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MBTI enneagram type of Gorilla Realm:

Category: Writers

Series/Domain: Primal Astrology



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Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Gorilla are defined by their big energy. They are show-stealers by design: outgoing, energetic, and clever. They are usually cheerful, and enjoy being the “life of the party.” That said, Gorillas are also egotistical, and their aggressive desire for attention can become overwhelming to others. Bars and pubs are places that Gorillas like to frequent. Members of this sign tend to enjoy consuming alcohol in social situations, but aren’t always the nicest drunks. They are happy when all eyes and ears are on them, but if ignored, they can be pouty and mean.

Gorilla is a very active sign. They enjoy physical activity and express themselves best through physical outlets. This is so true for members of this sign, that if they don’t get enough physical activity they can become depressed and angry. If this happens, everyone around will know it. Gorillas don’t bother hiding their emotions, which actually suits them well, since they often just need to get whatever is bothering them out. They need to be careful not to stay in a funk for too long, though, as these moods (amplified by their natural energy) can easily drive away those around them.

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