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Type you would want to be, if you had a choice MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Type you would want to be, if you had a choice'
Type you would want to be, if you had a choice MBTI type



ENFJ - 28
ENTP - 25
ENTJ - 25
INTJ - 11
INFJ - 7
ENFP - 6
INTP - 4
INFP - 2
ESFP - 2
ESTP - 2
ISTP - 2
ISFP - 1
ISFJ - 1

[Famous ENFJs]

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7W8 - 19
5W4 - 9
8W9 - 7
7W6 - 6
8W7 - 6
3W2 - 4
3W4 - 2
4W3 - 2
5W6 - 2
1W2 - 1
9W1 - 1

[Famous Enneagram 7]

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I love being an ENTP and all but if I was an ENTJ I think life would be easier. More direction, more focus, kick-ass organization skills etc.ENTJ, Being extroverted intuitive and thinking is great but if I was as organized as an ENTJ I'd get so much donei'm not surprised many ENXJ votes, they dominate the world with his charisma.I know an ENFJ who has up to two guests every day besides going out and twitting to her followers and other social media nonesense.

MBTI type of Type you would want to be, if you had a choice

. Her extroversion percentage is around 97%. I have no idea how she does it and where she gets the energy from.

Find out about Type you would want to be, if you had a choice personality type

.If you want to be happy, be ESTP. They have the highest percentage of happiness of all MBTI types.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Type you would want to be, if you had a choice.I wouldn't want to be ENFJ though. Fe doms don't have their own lives, they're mostly belong to someone else's.Which of the 16 personality types is Type you would want to be, if you had a choice?. I have ENFJ friend who seems tired and occupied all the time because she always has to tend to everlasting "guest".killerwhale Fe Ni is caring, deep, charming and smart. I don't think INFPs consider them fake people. Is Se Fi/Fe Si what they usually hate due to superficiality or fakeness. I can see why anyone would want to be an ENFJ. But I'd rather date them.I would be fine as a happy go lucky ENFP. They sound fun to be. Trying to change who you are is counterproductive anyways. It's better to grow from the base. I'm not surprised most are voting ENxJ, they dominate groups and are both loved and hated for it.It's funny how INFPs hate fake people but want to be ENFJ. Which is totally ironic.It would be cool to be an ISTP.ISFJ or ISFP. Sensor, artistic and cool. Not extroverts, thanks. I've seen far too much of extrovert problems to want to be one.I'd just change from a 5 to a 7 an 8 or a 3ESTP 7w8 sx/so. Doesn't matter if the world is for SJs, this guys simply don't give a fuck and are always happy. Furthermore, Se is my worst function and I would like to know what is like to have it high.Well I am half Scottish and Scotland's national animal is technically a unicorn...codeaires Are you the unicorn?"You don't have a boyfriend" Are you looking in a mirror while saying this wistfully to yourself, Bigoltitties4?And I'd be my own type ENTP, if not than xNFJ or INTx. I am fascinated by these four especially INTPs.People hate on SJs as being common, basic & ordinary! But if frequency of personality types is any indication of their usefulness in the world then SJs are most suited for survival of our specie. World is a tough place and therefore most people are reliable SJs. Not that other types are useless. They are useful in fewer numbers.Well I'll play the game ENTJ or ESTJ would have been my choiceCan't see how anyone would want to be a different type than theirs. The only thing I would want to change is my enneagram. Iam 9w8. Would have liked to be 8w7. I don't understand how one would want to be another typeI don't get why everyone wants to be extroverts in the first place, but if there is an extrovert type to be it's probably an SJ. The world is geared to SJs above all.Most of my close friends and my boyfriend are all ENTP. I like their energy and how proative they are with their ideas. I can understand why they'd be off-putting to other types, though.I don't get this entp circlejerk at all, they're not that funny. They have a few pompous political comedians to their name, so what?So INTJ master race is a myth?, since all they want is to be ENTJ. Just like INTPs want to be ENTPs.ENTJ is like the king of types, but perhaps they don't enjoy life as much as ENFJs. ENTPs are funny, but I don't get why many people would want to be that.ENTP! They're super cool ;u;Lol. Why would anyone want to be INTP?"ISFP" hahahaha. Dream big, BobocI'd like to be an INFP because they're the shit.ENFJ. I like being intuitive and judging, but I'd like to be more extroverted and warm towards others. I wish I remembered how to be.ISFP, since they apparently can do anything except economics. Just joking, but I felt like that for a while (thanks Butterfly lol).And that's why I don't have friends :DI'm happy being who I am, I don't want any other stinky type.ENTJs are still flawless though.I would make so much $$$ chaching as an ENTJDifferent types have different problems. That's why it's better to stay being what you've been accustomed to all your life and are good at.You don't have ENTJ self if you're not ENTJ from the beginning, but I'm pretty sure an xSTP would think they can, lol.It is a hassle but I'm sure my ENTJ self could handle itReinventing my life would be a hassle. Nah, I'd rather stay my type.