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Type me MBTI


INFP - 6 vote(s)
ENFJ - 5 vote(s)
ESFJ - 3 vote(s)
ESTJ - 2 vote(s)
ENFP - 1 vote(s)
ESFP - 1 vote(s)
ISFJ - 1 vote(s)

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1W2 - 5 vote(s)
4W5 - 5 vote(s)
9W1 - 2 vote(s)
2W1 - 1 vote(s)
3W2 - 1 vote(s)
8W7 - 1 vote(s)

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Hey I'm almost positive of my Enneagram. At least narrowed down between two which I'll withhold to avoid bias. Lets see if you can guess that. I can never figure out my MBTI for the life of me. So here's some stuffs

-I talk like an idiot. I add letters to words I know they're incorrect but I do it anyway because the contrary would be boooring. I think language is a tool to express ourselves so doing it all by the book seems pointless. If you know what I'm sayin then you know what I'm sayin ya know what I'm sayin?

-If someone insults or disrespects or especially physically threatens the people that I deem as family then I basically draw a line. I say knock it off or else. Usually they like yo got it but sometimes they like heehurr you don't scurr me and I gotta smickasmackem up.

-I'm very passionate and affectionate Kind of like sunshine bottled up in a little flesh potato. My passion typically goes into things I'm interested in. I'm competitive and I don't want to be the best necessarily (don't have the attention span) but if I'm any less than competent it agitates me greatly.

-I get very nostalgic a lot and when I do it's usually painful for me and I want to go back. Like if I listen to a song from my childhood it makes me wish I could teleport back, I don't actually want to go but that's how I feel in the moment. I always listen to songs and watch shows from my childhood when I get sad.

-I like to have a very close circle of friends that are basically attached at the hip to me. 3-4 usually or less. I eagerly join activities with whomever but I won't actively talk to many people past small talk unless I really enjoy them.

-Speaking of people they're very important to me. It distresses me to see someone taken advantage of or bullied. I am very very much an advocate for everyone being treated "like a human being" is how I put it which to me means with respect regardless of any kind of background. The only reason I would ever turn against someone is if they show me through actions (towards me or anyone else) that they are unsavory so to speak. I still respect them and treat them better than I want to but I care less about helping them out and making them happy compared to most people.

-I have a very lighthearted and jovial presence that I give off to people. I'm always smiley and huggy and jokey but I have a very private and serious side that very few people get to see (the family I mentioned)

-I like to make lists to keep track of things like what episodes I'm on in a show, what video games I'm looking forward to, random songs that I make up. I hate feeling a lack of direction I need to have a distinct purpose and know what I'm doing and why.

-Also I love knowledge and learning but I only care if it's practical. If I'm learning something it's because it's going to help me improve, let me do X or Y. Random facts and trivia are neat but I forget them 2 seconds later if they won't help me achieve something or better myself.

-Usually I can't help but bring the topic in conversations back around to myself. It's not narcissism (that I know of) it's' more just me trying to be empathetic but the only way I know how to do so is say yeah I've been there and relate it to an experience I had.

-I get VERY uncomfortable and have no idea what to say or do when someone is upset I usually just try to joke around with them and act normally to try and cheer them up.

-I get hyper focused on one thing that I'm doing and I get serious tunnel vision. It's bad. I can look straight at someone's face while they're telling me something but especially if I'm not interested in the topic I completely miss every single word they say because I was doing or thinking about something else

-I'm a big "doer" It frustrates the hell out of me when people complain about this or that and how things aren't going their way but then that's just the end of it. They don't try to change or assess some sort of solution they just complain and then continue doing the same things over and over. I like to improve myself and if there's something wrong in my life I tackle it head on.

-Speaking of head on I am NOT subtle. I am blunt I speak my mind and I do consider people's feelings but if what I'm saying is objective truth I don't care how it makes them feel typically but there are exceptions. I see one way to do things and that's how I do them. If someone shows me a better way I think about it and I try to weigh which way I think is better and go from there. I freely admit when I'm wrong and I change information constantly. Also annoyed by people who are stuck in one way and won't change no matter how much evidence is against their views

-I also make mental maps so to speak. I "draw" maps of my surroundings in my mind. Usually just immediate surroundings but it can extend to anywhere I've been really. I can usually tell if something is moving, behind me, etc I can "feel" its presence so to speak. I'm also very good at hearing things before others can.

I'll shut up now. I don't know how much of this was relevant but love to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks in advance.

Posted by HappySamurai on forum Posted on 2018-01-02 08:55:25

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You sound very SJ.

I’d lean towards ESTJ.

I too got a SJ vibe. Particularly an extroverted one.

MBTI type of Type me

.  I put ESFJ but I reckon I could be convinced to change to ESTJ.

