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I get INFP on basically every MBTI test I take, and I got Type 9 and 2w3 with wings on an Enneagram test. I don't agree with my wing Enneagram, as 2w3s are very social and I'm more of an ambivert, maybe I had a different mood at the time. I took a functions test, and Fi and Ne are my two biggest, but my Se is bigger than Si (I disagree with that too) and my Ti was bigger than Te, Te was the function I used least. I don't remember but I think it was Fi>Ne>Ni>Se or Fi>Ne>Se>Ni.

About me:
1. I cry a lot. I cry for weird reasons too, when a person dies in a movie I can just ignore it but when something's just a little wrong and an ignorable mistake I can almost scream.
2. Most of the time I'm alone and by myself, but when I'm with people I often get very talkative. I can get pretty hyper when I'm by myself even.
3. I get good grades but I keep procrastinating and going on the internet when I should be studying.
4. I care about people, and I like helping people even though I don't want it to take over my life, but I never really get to do it because I am also pretty selfish. Sometimes I get uneasy on how bad humanity is.
5. I don't like it when other people get angry and I wish they could just calm down.
6. I love animals and plants, mainly for the fact on how innocent they are but also because they're awesome to study.
7. I love Pokemon and some other video games.
8. When I was younger I would look up anything online, I still do now.
9. I sometimes laugh when I see something bad happening to people, but it seems involuntary, my mind wants to tell me to stop and calm down and I usually feel bad for the people or person hurt in that situation.
10. I like drawing, reading, and writing; I'm also surprisingly good at math.
11. I don't usually concentrate in class, especially in younger grades but I still do now sometimes.
12. I want to do something, but I can't do it because I procrastinate and relax instead.
13. I'm addicted to the internet.

Posted by OreoTheJunco on forum Posted on 2018-03-15 21:54:24

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INFP 945 (9w1 = 4w5 > 5w4) stereotype, who can sometimes be seen as a 2 bc of the kindness

I tend to agree with hatty’s analysis. INFPs pretty clear IMO.  As far as Enneagram goes, 9 is a lot more common (after 4, it’s the most common type for INFPs according to a Heidi Priebe survey.) 9s also tend to have a hard time nailing down their types.

MBTI type of Type me.

. It was interesting that you said you can get “hyper;” that suggests to me that (since you’re aware of being hyper) your default state is probably not hyper, i.e.

Find out about Type me. personality type

. calm, which also supports the 9. Same with hating conflict and wishing people would calm down.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type me..  Referring to yourself as selfish is also 9ish; most people aren’t healthy or integrated, but at average levels. Average Nines are humble (too much when unhealthy, to the point of feeling like they don’t matter at all); an average 2w3 would be very unlikely to identify as “selfish,” due to the 2’s issues with pride and vainglory.Which of the 16 personality types is Type me.?. I would type you as INFP 9w1 with some confidence. Good luck if you try to manage that inferior Te and integrate to 3.