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Type with the worst Te MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type with the worst Te'
Type with the worst Te MBTI type

Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and Social Sciences

Part of:
MBTI Best and worst

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INFP - 16
INFJ - 6
ISFP - 6
ISFJ - 6
INTP - 1
ENFJ - 1

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9W1 - 14
4W5 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Thanks for these posts though

My Te's only 30% - 40% so that's in theory, not that low as 0%-10%

Literally no. infjs and isfjs have polr Te which is far worse than inferior Te

However if you use Jung's definition of the Extraverted Thinking type, then ISFP will be worst because his Te is very N.

MBTI is LITERALLY not Socionics. Nice try!

@Scotty lol I think people forget ISFJ are an SJ type first for some reason.

MBTI type of Type with the worst Te


You can literally just google that shit up

You can literally just learn where the concept of PoLR comes from by "googling that shit up" and that it isn't an MBTI thing, but rather a Socionics thing. As you can see I specifically responded "xEI in Socionics" because in Socionics the PoLR argument is almost incontrovertible.

Find out about Type with the worst Te personality type

. I don't care if some random nobodies decided to mix MBTI and Socionics into some retarded amorphous blob on Tumblr.

INFP works, i can get behind that

Yeah, i never understood why ISFJ was always voted on entries like this.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type with the worst Te. judging is worlds closer to "Te" than perceiving and sensing is closer to the newer definition of Te

INFJ like plato often have problem with empiricism (Te) or any pragmatism. so i voted INFJ.Which of the 16 personality types is Type with the worst Te?. ISFJ are Si user . Te and Si share many characteristics (careful, value experience, want proof etc...) so not ISFJ. INFP have Te as an inferior so he exist but come only to support their Fi. try to being productive and act for what your believe is fair and authentic.

Fg have you ever heard of the mbti manual

Heyyy isabel authored it herself you know!!!

>INFJ like Plato often have problem with empiricism (Te) xxTJs like fg seem to hate empiricism too. What gives?

Don't hate empiricism . seem you try to make authority argument once again scotty

Destroy his ass fg

His head on a spike would be enough for me, his mouth is far more full of shit than his ass.

You go spastic on people who want to use a more empirically backed form of typology, while using something totally non-empirical yourself. I have no clue what Plato's type is but if you are using his aversion to empiricism to type him, then you should at least be consistent and look at how totally non-empirical you can be. All I see is someone who is anti-empirical. I believe myself, an INTP, to be way more of a believer in "empiricism" than you, an xxTJ. Maybe you should just stop typing people by syncretizing philosophy with functions. And I did use the example of fg who is an xxTJ to show that xxTJs like fg "often have problem with empiricism". At least this starts to look like a valid argument as long as we are accepting whatever you are doing.

More empirically backed typollogy are you kidding me?! E/I dichotomy is shitty because lot of people act extroverted at work introverted in family or vice versa N/S dichotomy is shitty because it can show why SJ are focused on the past and SP on the present. it's also shitty because you made imagination (N) from external observation of the physical world (S) T/F dichotomy is stupid because everyone have feeling and try to be rationnal P/J dichotomy because some people can be very organized on date/time etc... but are totally disorganized in the space. function are better because have more precise definition. Fi=authenticity + uncompromizing values Ti=value logical consistencies and adaptable Ni= have a clear vision of what future will be + metaphorical tendencies Se:in the moment and seek thrill + value aesthetic Ne:love possibility , brainstorming and switch out idea to another Fe:compromizing , people oriented and empathic Si:value experience and tradition, dislike change Te: need proof ,confrontationnal , pragmatic in seeing a person behavior you can see what is his type according or what are his value/interest. epicure said we have too agree about the definition (prolepsis) to answer with our sense(empirism) to question. here the best definition is clearly function.

Is that what is logically consistent to you and you’ve reached that insight independently, basing your knowledge on one or more theories made also independently from the core definitions of MBTI by its creators, such theories that only use MBTI terms as shortcuts (much like that rando down there used socionics terms for MBTI function theory, such adaptable and flexible thinking), completely disregarding previous data and research on MBTI by doing so, while also claiming it is the same thing, and the empirical proof for it you have is explaining how it makes sense to you subjectively? Btw when you talk abt the functions, talk abt what u think abt their order as well, since it has one according to the theory you follow, n explain that in detail too ^_^

Still waiting for the empirical backing, boss. I disagree that things should be binary as well, and dislike dichotomous thinking. I see people saying they are INxP or whatever all the time, with the "x" in it. This means that they aren't strongly on one side or the other. This is a lot more difficult with The Functions, where people say "either you are Ne-Si or Se-Ni" or something like that. Functions don't have precise definitions. Or maybe it'd be better to say they have multiple definitions, some of which may be precise. What you described there is not like how Jung would describe The Functions at all. So if you typed using Jung's functions, you could end up with a totally different type. For example, I'd end up with a function order of something like Ti-Fi-Ni-Te-Ne in the descriptions you used. But if you defined them slightly different, the order would be altered.

Fg, can you test for The Functions?

Empiricism is great but terrible when answering the questions like "Why are born again Christians so messed up?" Plus it never helps to filter out the bullshit urban dictionary jargon. Every community has their own urban dictionary jargon. In fact, good non fiction books always have a glossary and an index.

Plus to think for yourself is more Ti than Te. Schools don't teach you to think for yourself, making Te the dominant focus. Thats why xSTPs are more likely to drop out of high school because of Ti.

I am a counter example to your "correlations" which are a lie. One day you will learn to use letter not function. And you are ignoring the much shittier dichotomies of Se-Ni-ishness-Ne-Si-ishness and Te-Fi-ishness-Ti-Fe-ishness. I don't know about epicure, is it like an epic manicure?