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Oda Nobunaga

MBTI enneagram type of Oda Nobunaga Realm:

Society and Culture


ENTP - 6 vote(s)
ESTP - 3 vote(s)
INTJ - 2 vote(s)
ENTJ - 2 vote(s)
ISTP - 2 vote(s)

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5W6 - 1 vote(s)
8W7 - 1 vote(s)
8W9 - 1 vote(s)

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  • Posted on: 2018-01-03 10:01:41



    y'all ever see that movie where the highschool kid travels back in time, looks exactly like Nobunaga and takes his place in history?  i saw it on a plane once. not terrible! 

    Anyways, my biggest source of knowledge about Nobunaga is from this punk-rock opera I saw about him while I was living in Kobe and he seemed pretty ENTJ in that. Although I....don't think that is maybe the most accurate rendition of his personality. 

    • Posted on: 2018-01-03 19:52:03



      Going from history he was pretty comfortably ENTP imo. Very anti-traditionalist and rebellious. He was infamously undisciplined and continuously went against the grain partly due to his laziness as a youth. He dressed pretty flamboyantly and was by most accounts weird. His nickname was the "Fool of owari" again because of his general oddness. All seems like Ne zaniness.

      Seems like the typical rebellious, lazy ENTP who finally got his act together haha.

    • Posted on: 2018-01-03 20:23:11



      Magus -- are you insinuating that pop-culture gave me the wrong impression of an iconic historical figure??? how dare you.

    • Posted on: 2018-01-03 20:31:01



      Of course not! Pop culture as we all know is proven fact. I have been proven wrong...

      Serious note he's a legitimately interesting person to read about. An eastern conqueror who doesn't get enough credit. His portrayal as a demon king (while obviously historically accurate) in most modern games and shows kind of ironically doesn't portray how strange the guy actually was.

    • Posted on: 2018-01-03 21:38:11



      Nobunaga's Ambitionon the sega genesis tho. 100% historically accurate, right. let me down gently, Magus. my heart can only take so much. 

      The way you've described him makes Nobunaga sound really interesting. More than his kind of comical reputation would suggest. I'll absolutely read into him. Thanks for the insight, dude.