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Type me friends MBTI

Hello everyone who might be reading this. Today i'm asking whenever you could help me to type me or share any insight.

-I'm quite proud on my curiosity and humor. I can be quite obsessed regarding curiosity especially when it comes to people because i have a tendency to "suck in" every bit of interesting stuff about that person and just move on. My humor is also more of a observation one and i have a hard time coming up with jokes by myself.
-I absolutely hate when someone is trying to make me do things or impose opinions.
-I tend to value my freedom but at the same time i can be quite a judgemental person to the point that i cannot change my opinion about person after he/she makes a bad impression on me. I can completely cut people from life if they do something that i find unpleasant.
-I can encourage and support people but it's not very natural to me as it comes in rare occasions.
-It's hard for me to decide for me what i want to do with my life because i'm good at a lot of different stuff but master at none.
-Whenever i face a problem, i want to solve it in most efficient way without wasting too much of a time. I'm quite good at deducing stuff and pulling the solution from small bits.
-I'm interested in stuff like astrology, psychology and other pseudoscience. I'm not taking it as 100% accurate but i think it holds some truth in it, i mean i couldnt been by accident.
-I have a tendency either close myself from other people or shout out at them when i'm stressed out.

Posted by helijas on forum Posted on 2018-03-21 17:21:05

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Hello, helijas.  As far as functions go, I’m getting lots of Fi, some Ne, some Te. In my experience, most people who tend to be interested in these kinds of “type me” exercises are INFPs, they have a very similar way of referring to their values and describing how they might act in Fi-Ne fashion. For Enneagram, the impression I’m getting is 9; judging from the difficulty with goal-setting, the stress response of closing off and then erupting, the interest in pseudoscience and more subjective fields brings to mind the “elastic” cognition 9s are said to have.

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. My guess would be INFP 9w1. Hope that’s helpful.

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I dont really see myself as a Fi dominant because i dont have strong morals or personality (in a matter of fact i feel like i'm a mismash of other people traits). I'm interested in Type me exercises because i have a hard time deciding which type i could be and maybe other people  have a better insight into this.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type me friends.

Interesting. I’d bet money you’re a type 9 based on your self description.Which of the 16 personality types is Type me friends?. I hear what you’re saying about Fi. Now, I’m not trying to argue, because I don’t know any Fi-dominants in real life, HOWEVER...I’m not sure Fi is about ‘morals’ so much as ‘values.’ You seem to have some strong personal values (cutting people off from your life because they did something you found unpleasant and hating people trying to make you do things ((inferior Te?)) is very Fi-sounding to me). Erm, I’m not trying to force my opinion on you.  That said, a lot of type 9s are IxFPs (Fi doms). 9s often relate to all sorts of different types and have trouble self-identifying as a result. If hypothetically you were an INFP 9, as I originally guessed, you’d have a very different flavor from all those INFP 4s running around, which might be a factor...I don’t know.