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updated typing 10.0

Posted by josephty1 on forum Posted on 2017-12-08 00:27:24

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  • Posted on: 2018-02-11 07:20:34

    Labaconaise mike ike Jones is loved


    Garet fg - ESTP. 6w5. fg is extraverted because he does not reflect in his typings but his reasoning is okay at best. ISTPs in contrast reflect like pikup even though pikup needs to be sure about his typings before posting in one of his alt accounts in ISTJs in contrast also reflect. fg is sensing no question. thinking type because he is logical but iq is at most, average. 6 because he is slick but loyal to his friends. he also wants things to be safe, prosperous, and community. 6w7 is correct. IxTx would perfer to reflect or pause to complete a thought. Extroverted Sensing Thinking Percieving because he is honestly too zoned out to use intuition hence his typos

    I used to think he is ISTJ but you know, no way he is introverted because his typings may be accurate its likely he is only typing the current emotional state. However in this website he is still identified as ISTJ 6w5.