“-I get VERY uncomfortable and have no idea what to say or do when someone is upset I usually just try to joke around with them and act normally to try and cheer them up.

Find out about Type me personality type

.” That didn’t sound very ESFJ to me.

They tend to be skilled at emotional support.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type me.

Good point! Seems more Te/Fi than Fe/Ti anyway on a second read. Logic is sound.Which of the 16 personality types is Type me?.

Cool makes sense guys.  Why the S particularly?  Not arguing just curious.  I'm usually typed ENTJ but it's problematic for me to accept something that can't be "proven" per se like an mbti type so discussing it with others really helps me out.   Thanks for the input.

“Also I love knowledge and learning but I only care if it's practical. If I'm learning something it's because it's going to help me improve, let me do X or Y. Random facts and trivia are neat but I forget them 2 seconds later if they won't help me achieve something or better myself.“ I’m surprised you came up N, that might be the most quintessentially S statement (with a touch of J too).  

"I talk like an idiot. I add letters to words I know they're incorrect but I do it anyway because the contrary would be boooring. I think language is a tool to express ourselves so doing it all by the book seems pointless. If you know what I'm sayin then you know what I'm sayin ya know what I'm sayin?" Wow. I don't know if I've ever heard it articulated before. But I do this exact same thing. Intentionally mispronouncing words and watching how people react (or don't react) is like, one of the joys of verbal communication. Honestly, I voted ENTJ. You seem kinda borderline N/S here in your post, but I think out of all of hese "type me" threads that have been made. This thread is the one I've related to  the most, as an ENFJ.

You also describe yourself as a “doer” and “not subtle”. All seems pretty xSTJ to me.

I've actually read that xNTJs are very much that same way but could have been misinformed.

You also describe yourself as a “doer” and “not subtle”. All seems pretty xSTJ to me.

Funny thing is I've been typed as ENFJ 3w2 before but I shy away from it because NFJ seems like the special type and I'm just like there's nothing extraordinary about me I'm average in every conceivable way so that wouldn't make much sense.  Cool to see your input thanks.

xNTJs tend to be more oriented towards abstract subjects than xSTJs, but they are certainly much more discerning with what they need to know than xNTPs.

xNTJs communicate in a similar way, but they tend to see themselves as thinkers as well as doers (especially INTJs) and are somewhat more subtle in communication.

You know, I can really see ENFJ being a strong possibility here. I typed myself as ISTJ for a long time because I also have this "i'm completely, utterly average" view of myself and that seemed like the "average" type. That's really interesting to hear someone else voice a similar perspective. 

Sounds just like me I went through an ISxJ "phase" because of that. Wowee! 

“there's nothing extraordinary about me I'm average in every conceivable way” I would not expect an ENTJ to see themself this way. ESTJ, ENFJ, or ESFJ would all be much more likely to say that.

That makes sense Derek.  I also care way too much about everything at all times and if I know something would affect someone else I take that into account before I do it.  I also have this strong urge to fit in.  I typically do what I want but I definitely put others above myself.  I've thought this was Fe but I can never really grasp the functions strongly enough to say either way.  I often find myself saying "Why can't I just be normal"

Thanks for the info.

Oh and random thought I had usually if someone tells me not to do something or that I can't then my first reaction is okay so I'm doing that.  I think about it obviously and make up my mind whether I should or not but my gut is just like DO IT PROVE THEM WRONG GRWAAHHH. 

Sounds Te>Fe.

Yeah I just FEEL like a feeler if that makes any sense.  I'm basically a walking ball of feelings and emotion.  I dunno it's probably just biases and misconceptions. 

I’m not certain you’re a T. I just think you’ve said a few more T things than F things.

Yeah fair.  Also I strive to be unbiased (hard when it comes to myself but otherwise)  but I cannot even grasp the concept of being impersonal.  I could never set someone's feelings/emotions aside.  

See, it sorta sounds like you're a strong J type overall. But I'm getting way more F than T from you, letterwise. I don't think a strong T type would have a problem being impersonal at all haha. 

Here is a video describing my personality

hearts I’m increasingly shifting towards that as well.

type Mervin

We figured it out omg thank you!! You win a bag of PLAMS! 

*extremely Michael Rosen voice* i can't wait to take these palms with me to jur-AH-sick park and watch the DIE-no-sars 

Michael Rosen voice but about 4 octaves higher I can't wait to see them all KEEL OVER AND DIE, HARD LUCK MERVIN! 

