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The most Masculine type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The most Masculine type'
The most Masculine type MBTI type



ESTP - 34
ISTP - 13
ESTJ - 10
ENTJ - 4
ISTJ - 4
INTJ - 1

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8W7 - 18
7W8 - 4
8W9 - 4
1W9 - 3
3W4 - 1
5W6 - 1
6W5 - 1
9W8 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

in term of enneagramm 1 and 8 are clearly the more masculinesperhaps ESTJ over ESTP but it's close between thos guys. for me ESTP seems fit as wellST are more masculine because they are down to heart due to their experience(Si) or their ability to be clearly involved in the Physical world(Se) and can be blunty honest due to their factual an non non sens orientation(Te) or their impartial logical answer (Ti). STP are typical masculine Bad guys stereotype and are more masculine when in come to be daring(due to their Se). STJ tend to be more traditionally masculine and are more masculine when in come to impose their autority (due To their Te).

MBTI type of The most Masculine type

. NTJ share with STJ the authoritarian and masculine function Te wich make them very masculine too but their lower Se make them more brainly masculine than masculine in a physical way(lack of se don't mean not being muscular but suck with interacting with the physical environment) . extraverts are more masculine than introverts because they impose themselves more than introvert .

Find out about The most Masculine type personality type

. so in order . ESTP>ESTJ>ISTP>ISTJ>ENTJ> INTJSurely an introvert is more masculine??? My vote is ISTPI have to admit that my ISTJ typing was, in fact, very influenced to wanting to not to go for the cordial = F stereotype.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The most Masculine type. Also, it wasn't actually a real typing but a "point" to measure and weight on in order to pick latter a more accurate type.People think I am ISTP or ISTJ lolI was femenine as a child.Which of the 16 personality types is The most Masculine type?.My body and behaviour is quite masculine after going through puberty now. Eventhough I have got one of the most femenine MBTI types apparently.ISTJ, i am afraid of this TypeI wont get into I and E for this cause it's too difficult when it comes to thinkers for a number of reasons.It's close between STPs, NTJs and STJs. I'd say STJs are the most masculine though. They're the least colorful, they're stoic, blunt and have Fi and it's low so they keep their emotions to themselves. STPs are second place because they're undiplomatic, cold, and more likely to call out bullshit. But they can be more colorful in appearance and they'll just show more emotion due to Fe. NTJs are the most feminine. I believe N is more feminine than S and they seem the most in touch with their emotions. Se can make them colorful and Ni + Fi makes them very idealistic. Things like animal cruelty and injustices seems to bother them most. Most easily offended of the 3. Beyond all that they're exactly like STJs.Se and every perception function is gender neutral. If Se is more masculine than Te then that would make ESFPs more masculine than xxTJs and NTPs.XNTJs, XSTPs, and XSTJs, in no particular order. Introvert/Extrovert doesn't matter.ISTP, because ISTPs are non emotional, analitycal , pratical and rude, i think all Se-doms or auxiliary are the most masculine type more than Te-types, i can see ESTP, xSTP for sure.ESTJ's would protect whatever is the social more of the time and place. So for example if an ESTJ is in a place where gender roles are preferred, it's slightly likely that they would defend it more than others. However if an ESTJ is in a place where gender roles are abolished, then that's the idea to protect. ESTJs have no love with the ideas themselves but how they are preferred in the society. If society changes so will the ESTJ. I feel ESTJs are given crap for their persistence of whats working well, ESTJs will be the defenders of society and the actual pillars that keep it running. If in a few years society changes and gender roles are gone, the ESTJs won't disappear, they'll be the front runners of that ideology. I understand that sometimes we can be annoying but the exaggerations are false and born out of failure to even attempt to see how ESTJs work. ESTJs have a much more complexity than what they are given credit for. We may not pioneer change but we'll guard it when it finally comes. I think ESTJs provide a sense of consistency and security.Se is more gender neutral while Te isn't. ESTJ is the best vote here.I won't even begin to ask what masculinity is but generally men are more likely to be T types and women F types. I personally know many masculine people from different types but i don't know how to assess who is more masculine. This can't be objective and all votes will come from stereotypes and anecdotes but I can already guess a few people angrily arguing why one type is more masculine and feminine.