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Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type me, please'
Type me, please MBTI type

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Hi!I'm writing to you, because long time ago I gave up hope that I can type myself on my own. So,let's start. I'm 20yrs old girl, psychology student. My enneagram is probably 6, but as always, I'm not sure at all. People who know me claim that in the beginning of the acquaintance I'm really distant, but later it turns into something opposite. Generally I'm really kind person, helping others is one of my favorites things in world, but sometimes I looking really grumpy. I've got chaotic mind, sometimes I just want to live in my fantasies. My therapist told me I have lots of psychological issues. He suspects Dependent and Histrionic Disorder, sometimes Borderline. Self doubting should be my middle name and it concers sexuality, my future and more. Sometimes I'm thinking that I only know about myself three things: I love being sarcastic and also flirting (especially via internet) or reading about psychology. I know it's not much, but maybe someone will has any idea. Btw, sorry for my English, it's not good at all.


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