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INFP - 7 vote(s)
ENTJ - 4 vote(s)
ENFJ - 1 vote(s)

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9W1 - 4 vote(s)
3W2 - 3 vote(s)

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Her name is Trixie
She is chaotic evil
She likes to get her own way
She hates losing
She doesn't play fair
She hates overly nice people
She is in charge of a secret society
She is considered a 'puppet master'
She is very manipulative
She is very selfish and confident
She is extremely judgmental
Her nicknames are 'Rich Bitch' and 'Satan herself'
She is always 10 steps ahead
She likes to 'play God' and have everything under her control
She is cold
She likes to hog the spotlight, but knows how to control things behind the scenes
She can go undetected
She never gets anxious

Posted by tiger_greengrass on forum Posted on 2017-11-23 21:33:18

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Mary sue


She is not INFP

Oh my god, who the hell cares

It's clearly visible that it's some kind of fantasized persona you wish you were, which amount of cringe matches with your age btw :D

No, it's an oc that's for a roleplay.


Rather troll typists imo

sounds like u already have a good idea of ur character's type

Could be a really fucked up ENFJ if I were to try to throw out something that wasn't ENTJ. Fe doesn't necessarily imply "kindness," from what I understand. If looked at in a cynical light it can just be emotional manipulation.

MBTI type of Type My OC

. I would think ENFJs would be better at this type of "manipulating" than an ENTJ, as to be manipulative the other person has to trust you and possibly like you in some way. An evil ENFJ could theoretically achieve this with ease.

Find out about Type My OC personality type

. I've seen Frank Underwood from House of Cards typed as ENFJ before, actually. An interesting thought.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type My OC. Since she's the leader of a secret society and not some corporation or something this means the people following her probably admire her for some reason, almost like a cult, as opposed to following her out of necessity or selfish reasons. This type of leader could enjoy "playing God" because, for example, the Biblical God had so many loyal followers and so much control in part because he(?) was loved and revered.Which of the 16 personality types is Type My OC?. But also feared. This means control. An Fe-dom would probably enjoy "hogging the spotlight" more than an ENTJ as well.

IDK about ENFJ. But ok seriously what is with INTJ/ENTJ with secret society? IMO they probably on of the least interested with secret society. Elite society or corporation. Sure, but that is because they and other folks build it.

Oh boy, what type of wedsite did I get myself into this time. Cough Cough , Anyway it's hard to type her with only knowing so little. I'd recommend you tell us why she acts like this in the first place. What are her goals? Who are her friends? What are her hobbies? What exactly did she do to get the nickname "Rich Bitch and "Satan Herself" ? Why does she hate overly nice people? I admire your creativity though:) 

No Khel she's not the mary sue,  it turns out that....YOU, KHEL, WHERE A MARY SUE THE WHOLE TIME! All Joking aside I don't think calling something "cringe" is good criticism.  

Lol thanks, and if you're new you may want to turn back before it's too late. Anyway she acts like that because she likes to get her own way, and she believes fear to be the best way to do that. Her friends are other members of her society, so she rarely gets challenged on her beliefs and if she does, then she is the leader so she believes they are wrong. She got those nicknames because she is very cruel and immoral and she acts like a spoiled child believing she should be treated like royalty. She hates overly nice people because those are the people that tend to foil her plans.

Just a question, but does she so happen to look like this?


Amazing, these 18 lines don't give me any sense of her personality, just a bunch of virtues and a few socially-deemed "flaws" that are actually badass in a fictional character.

What else do you need to know?

What her actual flaws are aside from being too badass for people to handle, what her weaknesses and fears are

Her main fear is failure. She often is too overconfident which leads to her downfall She also often underestimates her competition, which can also lead to her demise

Ok from this she seems like a 3.



It looks like you tried to make the most badass character ever, but turned out making a bland piece of trash.