Oh yeah dunno if this is relevant but when I would hang out with my ex and his best friend they would do this thing where they "pal around" and insult and punch each other basically and I always felt like and would usually say YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS STOP BEING MEAN TO EACH OTHER OHMYGOD YOU GOIZZZZZZ and they're just like IT'S JUST HOW WE BOND .  My ex would always take it too far though and his friend would become visibly upset and it infuriated me because he was my friend too yaknow.  The point I guess is that the word "Friend" means a lot to me.  I have to really connect and bond with someone to call them a friend I don't like how it's typically used for a casual acquaintance.  Now I'm just kind of rambling sorry if it isn't relevant.  

I feel I should address what I said about being a “doer” as I feel I didn’t say exactly what I meant (it’s often difficult for me to describe myself accurately and or put my feelings into words. ). What I mean to say is if there is a conflict between me and an individual I am going to confront them and set things straight. I don’t necessarily mean that I get things done in a physical sense. I can’t stand housework/chores etc I’m very lazy when it comes to things I think are mundane. Sorry In advance if I contradict myself, you’ll have to ask me to clarify. Describing myself is way outside of my comfort zone.    I’ve been described as charismatic by the people who know me best but take that with a grain of salt because I feel like I’m as charismatic as a year old fruitcake.   

Mervin did nothing wrong.

The voting system is kinda broken here, so my vote keeps defaulting back to ESFJ. So just pretend there's an ENFJ vote up there. I relate a lot to what you've written, but from the information presented you could probably be either ESFJ/ENFJ. That said, I think it's pretty safe to assume you're a feeler and, in function terms, probably some measure of Fe over Fi. 

Im thinking you might be ESFJ it looks like youre a thinker cause your enneagram but thats what just what i think


Thanks for the input!

Thanks  for all that, really helps me out. 

Derek, I feel like the direct connection to “practicality” makes her statement seem more sensing than intuition, but I think with how she expresses it, she only truly underlines a strong judging preference while not truly distancing herself from a preference for intuition. The quote certainly sounds less intuition than sensing but I don’t think it’s fundamentally incompatible with being N. I would say it’s also thinking-leaning by itself without expressing an anti-feeling attitude, something I find refreshing where “T” is often seen being “a lack of F.”  HappySamurai, I do actually see you being more T than F on a grand scale but I think it’s totally possible that you may just have a weaker feeling preference than most feelers would tend to have. You also really do not sound like a sensor to me—your second to last paragraph sounds very N and very T while nothing else seems to really go against the grain and sound very S or very F even though you show off bits of traits relating to those. I think ENTJ is totally fine as a typing for you, especially since your very strong J preference seems to lead into more S-like preferences that aren’t truly S like S would generally be. You’re practically-minded and super realistic, but I think being NTJ is like that in itself. Almost like your N preference is directed towards being J? It gives you a TJ-ish attitude but I almost feel like you’ve shown just being “positively T” where you’re logical and fair-minded but could have a layer of feeling-valuation which could possibly mean it gets overshadowed by being more personal, subjective, and harmony-seeking. I kinda still see you as more T but it wouldn’t be a strong preference. I’m not sure why everyone unanimously sees you as an extravert—maybe I missed something but I can’t actually make out a clear preference there! 

ENFJ 1w2. An ExTJ wouldn't have said this imo, "Yeah I just FEEL like a feeler if that makes any sense.  I'm basically a walking ball of feelings and emotion.  I dunno it's probably just biases and misconceptions.)

Very cool perspective strawberry I appreciate it.  I've had trouble with I and E myself I am fairly expressive in my communication and actions.  If I enjoy something I usually say "I love x!"  I definitely don't keep much to myself.  My default facial expression however is a furrowed brow when I'm in my head so people always think I'm angry but then I perk up when interacting with others.  I feel like I get energized by spending time with people but I also feel it might just be that it makes me happy BUT I need to recharge?  It's very difficult because I have very severe social anxiety so I think it gets in the way of that a lot.  As for the rest of what you said I personally can't find any fault in it.  Thanks again.

I also feel the need to thank every individual person that replies LOL.  Hope it's not annoying.  Thanks for the input!

It's no problem!

From the initial description ExTJ from the comments after ExFJ. The F has become far more apparent as you've opened up but now it's about working out the second letter. Ni and Si are both kind of visible. Si- "Very nostalgic" "Knowledge and learning but I only care when it's practical". Ni- "Mental maps" "serious tunnel vision... I can look straight at someones face... [and] miss every single word they say" I guess it comes down to: How often do you focus on the future? Are you more inclined to be nostalgic? Do you have an eye for details? Or do you care more about an idea rather than all the fine details? Are you more practical or original?  Do you trust your gut/hunches or data and what's available to you?

