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Type who remains calm under stressful situation MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type who remains calm under stressful situation'
Type who remains calm under stressful situation MBTI type



ISTP - 14
INTJ - 13
INTP - 9
ENTP - 2
ENTJ - 2
ESTP - 2
ISFJ - 2
INFP - 1
ISFP - 1

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5W6 - 15
1W9 - 9
9W1 - 7
8W9 - 2
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

The ideal type for this question would be ETP-A i guess. I'm not sure also how to decide between intuitives and sensors, a case can be made for each depending of the situation/how we see it. It seems it is the least talking trait by far.answer would be whatever type is assertive on the assertive/turbulent scale but i think types with high extraversion, perceiving and probably thinking would be more likely to have that trait.

MBTI type of Type who remains calm under stressful situation

. unsure about if intuition or sensing should be a factor but if i were to guess intuition users might be more likely to have the "negative emotionality" necessary to be turbulentFor references, it is largely accepted in scientific communities now that one of the most legitimate aspect of psychology is the Introversion vs Extroversion difference. Susan Cain compils most of the scientific evidences of this in her book.

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.The answer here can't be an introverted type. Introverts are more sensible to stimulis than Extroverts as a fact.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type who remains calm under stressful situation. Extroverts need more neurological inputs to have the same level of reaction than Introverts. The answer here is one of the ExTx, whether it is the confident ETJ or the less concerned ETP.Which of the 16 personality types is Type who remains calm under stressful situation?. Well i guess the less concerned wins, since he isnt as demanding in term of achievements generally. ExTP definitely. ISTP might be more stoic physically but it is false to believe they are the calmest under stress just like i showed it recently.@bobnickmad As an Ne-dom a stressful situation becomes excitable and we will ramble off about possibilities lolI also agree with the fact ISTPs are less likely to exaggerate their qualities than ETPs.They're more self-contained, don't look for external validation that much.Ne-dom calm under stressful situations? ROFLMAO.I see no good reason for putting ETPs over ISTPs. I'd still see ESTP over ENTP anyday.ISTP become stressed when they feel pressured BY AUTHORITY OR SOCIAL RULES (like all IxxP types, but Se is more quick to temper, and suppressed Fe acts dramatic, thus appearing more obvious). Not by physical danger. Way different things. Also, Ventus gave the reasoning for ISTP below you, so for you to say after the fact ''don't offer any explanations'' just shows why it's so hard to take you seriously so often. Ti: dispassionate analysis+Se: looks for the solution at hand.The ISTPs stress due to feeling trapped by external forces (in the form of social rules or authorities), and their calm in high risk situations have nothing do one with the other, and I'm pretty sure everyone understood what the title implies.It's funny, you complained about how Te is the function you hate most, but with these bs statistics you act exactly like the thing you complained about.ISTPs are known to be calm operators in stressful situation. They are often quite humble of their strengths so there self reporting might be much more accurate than ETPs who are prone to false bravado. Plus ETPs are much more expressive even when they handle things easily. ISTP are more likely to appear absolutely calm.@Kids - this is about *remaining* calm, so I interpret as someone whose calmness is not likely to change much in stressful situations.5w6 and 9w1 but ENTP. Sure. Sure!@Ventus, I couldn't find it either which was why I was asking. I doubt that Oddlydevelopedtypes would lie about such a thing though.ENTPs are calmer than ISTP. Sure lets roll with that. While at it lets spam as well. Just because some obscure study said so. Talk about being sheep to a self referential non sense.ISTPs in real life are the calmest motherfuckers. ESTP above ISTP? Sorry. The study has to suck real balls to conclude that.I was analyzing it on a micro level rather than a macro level and was taking into account external behavior as well. Wouldn't have expected ISTP to be low in external calmness and definitely not lowEST (given types like ExFP are generally much more histrionic) but at the same time data doesn't lie unless the study was bad. Can you link the study itself? I couldn't find it.What's the difference between calm and lowest-stressed? To me they are very similar, and almost identical if you are talking about psychological calmness. The study seems to focus on multiple stressful situations, which would make it seem very applicable. Like for example, ISTPs are "low stress" in the area of finance, so I would assume that they are likely to remain calm under stressful financial situations. Now if you are talking about calm in the eyes of the *outside observer*, the study showed that they were the most likely of all 16 types to "get upset or angry and show it". So in a way ISTPs are very low external calmness, while at the same time being high, but not highest, in internal calmness.This isn't about which type is lowest-stressed, it's about which type remains calmest in a stressful situation.I love when people make these threads, type on stereotypes, and then don't offer any explanations of why they are holding onto their typing when studies say the opposite. This one is rather obvious though. Introverts are generally more high-stressed.Oddlydevelopedtypes references this Myers (1998) study on their "XXXX and Stress" blurbs, which seems to say that ExTPs have the lowest levels of stress. While ISTPs also have low levels of stress, they do not seem to be as low, and being introverts they probably don't find themselves in as many stressful situations.INFJs might help reduce tension or stress as they make good diplomats/counselors but they are not calm per se. ISTP are the most chill personality in any situation.Looks like 6 spammed INFJ votes.Yes, definitely ISTP, since Se keeps them grounded, vigilant, and willing to take risks while Ti focuses on how to solve the problem dispassionately, keeping them calm. Ti + Se will focus on one angle at a time rather than many at once, which will keep them from overthinking. INFJ makes no sense.I was the first INFJ vote but the other spam accounts have nothing to do with me...@bobnickmad take a look at troll profiles being made. Same trolls who spammed Bill Murray's page?INFJ? Is this a joke? ISTP are known for this quality more than any other type.