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The smartest feeling type MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'The smartest feeling type'
The smartest feeling type MBTI type

Society and Culture


INFJ - 26
INFP - 12
ENFP - 3
ESFP - 1

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5W4 - 5
4W5 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

infj and enfp they have thinking function as third functionI've known some sluts to be quite smart in school and such. That said I agree with kl here kinda, I've never met someone of my type who is particularly slutty. (Although it may sound bias coming from an ENFP).Sluts have nothing but cum on the brain.

MBTI type of The smartest feeling type

. Clogs the gears.but nothing about seeking sexual pleasure has anything to do with someone's intelligence.

Find out about The smartest feeling type personality type

. just because i don't prioritize "intellectualism" doesn't mean i'm any less intelligent than someone who does. and if that's my lifestyle choice that's the way i live my life -- it's within my bounds of self-respect so long as i serve and don't harm myself.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of The smartest feeling type. please explain why acting that way would necessarily mean i'm less intelligent because you act like celibacy is some sort of virtue to hold that guarantees my being less "jaded" about what you see as more important things in life that would ascertain my intelligenceHaving a lack self dignifying character on the basis that you're materially ell off is missing the point to any mental well being. Along with the fact that she ranted that she had self respect all the while letting a random guy cum on her face at a party and bringing a dick topped cake to my house.Which of the 16 personality types is The smartest feeling type?. No, for a slut sex is too muck of priority over any semblance of mental coherency, and any consistency of intellectual routine. The euphoria gets to you, and you can only develop this jaded edge to any defense of such a lifestyle while staring at life through your lifeless thousand cock stare. But its fine, if you take Sasha Grey as a role model. She's smart...if i'm a slut i can't be smart haha lol thanks for making me laugh@Orpheus12 Don't sell your type short just because you knew a slut thought to be one. Maybe she wasn't even an ENFP, I've yet to meet an ENFP slut.Any type can be smart, but from statistics its INFJ and ENFP.Infjs can be calculating but dont always know how they arrive at certain conclusions. Seemingly taking their intuition for granted. I would vote ENFP, but knew a slut that was one, and am ashamed that she shares my type. So I believe INFP type 5 to be smartest.@Bernkastel I was wondering the same thing. @PikUpYourPantsPatrol It's probably that those INFJs were joking. INFJs' jokes are so deadpan and sometimes it can confuse others as being serious.I would have to go with INFP. They're more balanced than INFJs. INFJs can say some shit that's really intelligent and perceptive and then they do a complete 180 and say some dumb shit that doesn't make much sense.If this were "the most thinking feeling type" I'd say INFJ. But the "smartest"? ANY type can be smart and any type can be an idiot.Not even with the other NTs types? As an INFJ, I always feel like there's some kind of rivalry with INTJs. I don't know why. Every time I debate with an INTJ, it's constantly electrifying...INFJs are the only people I actually fear in a debate.