tied down to a psychometric value.Oh I see it's like the MBTI fun votes on the "INTPs" page.Look at this table and look at votes... And again look at table, then at votes. just believe that there's multiple intelligences and some types tend to be better at some and worse at others. I guess the smartest type is the one that's the most well-rounded. So by that definition I'd have to say ENTP.master hacker was always my biggest admirer :******It wasn't me. It's someone who overtook my account a while ago who wrote " My cock seeks your pussy's wisdom"@randomguy Strap on dildos ;).@42069 But...what if one doesn't have a dick?IQ is actually a really reliable way to measure how much of a dick someone is.In terms of IQ, studies show that INXX types tend to have the highest score. T/F and P/J have little if any effect. Now if you don't like the facts, you can go ahead and define intelligence however you want.Arexel should probably check out the Dunning–Kruger effect.That is not what IQ is. That is what IQ attempts to measure, but with limited effectiveness. And I don't remember either INTx being higher than the other. Either way I vote ESFJ just to kill this damn topic.By IQ tests, statistically speaking: INTJ> INTP> INFX> ENTP> ... IQ is a meter intelligence, yes. Who have high IQs are usually very intelligent people who know how to understand the logic. IQ is pretty much the way you can process information and reason. So, statistically speaking, INTJ are the most intelligent types and are the best to develop complementary skills for intelligence.I need a meme for this thread.@scotty I'm the INFJ and I am always right through my magical abilities of intuitive understanding. I love you, but your opinions are as stupid as ESFJ's stupidity and INxJ/INxP rules. IQ tests are good measures of human intelligence if it is not taken into account the time.I also dislike these intelligence debates but ENTPs are too impatient and have too little attention span to eve top INT types. :'(Dutchbag, saying that different races have differences doesn't imply we should discriminate with anyone. I am sure all of us are good people here. Denying the differences won't make them disappear.Guys can you take your political agendas and statistics elsewhere? This isn't a place for that Please!. Thank you. And I can't believe people would fight over who is more intelligent. -_-. C'mon guys!The trend is black violence. So we figured out some components that lead to it, but I don't know what makes you think the other 40% would just vanish based on some factors that you created. All races are genetically different from each other in various ways. It is not stupid to think that certain races on average have certain genetic characteristics that could make them more violent or something of that nature.No one's claiming blacks are inferior, you're using a strawman argument because you fucking suck at debate.Most descriptions show more open types are likely to link evidences while less open more concrete types are more likely to accept things at face value. I won't buy a data if it's doesn't take account of every thing related.It shows a trend doesn't it? Take away the negative social and economic factors and the situation gets better...It tells me nothing, except what it tells me. You just seem to be filling in the blanks with what you want them to say.You are insinuating that blacks by nature are violent and that's somehow genetic? Are you really implying that? Data has shown socio-economic parity decreases the gap... What does that tell you?Oh, what evidence leads you to believe that it would evaporate?Of course this survey didn't take the historical situation of blacks or the fact that they got their rights not too long ago. Socio economic factors do show that this rate decreases and with time it would evaporate too. So there are many factors outside of this data, which in hands of a white supremacist is a sure propaganda tool. I am sorry I accused you of supporting Trump. But let's be honest, if socio economic situation remains same for all races for extended periods of time, all these differences will vanish.I hope not. I just bet $800 on him losing IowaAlso Donald Trump is a complete retard. I'd rather that Hillary winsWhen controlling for socioeconomic factors, the crime gap lowers, but doesn't seem to disappear. "Sampson, Morenoff, and Raudenbush (2005) recently attempted to explain racial and ethnic disparities in violence using three waves of data of young adults participating in the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods. Using self-report data, two key findings emerged from their study. First, the odds of violence were 85% higher for Blacks compared to Whites, whereas Latino violence was 10% lower. Second, over 60% of the Black–White gap and the entire Latino–White gap was explained by structural factors, including the marital status of parents; immigrant generation and dimensions of neighborhood social context; and to a much lesser extent, demographic characteristics."There are contradictory data for the same thing. Cherry picking helps to further one's argument though. Please do.This went from MBTI Types to Donald Trump and Black people in prison. What