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Type most likely to become a priest MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type most likely to become a priest'
Type most likely to become a priest MBTI type



ENFJ - 9
ESFJ - 9
ISFJ - 8
INFP - 1
ISTJ - 1

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2W3 - 9
2W1 - 6
1W2 - 5

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My dad is ISFJ and a priest. Note that he became a priest completely on his own volition, he grew up in an atheist environment.He also loved to massage my feet when I was a preteen, and also caress my hands up to being a teen.ANY TYPE THAT LOVES TOUCHING LITTLE KIDS IN THE PEEPEEI'm a nun and my INFP brother in law wanted to become a priest for real.

MBTI type of Type most likely to become a priest

.@DiamondDust, the type 2 that you mentioned it's really terrible.I have watched some church program before.

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. There usually two types of priest I see. Type 1: I always prefer the priest that takes a more indirect and metaphorical approach more.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type most likely to become a priest. It is easier for me to digest and to ponder. Type 2: While the priest that tends to very fiery and literally consider the scriptures as literal, I never like their approach.Which of the 16 personality types is Type most likely to become a priest?. I wonder if it correlates with S and N. Type 1 tends to take N approach. Type 2 tends to take the S approach. I don't know. Next the priest will say MBTI is a pagan and satan cult lol. Okay I'll stopped here.There are plenty of pretty cool priests on our smaller countryside cities, though. They're very energetic and open minded about various social issues. I wouldn't be surprised if a good portion of them turned out to be at least ESFP.Ah, well, I guess an actual ESTP priest would be pretty cool, but I really said it because of churches like this, @snowpetal: ( Sorry about that.Seriously? That's really cool!Oh Brazil, probably the country with the most ESTP priests.At my church most of the priests are ExFJ 2w1s (296 tritype probably), and I'd honestly say there are more ENFJs than ESFJs.Every week they have to prepare speeches, and more often than not they use metaphors and analogies to allude to a bigger picture.