I definitely look toward the future most often and am happier when doing so the nostalgia and looking back is usually something I do when I’m stressed/unhappy. i care much more about the big picture than the details that go into them as far as I can tell.  This ones hard but I feel like original edges practical out slightly. I’m very much drawn to the strange unusual and mystical  I often have a lot of conflict between the two but I think things usually end up better if I go with my gut feelings.  Often when I focus on data I ignore my feelings and end up unhappy with the result. 

Oh and thanks for the reply ????

Honestly, the nostalgia when depressed might even suggest ENFP due to inferior Si but I think that's quite a stretch. Function stereotyping is far from accurate. You also seem exceptionally J. I think it's borderline S/N but for now I'll got with ENFJ

Funny thing about ENFP is I’ve always felt a big connection with She-Hulk from Marvel comics and I generally see her typed as either ENFP or J. It’s easy for me to relate to a TON of characters so that probably doesn’t mean much but I figured I’d toss it out there. 

Whoa. I didn't know Jennifer Walters was typed as ENFP.  It makes sense. Maybe it's the Lawyer archetype, but she's always struck me as pretty ENxJ-ish. 

It also might depend on the iteration her newer iteration seems more cocky and brash then classic Jen. And she hates pants which is a smart girl. Also really connected with Kamala Khan but most people aren’t into newer marvel so I’ve never seen anyone type her. 

Something else to add that I just thought of.  I love combat.  I would say I love competition but it's not even that I just love combat.  I've always been obsessed with weapons and military, typically historic because firearms take the person out of the equation mostly.  I should have mentioned this first thing because all of this is a HUGE part of who I am but it's so obvious to me I didn't even think about it.  In games, whether tabletop or video, I play "bruiser" style characters.  Warriors, Barbarians, anyone designed to get in your face and fight.  In D&D everyone makes fun of me because I play this huge goliath barbarian chick who leaves a trail of corpses behind her on her journey and I'm this little 5 ft. tall dorky girl.  I love the sense of empowerment I get from it.  I'm going to talk a bit more about video games also because they're another large part of my life and I love correlating MBTI with them and I think there's some merit to it.  I mostly play RPGs as you might've noticed and I get horribly bored trying to play any ranged combat class such as a mage or an archer.  I have to be going in close to enjoy it.  I mostly enjoy what I mentioned before, charging in and destroying.  I also enjoy the strategic elements of a rogue/stealth type character but only if they use melee. Even outside of games I've always identified with the word "Warrior" a lot and courage and loyalty are everything to me.  Cowardice absolutely disgusts me.  I don't back down from anything and it gets me in trouble more than I'd like to admit but it's just who I am.  Retreat does not enter my mind as an option.  It's win or die trying.  I do think I'm average and whatnot but when I'm in a scenario like that (typically in video games because you know we're not barbarians anymore)  Losing is the farthest thing from my mind until it happens.   Relevant or not I don't know but hey, at least you get to learn some things about me.  That's fun right?  Thanks guys for all the input it's been really great I appreciate you all.

Oh another good one I'm obsessed with being a "hero"  I can't really explain what I mean by that but I'm sure you get it.  It's not just for the sake of it, or the glory, or to be liked.  It would just make me the happiest person in the world to be able to help and protect everyone like a super hero.  I'm basically like Midoriya watching All-Might.

And music is fun so here's me in song format :

Also obsessed with analyzing game mechanics/design/systems and that's why I love complex RPGs.

Oh and can't forget my love of martial arts.  That's all my exercise lol. 

This discussion was great. I started out ESTJ and got gradually worked over to ENFJ.

The enneagram type I get most often and identify with is 8w7 so the ExTJ typings I always get make sense but they just never quite resonated. ENFJ 8w7. What a type LOL

I also think ENFJ. You seem to have a lot of empathy and compassion, especially based on that response to me.

I'm getting a 3w2 vibe from you. Assertive and practical but more friendly and cheerful than an 8 would be.

Well, I just typed you as a 3 but this comment makes you seem very 8.

Definitely one of those haha

Doeee fanks buddyyyyyy

ISTP 7w6

no u

My eyes have been opened everyone I am absolutely an ISTP 7w6.  Nothing was ever clearer in my life.  Thanks for all your input.

Enneagram’s about motivations though.

I'm aware of this, yes. That's not the only way to type someone though. It's not always clear what someones fears and motivations are. Every enneagram source also describes how the types tend to behave.

What, did you expect her to DEMAND that we type her and then insult our typings if she were really an 8? 8s can be cheerful.

No? I was going by how she described herself, not how she is acting here. A lot of the things she said about herself simply seemed more 3 than 8 to me. 

If you're ISTP 7w6, then was this whole type me post a joke? According to the description you seem like an ENFJ, probably 1w2. If not, could you explain your more ISTP-ish traits, because I really wasn't seeing that from the given description.

I was just being sarcastic with our dear friend Tiger.