the hell is wrong with you guys ?Lol. You must believe in all that Trump shit too right. Economic conditions are more telling of crime than race. Races with same income show similar rates of crime. Blacks are more likely to incarcerated than whites for same crimes. Our system is inherently biased towards whites. This isn't egalitarianism, this is common knowledge. But of course you're the INTP, you'd know better. Actually you sound more like an INTJ to me.Guys! Guys! Come here *grabs popcorn*The data are not made up. Other ethnicities are statistically more criminal. It looks like you want to override facts with egalitarianism.What magic makes INTs superior. Oh yes the magic of INTs calling themselves intelligent to feel better. Made up data is a penchant of your like. You're like White hillbillies who use made up datas to show criminality of other ethnicities.Ah the old function magic arguments. "An ENTP should be...". Well data shows what it is, if you would like to live insside your function magic bubble that is not my problem (and I voted for ESFJ). I knew this thread would bring out the worst of the worst.scotty's typology: People who agree with him = INTs. People who diagree with him = ESTPs. Does show how wonderful your understanding of the subject is. Intelligent my ass.It'snotmesomeonefiguredmygeniuspasswordit's1234All my farts are intuitives.Also being an INTP, I am sure you'll cling to your made up fantasy that you're somehow superior to others in intelligence. I am sure you'll spend more time trying to find absurd data o support your claim. Reality is INTP, though intelligence, aren't the paragon of intelligence.@scotty, the idea that ENTPs will score low on openness could be nothing but a big farce, a data only you would accept as it fetishizes your introversion. In reality though ENTPs would not only be more open to ideas than INTs but also more open to experience stuff. The idea of most intelligent type is stupid and probably made by an INT to seek affirmation. ENTPs wouldn't care if you think they're intelligent or not, but they most probably are. It's also not anecdotes, ENTPs are generally regarded as more ingenious and inventive than any other type even by official descriptions. So it's just you using your anecdotes and selective data to think INTs are smarter. It's a delusion that introverts are smarter, in real world outside of this feel good made up data the reverse is true.Megatroll is the best argument against INTP being the smartest typebigol my farts are sentient and intelligent. Help me take care of them@Dutchbag, it's more just like talking out of one's ass through anecdotes. I personally think the idea of a "most intelligent type" is stupid, but at least the INTx side has some arguments outside of presenting some idealized ENTP as the paragon of intelligence. MBTI Extroversion is actually slightly negatively correlated with big 5 openness (INFP being the most "open" type), so the idea of INTx being way more intellectually stubborn than ENTx seems off, but you are free to cling to your anecdote-fueled delusions.Fuck you, you can stew in your own juicesIm sorry if the stink is too bad to handle. Stick with me guys.Forget this shit guys. Help me with my gastric problem pls. Ive been farting for two days straight.Those IQ scores of historical figures are funny. I'm sure you took those tests personally.@scotty Sorry didn't know I had to get a certificate of expertise from you to share my ideas. I'll make sure next time you try to show your expertise I'll ask for credentials. INTs get angry when someone questions their mythological intelligence.They administered the test through a time warpHow can you know Plato's IQ ? lol@Dutchbag Who made you the expert on who is "intelligent" or not?Also, high IQ score is not intelligence. It correlates, but they are two different things. The idea of intelligence testing is to best conveniently estimate someone's intelligence with a test, but obviously it is an extremely incomplete and inaccurate way of doing so, especially considering how multifaceted human intelligence Arexel you can't be too smart if you are citing historical IQ scoresIt's a joke because ESFJs are dumb as fuck. Don't get too uppity though, ISTJs usually do better than INTPs, and ISTPs learn things extremely quickly, they just hate school. Online IQ tests are crap too, if that's what you were usingWhy ESFJ and ESFP? What the hell? Not INTJ, INTP or even INFJ? These three types have best results at school. Jesus, Buddha, Rasputin, Mr. Bohr were INFJ, so INFJ looks like good choice to be devilishly intelligent too. I'm 17 years old INFJ with IQ around 145. 