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Function lovers: trying to get a consensus on your favorite function definitions/model

Each of the function tests have an implied definition of the functions which differs, and there are multiple people who each write different things about the functions.

Do you use one particular source as your baseline definition, or a particular concept such as matching them to letters (example: Fi is strongest in IxFP so build the Fi definition around that)?

Clearly different people have way different ideas of what the functions actually represent so I just wanted to dig around and see what everyone actually likes.

PS: functions are a lie

Posted by scotty on forum Posted on 2017-11-22 11:05:21

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  • Posted on: 2018-03-02 10:02:45


    First, get your interpretation of functions straight, read different sources and find the overlapping pattern to them. If you find that each definition isn't consistent anywhere then you can call it bs. Personally I always find the decent, albeit imperfect, connection and the link between functions and their axes. I generally use classic methods like function axes though as it makes perfect sense to me, not just in typing myself, but in explanation of people's behavior in general. Of course, I wouldn't say cognitive functions are everything that makes someone do something (that's why many of the entries like 'who is most/ least likely to xxx' is generally pointless in my opinion), but I think it does play a significant role in how we tend to look at things or do something, not because we can't do otherwise, but because human is more likely to do something that hits closer to home than something out of their comfort zone. Anything human can do with ease and gets easy gratification will be the thing that will eventually make them happy and fulfilled. That's why the theory of dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior functions matters--it tells you what you're supposed to do to be successful more "easily" in this limited time on earth. Take Se doms for example, it's not that they're all good at sports, since the idea of sports is a man-made concept, Se is about always in tune with the objective sense of the material world, therefore you can use it for many different endeavors that deal with the physical things. Sports is one good example of those, that's it. It's not like non Se users can't be good at sports either, but when competing with the same sports that SPs are good at, they'd have to try harder to win. Imagine trying 100% and get 10%, while the others try 10% and get 100%.

    However, as I study MBTI I begin to understand one thing, that is, you also look through the perspective of yourself while typing or learning about "the scope of understanding" you think you have. For example, I logically can understand Ne, but I may not know what it actually likes in people who value Ne. So the gap between me understanding Ne and people who use Ne can be vastly different, but that doesn't mean that only the one using it would know what it's like. In my opinion, as Ni user, if someone criticizes Ni then I'd probably listen if it's true, because it's not like I understand everything about it in my perspective either. I think by learning JCF, one should try to look at it through non-user's perspectives too, to get the better picture.

    All in all, my point is sometimes people may judge something based on their solipsistic worldview too much, even when they think they're being objective or knowledgeable about it. It's something you need to reflect more on your own to understand in the deeper level. Don't be so fast to rule out some ideas, reflect on them again maybe.

    • Posted on: 2018-03-02 17:30:08



      all that time wasted on bs

  • Posted on: 2018-03-02 07:05:47

    fg is loved


    anon5697: of course its only lying in the present state the effect may actually be true in the future



    Thu Mar 1, 10:53:01pm

    anon1401: Well that would be depending on how much the individual is self aware of their own self.



    Thu Mar 1, 10:53:03pm

    anon5697: because lets say there was a question "I am very socialiable" and you answer VEry True



    Thu Mar 1, 10:53:16pm

    anon5697: or if I answered that



    Thu Mar 1, 10:53:37pm

    anon5697: "I have lots of friends" as very true or whatever the criteria is



    Thu Mar 1, 10:53:50pm

    anon5697: and I answer "very true" to similar questions I would get ExFx



    Thu Mar 1, 10:54:11pm

    anon5697: but if I answer "very true" to the philosphical, reflecting, type questions I would get ENFx



    Thu Mar 1, 10:54:14pm

    anon1401: True , like there's introverts that are extroverted and there's extroverts that like to chill at home alone.



    Thu Mar 1, 10:54:42pm

    anon5697: but I argue that you are telling the truth when you take a test this way, the truth is what you will become in the next 3 months or so



    Thu Mar 1, 10:55:02pm

    anon5697: its not truthful when measuring your personaity in the last most recent 3 months yes



    Thu Mar 1, 10:55:38pm

    anon1401: Well perhaps my type is more "true to myself" related . lol 




    Thu Mar 1, 10:55:50pm

    anon5697: its like when strawberry crisis aka lily wanted to be ESFJ



    Thu Mar 1, 10:56:03pm

    anon1401: Why is that ?



