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Type that hates being controlled MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type that hates being controlled'
Type that hates being controlled MBTI type



INTJ - 18
ENTP - 18
ENTJ - 13
INFP - 8
INTP - 7
ENFP - 4
ISFP - 1
ISTP - 1
ESTJ - 1

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8W7 - 23
4W5 - 6
7W8 - 6
5W4 - 4
5W6 - 3
8W9 - 3

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Also ytf are people voting type 7? It says right on enneagram's website that type 8's basic fear is being harmed or CONTROLLED by others. Type 8 self-preservation is obviously the answer.INTJs are hit an miss with this, it depends on their enneagram whether they feel more comfortable being controlled, INTJ 1's and 6's would be more comfortable with the sense of security that comes with control, INTJ 3's 5's and 4's much less soINTJs are probably just voting for themselves lol7's with a sexual variant for enneagram"Hates" refers to an emotional response though, rather than an actionGood way of putting it. Conscious = INTP, Guts = ESTP.

MBTI type of Type that hates being controlled

. Combination of the 2 = ISTP/ENTP. INTJ is a bad vote imo over the xxTPs.

Find out about Type that hates being controlled personality type

.i meant to free instead of enslave.You will hardly find someone who would appreciate to be controlled.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type that hates being controlled. Being conscious of that, and having the guts to "enslave" yourself is another question.From the MBTI manual, INTP wins with personal values of autonomy, freedom and independence.Which of the 16 personality types is Type that hates being controlled?.I think in general J types are both more comfortable controlling and being controlled, being more comfortable with planned, restrictive environments.It really depends on the type of control.INFJs think they're rebels but they take dick from ESTPs while being held on a leash