60 percent of geniuss people are Introverted - ESFJ and ESFP are stupid votes. Nikola Tesla - IQ around 230 - INTJ, Plato - INFJ - 170 IQ. Voltaire - 180 IQ, Da Vinci - 220 - both are ENTP. Darwin - 165 IQ - INTP. Beethoven - 165 IQ - probably INTJ. Isaac Newton - 190 IQ - INTJ. Mozart - 165 IQ - INTJ. Bobby Fischer - 187 IQ - INTJ. Stupid society, stupid votes.fap fap intelligence fap fap IQ fap fap mensa fap fap boy george fap fapI didn't actually said what you're implying. Let me tone down my annoyance. ENTPs don't pander to crowd at all. It's like saying INFPs disregard their ideals to get accepted. Being open to opposing ideas and reforming own ideas accordingly isn't shallowness, that's real intelligence - separating personal filters. INTPs, as intelligent as they are in their narrow interests, are not very open to things that don't clear with their subjective framework. Just like INTJs who use facts and figures only to further their own subjective ideas, ENTJs on the other hand crunch real facts and objectives and only then pave their paths. Introversion doesn't make one intelligent, it just gives the illusion of it. I know ENTPs that are far more intelligent than both INT types.Taking anything as valid is not necesarly more intellectual, as it can be a sort of intellectual shallowness. Honestly, the only ENTP I know, seems pretty shallow, probably because he wants to be accepted by the crowd. That might make them pleasant, but not intellectual.I don't buy INTP's association with unparalleled intellect. Never found it outside of supposed INTPs Einstein etc. They tend to be technical in a narrow field and can be stubborn and reject a feedback that goes against their internal model of reasoning. ENTPs on the other hand are very open to opposing idea and adapt quickly and thus have better reasoning, therefore more interesting and intelligent. If anything ENTPs should be above INTPs. Same goes with INTJs... they almost always have illogical reasoning to their apparently logical goals. ENTJs on the other are as logical as it gets. Logical, factual and objective.The vast majority of ESFP's tend to pursue careers regarding the arts (acting), they lack patience and critical thinking skills.Lol, I'm not even an INTP yet I can still recognize the astonishing mechanism that is their minds, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind (observant) is a faithful servant. We have created a society the honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.." - Albert EinsteinOh, and what's with 5w6? Bah! 2w3 are far more superior in intelligence. Chewy once again approved, *chewing cookies made by supersmart ESFJs*.ESFJ first, ESFP second, no doubt. This votes are strongly legit. Chewy approved.@Synthesized Scotbaser HAHAHAHA, I'm buying it hard. PLS.My cock seeks your pussy's wisdom.My pussy is also intelligent.Unfortunately most of the ESFJs I've known have been gullible sorts and just take everything at face value. My ESFJ coworkers are very easy to dupe into doing different things. I can't see them as being the most intelligent type. The smartest people I've known have been INTJ, INTP, ISTJ, ISTP...usually IxTx folks.But...but the world needs some nice cookies..:(ESFJ's are not the most intelligent type. Most geniuses are either INTJ's or INTP's. I'd say an INTJ (as an example, Michael Scofield from "Prison Break").I wonder how many NT "masterminds" and "scientists" are butthurt over this. :PYeah...totally ESFJs. Their cookies are unmatched :)Don't know about most intelligent: there's practical intelligence, theoretical intelligence etc., but ESFJ are probably the most well-rounded. It's like if there would be one sing type that would survive an apocalypse and human civilization could exist after, it would be ESFJ. Every other time lacks something fundamental, but ESFJ would do rather well enough without the other types: they have the sociability, the practical sense, the emotions, the assertivity, the verbal ease in expressing themselves etc. They would likely not make great works of art and advance science or stuff, but they would do all that is necessary for a civilization to exist and thrive.Well... Why is there a comment I DIDN'T WRITE in this tread? Has my account been hijacked?!ESFJs are actually smarter than INTPs though :pI voted ESFJ just to kill this thread. I think that INTJ is the most stereotypical "intelligent" type though. Even if we're smarter, we aren't recognized as such due to lack of Te.I agree with you guys on the multiple intelligence and how broad and subjective "intelligence" really is, but on another note: What's prompting people to say ESFJ? I have met a lot of generally intelligent ESFJs but I'm just curious with people's reasoning is all.But even if some of the categories are correlated with each other, if you compare two people of equal general intelligence they still will excel in different proportions across the various categories, for example an INTP will almost always score higher on logical-mathematical intelligence than an equally intelligent ESFJ, but the reverse is true for interpersonal intelligence. Thus it still is dubious to claim that one type is the "smartest."From that same wikipedia article: "Intelligence tests and psychometrics have generally found high correlations between different aspects of intelligence, rather than the low correlations which Gardner's theory predicts, supporting the prevailing theory of general intelligence rather than multiple intelligences (MI)."Agreed. is a broad, subjective term and INTP only excel in a very narrow part of it while not so much in many others. All types have their strengths and weaknesses and thus their own share of intelligence. But I suspect this will become an NT or INTP circle jerk.