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Type with the worst Se MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type with the worst Se'
Type with the worst Se MBTI type

Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and Social Sciences

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MBTI Best and worst

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INTP - 19
INFP - 11
INFJ - 10
ENTP - 2
ISTJ - 1

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5W4 - 7
4W5 - 5
9W1 - 4
1W9 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I am INTP - even if people think I am ENTP here, and I see why I come off as one.

And I do think my weakest function would be Se.

INxJ and xII in Socionics. The INxP votes are stupid unless maybe you believe INxPs are actually judgers which some function magicians de facto believe.

MBTI type of Type with the worst Se

. But those "good at Se" will generally be E, S, and P, no? After all Se is the dominant function of ESFP. Why would those who are all three of I, N, J be not the worst?

Look at all the INFP's in music who have exhibited stereotypical "Se" traits, i think INTx wins here

That's more because as long as people make music that is True To Themselves, typers are willing to overlook things that they otherwise normally wouldn't look and give them the INFP typing anyway.

Find out about Type with the worst Se personality type

. Compare that to how people treat INTPs. If they show any "stereotypical Se traits" they get typed as anything but INTP - they're an "intuitive ISTP with Ni developed", "perceiving INTJ with Se developed", etc.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type with the worst Se.

Technically ENxPs, because its their 8th function. But I'd say xNxPs in general considering anything they do that mimics Se is just Ne.Which of the 16 personality types is Type with the worst Se?.

INTP's take the cake

would it not be Ne-doms as it's their 8th function?

cuz people here hate the function model.

In otherwords Ne usets have no use for Se since they process that form of information through Ne. If we're going by what type that actually prefers Se as a primary Pe function, but is worst at it, then yea I agree INFJ.

"xII in socionics is roughly INxP in MBTI though." Being xII in socionics tends to be very judging and are made out to be so when descriptions specifically talk about their "rationality" as opposed to "irrationality," which should have a strong correspondence with judging/perceiving in MBTI. I don't really understand how you'd be able to justify this using functions because you can't really analyze Socionics' functions through MBTI's functions unless you're just making comparisons between them…and they're incomparable in the sense that what traits they seem to share with one another transcend whatever actually relates to MBTI i.e. you'll have "logical consistency" and "personal systematization" as common themes between MBTI Ti and Socionics Ti but Socionics emphasizes the judging side of Ti far more than many ITP Ti descriptions you'll find on the web in a way that you wouldn't catch if you were just playing a game of compare and contrast without actually comparing them in real MBTI terms (which one is has more perceiving-compatible traits? and judging?). read through these descriptions with just judging and perceiving in mind and you'll realize the l/e first types are far more judging than the i first types: here are these too which highlight general j and p differences throughout aside from all the reinin and quadra fluff that can flip either way: