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Eren Jaeger

MBTI enneagram type of Eren Jaeger Realm:

Anime and Manga

Part of:
Attack on Titan


ISFP - 35 vote(s)
ESFP - 17 vote(s)
ENFP - 11 vote(s)
ESTP - 5 vote(s)
ISTP - 2 vote(s)
ESFJ - 1 vote(s)

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6W7 - 27 vote(s)
8W9 - 4 vote(s)
1W2 - 2 vote(s)
8W7 - 2 vote(s)
4W3 - 1 vote(s)
6W5 - 1 vote(s)

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  • Posted on: 2018-03-06 19:11:48



    A proof Eren is introverted, The autor have done their characters on highschool and the description about Eren is that. Eren living in a normal world, without angry, what is left for him?


    • Posted on: 2018-03-06 19:12:27



      Oh shit

      How can I delete this?

    • Posted on: 2018-03-06 19:12:54



      I was trying to post it

    • Posted on: 2018-03-06 19:32:36



      Is this really canon? "The Pleaser" doesn't describe Ymir at all, neither does "The Prep" for Marlowe.

      I agree that Eren is introverted and all but using this as an authority would mess with other typings.

    • Posted on: 2018-03-07 02:14:42



      Their personalities are the same living in real world. The autor create this, And Ymir is the pleaser just cause she loves Historia. Marlowe is the same as in anime...  About his title, don't know what "the prep" means even translating.

    • Posted on: 2018-03-07 02:15:02



      Their personalities are the same living in real world. The autor create this, And Ymir is the pleaser just cause she loves Historia. Marlowe is the same as in anime...  About his title, don't know what "the prep" means even translating.

    • Posted on: 2018-03-07 02:19:14



      Historia is completely backwards though

    • Posted on: 2018-03-07 21:58:19



      Historia would be created in a normal family, without hating herself and helping others to feel useful, not like a bastard of a king.

    • Posted on: 2018-03-07 22:00:14



      King's bastard***

    • Posted on: 2018-03-07 23:44:30



      This is completely stupid though, if you change their lives, you change a whole part of their personality.

    • Posted on: 2018-03-08 00:32:54



      I think MBTI will not change, the functions are the same even people changing their behavior. By the way,  Eren was like this before Armin show the book that shows the outside world, if you read the manga. When he is not angry he is always with this apathetic face. 


    • Posted on: 2018-03-08 00:54:40



      I mean we're already using mbti on fictional characters so I guess we can go more hypothetical but even if he appears apathetic, this is someone who joined the military, specifically the section where you're nearly guaranteed to die, based on some arbitrary dream.  Now he's "average with no ambition"?  He had his dreams since before his father died, so you can't say getting the titan genes altered him into following the storyline so it doesn't derail from the protagonist not getting involved and "missing the train" lol

    • Posted on: 2018-03-08 03:01:22



      His dreams were entry on survey corps to see the outside world. Living in a world that there is no fight, he don't see a cause to rebel. His face seems apathetic, doesn't means that he is, but I mean, he is not naturally a loud guy. He is loud when he needs to. 

  • Posted on: 2018-02-02 02:28:24



    In the anime even being too loudy Eren acts with Fi all the time, and Se supporting Fi, so I think he is ISFP in both anime and manga.

  • Posted on: 2018-01-30 00:51:51



    9w8: are confident, energized, stubborn, outgoing, and inner-directed, and can often express their anger, but also know what they want. They are energetic in acting for others and more confrontational than the other Nines, but also quick to reassure you (8 influences).

    • Posted on: 2018-02-01 21:32:44

      Formerly Brainer


      He's way too reactive

    • Posted on: 2018-02-02 02:25:33



      I know

      6 are reactives?

    • Posted on: 2018-02-12 08:10:26

      Formerly Brainer


      They're literally a reactive type. 9w8 are a positive outlook type with a reactive wing. I think Eren is a counterphobic 6 with an 8 fix

    • Posted on: 2018-02-15 23:21:24



      I see... Don't know so much about enneagram, especially 6. So 6 is right.

  • Posted on: 2018-01-23 21:14:09



    I can't see Eren as a 6, he don't worry so much about security, and I don't see him like a counter phobic either, he is not afraid of titans. Voted ISFP 9w8. In manga has a flashback that showed Eren was always sitting looking the clouds, he changed when Armin showed the book about outside world and realized that he was not free.

  • Posted on: 2017-10-15 03:52:09


    He seems more ESFP in the anime. In the anime his Ni is not very good, he acts on impulse and doesn't think things through before doing them. In the manga he's more ISFP

    • Posted on: 2018-02-01 21:19:15



      Didn't read the manga, but in the anime he is super dominant Se.  So, i'll vote for ESFP.

  • Posted on: 2017-10-11 17:36:10


    Tritype is probably 682/286 so/sx. 8 is fixed but not leading tritype. So he appears as an 8.

  • Posted on: 2017-09-21 11:22:39


    Eren as a 6. Hmm... keeping perceived danger on the other side of a wall is a very 6 attitude, and there are individual traits of his that can be cherry-picked to form a 6 narrative, but who he is as a person doesn't seem to be all that 6. For example, 6's tend to be way more aware of their limits, but Eren often seems to be unaware of this in a way characteristic of unhealthy 8's. And even as a kid he tries to boss around adults and prefers to take things into his own hands. He is very loyal and protective of his friends, but there doesn't seem to be much of a security motive waiting on the other end. Instead, he sees Armin as a source of inspiration who gives him big dreams to fight for. You can look at his fight against the titans as more just him fighting for his and Armin's dreams than trying to defend humanity, or a cause he feels is deeply righteous. But given some particular spoilers, I don't know if typing his personality from his titan form is even all that great of an idea as he can be under outside influence. But a constant theme is that Eren has always followed the motto of "strike your own path", which is very characteristic of 8's. And he has no 7 wing. At least he withdraws and broods when he doesn't have something to actively fight for in a way that seems vaguely 9.