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Violet Parr MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Violet Parr'
Violet Parr MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
The Incredibles

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INFP - 15
INFJ - 5
ISFP - 1

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4W5 - 6
6W5 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

It's more a sense of feeling inherently different, and we can choose whether we want to act on it or try to cover it up. Violet could be an underdeveloped 4. Anyway she's a super so I'm sure she doesn't have that problem. Also, her reactions in other scenes don't strike me as Fe-aux.

MBTI type of Violet Parr

. Then there's the scene where they're all trapped in Syndrome's base and Mr. Parr is apologizing to the whole family.

Find out about Violet Parr personality type

. ). Dash tries to tell them and Mrs.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Violet Parr. Parr can finish. Finally, there's her rather sarcastic remarks and sense of humor: in response to Mrs.Which of the 16 personality types is Violet Parr?. . . I could see an Sp/So non-4 INFP wishing to be "normal" and blend into the background like she does. Not all Fi-doms have 4-like wishes to be unique and different, e. g. Fi users can hate the way they are and wish to change, too. Being taught about her inherent non-normalcy for so long and its need to be hidden probably builds a lot of stress and insecurity even in a Fi-dom, which isn't helped by her being young and in high school where being different is weird. . . What do YOU know about normal. ", getting defensive when she yells "we act normal mom, I want to BE normal. ". The way she states it gives the impression that she just wants to be left alone, invisible (heh), which is very Fi to me and something I have experienced as an INFP. It's not about how others feel about her normalcy, it's about how she feels. Both IxFJ and INFP types could want to be accepted, in fact all types can have some sort of yearning toward being accepted and appreciated. But a Fi type who felt different would want to be accepted for who they are, idiosyncrasies and all, while a Fe type who felt different and wanted to be accepted would have some sort of yearning toward normalcy. More like Dash, in fact (ESFP). Violet doesn't want to be accepted as a superhero, she wishes she could be like everyone else. She wants to be accepted if anything. Though what Ventus shared shows clear preference for Si-Fe. She's very young, so it's not surprising that she feels this way. Society says "normal is good" and "different is bad", even an Fi dom can be overwhelmed by this thoughts and consider to conform, especially a young kid. " – Violet Parr, not a Fi type.