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Type this person (right to die campaigner for mental illness) MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type this person (right to die campaigner for mental illness) '
Type this person (right to die campaigner for mental illness)  MBTI type


Hi, I'm just wondering if you can type this person based on the following information 1) Suffered from ocd/ major depression/ anxiety since age 5 2) described himself as extravert 3) studied for a degree in entrepreneurship and did a BBA. Hoped to do a MBA. 4) Loved finance/ economics 5) Wanted to make his dad proud, have a family, grow a business and help humanity 6) Described as having no filters by friends 7) Loved soccer and the self discipline it gave him 8) Despised shallow celebrity culture/ social media/ TV shows 9) Was an athiest 10) Didn't want to live off welfare and not accomplish things after he fell ill 11) Hated Netanyahu and his actions 12) Considered the cruel and overly religious elements of humanity to be stupid 13) Loved classical music, EDM etc 14) Felt different from many peers 15) Read economics, loved Adam Smith and J K Galbraith 16) Straight A student who loved to study 17) Reached out to people over the internet, passionate about campaigning 18) Honest 19) Criticized as a narcissist by people who didn't understand his mental health advocacy 20) Loud and befriended people easily, very friendly 21) Described as an active, talkative and curious child 22) Liked deep and meaningful conversations


ESTP - 7
ENTP - 3
ESTJ - 2

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7W8 - 8
6W7 - 1
7W6 - 1

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