    Thu Mar 1, 10:56:18pm

    anon5697: dunno if the pd wikia said that



    Thu Mar 1, 10:56:58pm

    anon5697: So when taking mbti test if you get a sensor result or a type you perfer not to have then lie



    Thu Mar 1, 10:57:19pm

    anon5697: i get INTP and INTJ the last time I took the test 3 months ago so



    Thu Mar 1, 10:57:21pm

    anon1401: Maybe there's something within their numerology soul urge or cognitive functions that relate to ESFJ maybe in which they can relate somehow ?



    Thu Mar 1, 10:57:37pm

    anon5697: dude all you putting in the calculstor is your name and birthday



    Thu Mar 1, 10:57:55pm

    anon5697: theres nothing special its an alogoritjm and you get some magical numbers



    Thu Mar 1, 10:58:32pm

    anon1401: magical numbers ? lol



    Thu Mar 1, 10:58:42pm

    anon5697: yeah take the eneagram test get magic numbers



    Thu Mar 1, 10:58:51pm

    anon5697: I got 5w6, 5w4, and forgot the others



    Thu Mar 1, 10:58:59pm

    anon2604: Oh I see.



    Thu Mar 1, 10:59:02pm

    anon5697: 5 was the higehst 6 2nd highest 4 3rd highest



    Thu Mar 1, 10:59:15pm

    anon2604: So the first 2 numbers indicate the wing right ?



    Thu Mar 1, 10:59:21pm

    anon5697: not always



    Thu Mar 1, 10:59:48pm

    anon5697: I also got sp/sx I think



    Thu Mar 1, 11:01:03pm

    anon2604: Do you take the RHETI test from the enneagram institute website ?



    Thu Mar 1, 11:01:24pm

    ilove: the old pdf I got 1w9




    iloveyou: well my 9 result was only marginally higher than 2




    iloveyou: so technically it doesnt matter in this case



    Thu Mar 1, 11:02:40pm

    anon2604: Which one is better ? Enneagram or Numerology ?




    iloveyou: i mean you can lie on both tests




    iloveyou: but if someone knows your real name than they can use numerology




    anon2604: Can't anyone lie on any test ?




    anon2604: lol




    anon2604: But I see what your saying.




    iloveyou: i mean some people get confused on a question or they are not reflective



    Thu Mar 1, 11:03:58pm

    iloveyou: so they answer it one way "I am very social" but lets say their family or friends disagrees with that




    iloveyou: so the test is kinda flawed in that way




    iloveyou: it should be more like an IQ test to determine thought process

  • Posted on: 2018-01-28 06:57:12



    INTP Ni, Ti

    INTJ Ni, Ti

    ENTJ Ne, Te

    ENTP Ne, Te

    INFP Ni, Fi

    INFJ Ni, Fi

    ENFP Ne, Fe

    ENFJ Ne, Te

    • Posted on: 2018-01-28 06:58:47



      ENFJ Ne, Fe 


    • Posted on: 2018-01-29 23:56:27



      Ni-Ti -> INFJ

      Ne-Te -> ENFP

      Ni-Fi -> INTJ

      Ne-Fe -> ENTP

      And this kind of personality usually lack equilibrium. It concerns people who are too extraverted or introverted. And the second function is sort of hidden but it still leads the third one. 

      Many of what I assume about functions finally come from this old french site :

      Inspired by Cauvin and Cailloux's book, inspired by Jung.

      But there are other sources.

  • Posted on: 2017-12-21 13:58:58



    Function is Ti trait. Your Fe is getting in your way.


  • Posted on: 2017-12-20 01:54:41



    Different people having different ideas of what functions are doesn't make functions a lie.

    • Posted on: 2017-12-20 08:00:27



      Didn't mean to like lol, fuck mobiles.

    • Posted on: 2017-12-20 08:02:50



      Nonetheless, functions don't really exist and it only makes the theory wackier

    • Posted on: 2017-12-20 19:38:07



      Functions are based on thinking preferences though, they're just the expression of them, people arguing of specific definitions is bound to happen, but they highlight clearler patterns in behavior than just letters imo. 

    • Posted on: 2017-12-20 20:59:10



      Would be interested if you are willing to elaorate, and I'm not being facetious.